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What You Should Know Before Having Sex

What activities with another person are considered to be sexual?
Sex with another person involves playing with the genitals and often lead to the orgasm of one or (ideally) both partners. There are two broad categories of shared reports:

Oral love, where there is a contact between the mouth and the genitals;
Penetration ratios, in  which one part of the body (fingers or penis) is introduced into a part of the partner's body, other than the mouth (the vagina or anus)

What You Should Know Before You Have Sex
Tip: If the activities you are carrying have a risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), they are likely to be sexual in nature. Read on to learn how to protect yourself while having fun.

How to react if you worry about sex?

It is part of the discovery of new experiences and new people. You may feel embarrassed, embarrassed or anxious about your performance in bed. As with any new situation, allow yourself time to learn and adapt.


  • During a sexual relationship, you have the right at any time to change your mind and stop.
  • It is always good to ask the other person how she feels before, during and after this experience and discussing it.
  • Your first time will probably not be your best, and that's normal.

What questions do you ask before your first time?

Having sex with another person can cause a lot of new reactions, so it's important that you feel ready. It might be good to ask you some questions before your first time and discuss it with the other. For example:

  • Why do you want to have sex?
  • What are your expectations about sex?
  • What do you feel when you think about sex?
  • Do you believe that this will change your relationship with the other?
  • Are you making the right choice for you, right now?
  • Did you ask for advice from an adult you trusted?

How do you know if you are both ready?

The following list will help you determine if you are ready to take action:

  • We talked openly and honestly about sex, about our feelings about it and about what we want.
  • You talked about safe sexual practices, and you have what it takes to protect yourselves.
  • I know what I want, and I do not feel uncomfortable about sex.
  • We talked about our limitations and our right to refuse, we are both comfortable talking about it and respecting the limits of the other.
  • I'm excited, and I have a taste.
  • The other person made it clear to me that she was excited and had the taste.
  • We both asked for and obtained consent from the other.
  • None of us has pressured the other to force him to act.
  • I assume my emotions, my gestures and my expectations about the situation.
  • If I feel the need, then I can talk to someone I trust.

Is it normal to feel shame or embarrassment?

It takes a lot of courage to surrender to the other during a sexual act. If you feel embarrassed or ashamed, it could mean you're going too fast. If you do not feel comfortable, respect yourself and wait a little longer.

Sometimes shame comes from an impression that something is wrong with you or your feelings. Your body might want something when you want something else. For example, it could be the case if you feel an internal conflict because your parents have inculcated a negative view of homosexuality, but you feel attracted to members of the same sex as you.

If you feel shame or embarrassment, talk to someone you trust. Our speakers can also help you sort out your feelings.

What if you do not have any experience in this area?

You're not the only one. All teenagers, regardless of their gender identity, are concerned about their lack of experience! Remember that:

It's all new so it can be scary! With time, the embarrassment will disappear but for now, say that it is not the end of the world.
You already know a lot of nice stuff about dating and sex, even simple things like mounting a repertoire of seductive songs and kissing. Take pleasure and try new things when you feel ready.

Talking to each other about how you both feel is good. It's reassuring to talk about your fears, and this can help you step back.
If you are concerned about not having a partner, focus on your qualities and the wonderful love life that is waiting for you. Lis Charlie's story

How to become a better lover?

Being a teenager means learning to do things that will seem perfectly natural to you when you grow up. Becoming a real lover is like learning to drive. It takes a little time and to become good, you have to know the basics:

Practice: The best way to get good in bed is to practice, but not just by having sex: by flirting and chatting, kissing, squeezing and caressing the other person. This is a good way to get ready for reconciliation, and there is no better way to discover what you like. If something does not work, move on.

Communicate your intentions: Quality sex requires quality communications. It is always better to ask for permission before trying anything new. Make sure the other person is having a real time. In movies, it sometimes seems that a mild music and deep sighs are enough for sex to be good, but in reality, you have to talk to each other and get the other's consent at every stage of the relationship.

Be aware of the other's wishes: Maybe you think you have to take the controls in bed and do what seems to be good, but for sex to be enjoyable, both people have to be enthusiastic about it. Consider the feelings of the other, inquire about his desires and make sure that you both have pleasure in asking the other for his consent. The trick to being good in bed is to give pleasure to his partner.

What if you do not feel ready, but everyone talks about sex?

It is always good to sound your heart in a given situation, especially if it is new. Young men may feel social pressures on the sexual behavior they have to adopt, such as sending sexts, sleeping with girls or practicing oral sex or penetration. So you might feel that there is no room for doubt and that you must absolutely be ready. If so, you will feel like a ball of nervousness in the pit of the stomach, or hesitation.

If a sexual act (even if it seems appreciated by all) makes you uncomfortable, ask why. Be attentive to your feelings, trust your instinct and only give yourself to acts with which you are at ease.

7 Ways to Keep Your Sexual Chemistry Alive

Believe it or not, good sex depends more on proper communication with your partner, than sexual positions that are known. Find out.
Regardless of whether the issue is enormous or little, there are numerous things you can do to recover your sexual coexistence on track. Your sexual prosperity runs as one with your general mental, physical, and enthusiastic wellbeing. Speaking with your accomplice, keeping up a solid way of life, benefiting yourself of a portion of the numerous astounding self improvement materials available, and simply having a ton of fun can help you climate extreme circumstances.

7 Ways to Keep Your Sexual Chemistry Alive
Why is our sex life not as good as we would like? While there is no medical problem involved, the answer usually has to do with our attitude towards eroticism and other aspects of our relationship as trust and communication.

Many marriages are frustrated because their intimate encounters are no longer satisfactory and seek to solve it by trying new positions or some other tricks that do not give results. The truth is that sex in a stable couple depends on the connection between the two people and the overall situation of their relationship, rather than superficial or technical aspects.
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Are you going through a bad time in your sex life? Pay attention to these tips and reflect on the real reasons why sex with your man has stopped satisfying you.

Getting a charge out of a delightful sexual coexistence

Sex. The word can bring out a kaleidoscope of feelings. From affection, energy, and delicacy to aching, tension, and frustration—the responses are as differed as sexual encounters themselves. Besides, individuals will experience every one of these feelings and numerous others over the span of a sexual coexistence traversing a very long while.

What is sex, truly?

On one level, sex is simply one more hormone-driven real capacity intended to propagate the species. Obviously, that slender view thinks little of the intricacy of the human sexual reaction. Notwithstanding the biochemical powers at work, your encounters and desires help shape your sexuality. You're comprehension of yourself as a sexual being, your musings about what constitutes a wonderful sexual association, and your association with your accomplice are enter considers your capacity to create and keep up a satisfying sexual coexistence. 

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Conversing with your accomplice

Many couples think that its hard to discuss sex even under the best of conditions. At the point when sexual issues happen, sentiments of hurt, disgrace, blame, and disdain can end discussion inside and out. Since great correspondence is a foundation of a solid relationship, building up a discourse is the initial step to a superior sexual coexistence, as well as to a nearer enthusiastic bond. Here are a few tips for handling this touchy subject. 
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Locate the perfect time to talk

There are two sorts of sexual discussions: the ones you have in the room and the ones you have somewhere else. It's consummately proper to tell your accomplice what feels great trying to lovemaking, yet it's best to hold up until you're in a more nonpartisan setting to examine bigger issues, for example, confused sexual craving or climax inconveniences.

Good sex begins before taking off clothes. 

As long as you consider sex as an asylum activity of your relationship, you will continue to live a fragmented and incomplete sexuality. The desire for your partner depends on what happens during all those minutes, hours and days that precede sex when they are not naked.

Take responsibility for your sexual pleasure. 

Do not expect your partner to make the orgasm or to promote eroticism between you. Sometimes women do not take the initiative we should and leave everything to them. Discover your sexual needs: what you want, what you like, what you want to experience; Dare to ask for what you need. This will give your relationship a beautiful intimacy that will allow them to enjoy both freely.

Do not let sexual intercourse become routine. 

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, look for new places to have sex, more pleasurable positions, roles and sexual games. At this point there are no limits, remember that as long as they do not hurt anyone, everything is worth. Just do not make the mistake of believing that this is the main reason for your dissatisfaction. Usually, boredom has a deeper origin.
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Do not bring problems to bed.

It surprises the large number of couples who ignore this recommendation, quite evident. The result is that sexual activity becomes a struggle for power. If you lead a life full of stress and problems with your partner, this will be reflected when they have sex. Sometimes, the difficulties become so many that the intimacy becomes stormy and even violent. Always discuss and resolve their conflicts before undressing, doing otherwise will only make things worse.

Be realistic. 

If you expect all your sexual encounters to be excellent, you will live in constant frustration. It is true that we always have to seek maximum pleasure, but not all experiences are equally satisfying because circumstances change. The fatigue or the stress of either of them can cause that the sex does not make them touch the stars. Do not be angry or reproached; you will have the opportunity to try again and again and again. 

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Cramping During and After Sex: Likely explanations of Cramping After Intercourse

It is normal that during the sex we live different sensations, because speaking directly, we have another being in our body. There are numerous things that can bring about a ladies to experience torment or cramping after sex. Some are more genuine than others. 
However, there are signs of alarm that we should not miss, such as the one experienced by a reader of SolutionsBD Site.

Why do I have cramps during and after sex?

It is normal for ladies to experience torment or cramping after sex in the early phases of a pregnancy, and particularly after a climax/orgasm. At the point when climaxes happen, they cause gentle uterine compression. These constrictions can feel simply like menstrual spasms.
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Cramping During and After Sex: Likely explanations of Cramping After Intercourse
The 26-year-old woman described that she has long had very painful cramps during and after penetration, something that previously did not happen to her.

To this, the gynecologist Sudeshna Patra responded that we are several girls who can feel this kind of colic during the sex, and the reasons can be several.

For example, when the penis hits the wall of the cervix, there is likely to be a pain. This comes after a vigorous encounter.

You may also feel discomfort in your bladder when it is full, so Patra recommends urinating before and after the encounter.

However, it warns the young woman that it could be something more complicated, such as an infection in the cervix or a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
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Therefore, your advice and ours are that if you have colic during and after sex go with your specialist.

Why do I have torment while engaging in sexual relations?

Excruciating sex in ladies. Ladies can encounter torment amid or after sex, either in the vagina or more profound in the pelvis. Torment in the vagina could be brought on by: a contamination: thrush or a sexually transmitted disease (STI, for example, chlamydia, gonorrhea or genital herpes.

What causes stomach torment after intercourse?

It is created by the normal sexually transmitted disease, known as chlamydia, and less generally the STD gonorrhea. Having PID causes aggravations, which gradually, yet always harm the uterus dividers and the fallopian tubes. These strange procedures for the most part bring about cramping or stomach torment after intercourse.

Why do you seep after intercourse?

Reasons for seeping after sex. Seeping after sex can be an indication of a wellbeing condition: a contamination, for example, pelvic incendiary illness (PID), or a sexually transmitted disease (STI, for example, chlamydia. vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis) brought on by lessened vaginal discharges after the menopause. 
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Why do I drain while engaging in sexual relations?

This sort of draining is generally agonizing. At long last, seeping from the cervix in view of shallow broken veins is a typical reason for dying. This draining for the most part does not mean much either. On the off chance that you have never had a PAP spread, then I would be worried that this draining could be an indication of cervical disease.

What causes seeping after intercourse in menopause?

After menopause, vaginal decay (atrophic vaginitis) or different conditions related with vaginal dryness are the probably reasons for vaginal seeping after sex, however it could likewise be brought on by other, more genuine conditions. Causes appeared here are normally connected with this indication. 
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Likely explanations of Cramping After Intercourse

There are numerous things that can bring about a ladies to experience torment or cramping after sex. Some are more genuine than others.


Endometriosis frequently causes torment or cramping after sex. This condition happens when uterine tissue becomes outside of the uterus where it doesn't have a place. Once in a while, the tissue will develop on the ovaries. Like the tissue is in the coating of your uterus, it will thicken and in the end shed (or drain). Since the blood doesn't have a simple approach to leave the body, it can get to be distinctly caught and cause a lot of agony. Ladies with endometriosis regularly encounter menstrual-like spasms, however no period.

Ladies with endometriosis encounter incapacitating torment amid their periods to the point where it upsets their lives. Furthermore, on the grounds that the tissue is becoming strangely outside of the uterus, ladies can likewise encounter torment amid sex.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Ladies with pelvic fiery malady, or PID, can likewise encounter cramping after sex. PID can be brought about by chlamydia, an exceptionally regular STD, and now and again, gonorrhea.

At the point when PID happens, the fallopian tubes and uterus get to be distinctly aggravated, which can bring about torment after sex and amid different circumstances e.g. now and then it occurs after period.

Fibroids or Cysts

Fibroids are exceptionally basic in ladies. These are favorable, or non-harmful, tumors that frame on the uterus. Growths can likewise shape on the ovaries. Both of these conditions can bring about torment and cramping after sex. Fibroids can likewise bring about substantial seeping amid periods and seeping in the middle of periods.

Numerous ladies encounter extreme cramping after a sore burst. Now and again, issues can keep going for a few days and be joined by bloating.

Fibroids and sores are the most well-known reasons for cramping after sex. While they are for the most part innocuous, it's critical to see your specialist in the event that you are encountering torment. Pimples and fibroids might be expelled by specialists to reduce torment later on.


For a few ladies, climaxes can bring about extreme cramping in the lower stomach zone. A few ladies may encounter torment in their bottoms. Cramping can last anyplace between a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.

Difficult climaxes have a tendency to be most basic in ladies between the ages of 35 and 55. Ladies who are at or close menopause might probably encounter this.

3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sex Life [ways to have better sex]

Learning the ways to have better sex is actually improve your married life. You can read 10 Tips for Longer Lasting Sex: How to Do more Sex. Learn how to make your sex more interesting and improve sex stamina naturally. Here are simple ways to have better sex before marriage or after wedding.

You just have to follow the following tips to improve your sex life. The truth is that women seldom have our mind on one thing.
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Between work, school, boss, children, friends, super, clothes, dog, Pepito birthday ... it is very easy for us to be distracted at the least appropriate times.

Dr. Helen Fisher explains that the "distraction" of women is associated with estrogen and the way it marks differences in the architecture of men and women. Since our brain has longer connections, which means that more information is taken Of more places in the brain at the same time, which can cause us to become distracted.
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3 Tips on finding ways to have better sex

It is important that we concentrate girls since it has been proven that when we do, our levels of excitement and sexual satisfaction are much higher, and who would not want that?

Recognize Distraction

Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that people often have non-erotic thoughts during intercourse. Has not it happened to you that you are in the sexy business with your boy while kissing you in that place that bristles your skin... when you remember that you have to go to pay the cable or that you have a meeting in the morning? Do not feel bad, it is more common than you think.

So how do we solve it? Oddly enough, recognizing the distraction. If you suddenly remember that you did not do this or that thing, know it and then save the idea in space to solve when you finish having sex. In this way do not repress the slope, just put it aside, then deal with it.

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Do not stress your body

Do not stop thinking if you shaved your bikini area well? Or if in that position your body wears a strange roll in the back? If you see the double chin? If your shoulders are too broad? Your fat feet? Your big nose?

Bad bad bad. These concerns only have two consequences: You will try to hide your "defects," which will cause you to become distracted which will make it more difficult for you to focus on the pleasure of the moment. If you are too aware of your body, you can always wear a nice and sexy babydoll, light some candles and enjoy the pleasure of being with the person you like.

Surprising research at Emory University found that men are more likely to look at a woman's face during intercourse. The researchers found it curious, as they thought that people would be inclined to see first the breasts or the genitals. However, when the men were asked why they saw the face first, they replied that they wanted to know if the woman was enjoying it.

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Do not change position

There is a time for acrobatic sex, but on the days that you feel more dispersed, it is important that you become present, a critical component to achieving orgasm. If you have a position where you are comfortable, relaxed and that you like more choose it and stay in it.

Instead of shifting abruptly, which can take away passion from the moment, maintain a rhythm and position. According to Dr. Debby Herbenick, it is not very clear why, but the continuous movements, help us to ignore the exterior distractions and allows us to focus on the sensation of the moment.

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I am an online seller looking to grow my business. What are my options?

1. eCommerce marketplaces: Unless you have your own product line or a ton of resources to try lots of different options, most sellers look to marketplaces to build an ecommerce business. Today, when a seller looks for a way to sell goods online, the first thing that they look for is a credible site that consumers will trust. While this is important, not all ecommerce sites offer a convenient and reliable way to access your funds.

    Reach: Building a loyal customer base can be a time-consuming, lengthy process. With marketplaces, there’s already an existing network of shoppers ready to purchase
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Tisca Chopra's short film "Chutney": Making a short film was creatively satisfying

Tisca Chopra I think it is very important that we have literature related to now because language cant remain the same. Chutney is a short film, which marks the debut of Tisca Chopra as a producer. As the name suggests, the film is a thematic in which Chutney is ... Tisca Chopra received a marriage proposal on Twitter

After impressing viewers with her performances in films like 'Taare Zameen Par' and 'Rahasya', Tisca Chopra is set to turn producer with a 15-minute short film, Chutney. Her look in it is a complete shocker. The debut venture, which also features Adil Hussain and Rasika Duggal, has been made under Tisca's banner The Eastern Way and presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select. It delves into voyeurism, infidelity, marital relationships and insecurity.

Tisca Chopra's short film "Chutney": Making a short film was creatively satisfying
It's a dark tale about an ordinary woman Vanita (Tisca), who you wouldn't notice in a million years. It's a spicy story about the great Indian middle class — how they seem so normal but have such deep secrets buried in their seemingly calm exteriors. She says, "For me, pretty is boring. I love losing myself in the character. There are many people around us who go unnoticed as there is nothing striking about them. I used to often wonder if some of them had exciting stories to share. Vanita is one such person. She is ugly, cannot speak well, and is married into a family that is higher in status than hers, but what is inside her is amazing. In a way, it's like the revenge of the geeks." Interestingly, the story is not new. "Many years ago, I had performed it as a play and it stayed on in my mind. Recently, I met the director, Jyoti Kapur Das, and we started writing the script. The film has been shot with a feature-like quality," the actress explains.

Ask Tisca how she came up with the title 'Chutney', and she replies, "Isn't spice a necessary aspect of our lives? However, much like Vanita, 'chutney' often goes unnoticed. Despite all its spiciness, it is never the centre of attention or attraction in the Indian diet; it is never served alone."

The actress reveals that apart from a feature film that will be coming up soon, she is also keen to produce commercials and web series in the near future.

Making a short film was creatively satisfying: Tisca Chopra
Web series and short films have become a rage these days. It not only gives a film-maker the freedom to explore unique content, but also unleashes their creative side. Actor Tisca Chopra has recently turned producer with her short film, titled Chutney.

The theme of the film is about guarding one’s turf. Tisca, who started her acting career in 1993, wanted to share certain stories with the audience. “This story has been on my mind since a while now,” says the Taare Zameen Par actor.
Interestingly, it was director Imtiaz Ali, who suggested that she make a short film. “It was a random remark that stayed with me. He said, ‘Once you do make a short film, you will understand many things’,” she adds. Since then, Tisca has been sure about making a short film, as the “story lends itself better to the format”. “Had it been shot as a long movie, it wouldn’t have worked. The story will teach people how not to take ordinary people for granted. It is also about women taking control,” she says.

Apparently, the actor and her team finished the film in a month and half. Tisca was part of the entire process. “From writing to learning the nuances of editing, I was involved in everything. Making a short film was creatively satisfying. As an actor, one does not get to experience so much. You take everything for granted. A lot of learning was required for this movie,” she says.

Tisca Chopra is an Indian film and stage actress known for her works in Hindi cinema, and Television. She made her film debut with Platform, opposite Ajay Devgan

HSC Result 2016 BD has been Published, HSC and board to find yours

HSC Result 2016 Bangladesh has been Published on 18 August at 2.00 P.M. at educationboardresults.gov.bd You can find your HSC result from your mobile phone too.

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The results of this year's Higher Secondary Certificate and its equivalent examinations has been published today. 

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How to Make Money With YouTube videos

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How to Make Money With YouTube videos

First Set up a Google AdSense account. Google AdSense section Group and is a provider of advertising for online publishers. To register, you need to have a Google account. Additionally, all data obtained to be honest - from address to delivery. Then, review your Google AdSense application. Is this done, you will receive a confirmation and access to areas of your use.

    Installation instructions make money on youtube
    Guide view the amount of income from youtube

"Everything comes to YouTube: The most useful software and the best short film
Link your AdSense and YouTube.

How to Make Money With YouTube videos.
Log in and visit the site to make money from your account to your YouTube channel. A click on Next will take you to the Google AdSense on. Here, you make the links. Your AdSense account to be activated for this purpose. After a few clicks, you will return to YouTube. Now you can earn money with your old and new videos. To what extent advertising AdSense, setting in your account settings.

You should base

Not only the ability Youtube who devote their full labor on video production, is subject to income tax. Even if you only earn a little extra income, it is considered self-employed work done. From this according to the tax return and tax payment where appropriate. Day does not have an account, you should hide your income to the tax authorities, because that can make you pay dearly for years to come. Furthermore, compliance with the provisions of the copyright law of Vietnam YouTube, you can only publish content owner. If you use a foreign material in your video, you need explicit permission. If not, it can lead to blockage by YouTube and warned of the respective owners. Even the guilt of current chart music is very important.

HSC Results 2016: Education Board of Bangladesh Announced HSC Result Publish Date

HSC Results 2016: Education Board of Bangladesh Announced HSC Result Publish Date. Result will be publish on this website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd  HSC Results Bangladesh Publish Date 2016 Education Board of Bangladesh . ... Education Board of Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Result 2016 bd HSC Result 2016 date H.S.C Results 2016 Bangladesh board.  

HSC Result Publishing date is 11th August 2016

If you have smartphone you don't need to search your HSC result over the internet with computer or cyber cafe. You can check your result 10 time faster with www.educationboardresults.gov.bd official Android Apps for HSC Result Bangladesh. To download educationboardresults official android apps Please Go Here.. If you have any problem let us know by commenting below.


How to Get HSC Result 2016?

Here we go: "Just follow this website, copy and paste in your browser this link "www.educationboardresults.gov.bd". In the next step enter your roll number and board name correctly. Then Click on "Search Result". In the next window you will see your result with name and other data published by the Education board."

The student who are looking for next admission in public university must have GPA 5.0. If your result is below GPA 5.0 You are not eligible to be admitted into any public university.
HSC Bangladesh Result
HSC result 2016. how to fast check online HSC result 2016 Bangladesh Education board included with Alim, vocational and other equivalents exam.

All Board result will be publish at the same time and date. 
HSC Result Publishing date is 18th August 2016. You may need some information to get your result. such as entering your roll number or college code you can get all of it.  

I have no idea why google says us hsc timetable 2016 in the suggestion box when I'm going to search for the result. Its such stupidity by google and its engineer.  
The most disgusting thing is even google don't know why it happens and how they rank our website. 

Most of the students from Bangladesh will search for their result. Maybe google still not aware about this.

For the past decade we can see girls are doing better result than boys! Its a shame, what happened to those guys? The can't beat girls in education result? 
The reason behind failed in HSC exam!
Irregular study, less study and love. Emotion! Guys are passing their time for seeking love into girls, and at the same time girls are finding new things to read in their text books. 
Guys stop falling in love and start study carefully. If you can get good result this year in HSC exam, you will be passed in all your life exam. 

looking for a better result? Here is how to do it
HSC Results 2016: Education Board of Bangladesh Announced HSC Result Publish Date. I'm just guessing all these things and I'm not worried if those information is wrong. Actually those are not wrong, Those information is correct. 

Submit your HSC roll number and board name, get the result.

Shikari Bangla Movie 2016: Shakib Khan Srabanti Bangla Movie

Indian bangla movie: Shikari Bangla Movie: Shakib Khan & Srabanti Chatterjee played main role. shikari bangla full movie, shikari bangla movie song. 

Shikari (2016 film)
Release datesJuly 7, 2016 (Bangladesh) August 12, 2016 (Worldwide)
Running time160 Minutes
CountryBangladesh India

Shikari is an Bangladesh-India joint venture film directed by Joydeep Mukherjee and Zakir Hossain Simanto.

Shikari Bangla movie by Jaaz Multimedia (Bangladesh) and Eskay Movies (India) has been realized. This is the first joint production movie for Shakib Khan as well as Srabanti. This couple has become very popular in a few days. Let’s check out the details of this movie.  Shikari is an action thriller movie with a bit of romance from Shakib and Srabanti. In this movie, Shakib is an assassin who wants to kill Sabyasachi Chakrabarty. After being failed in the first attempt, he enters Sabyasachi’s house as a gardener and plans to kill him by being close to him. Eventually, Srabanti falls in love with Shakib. The movie is based on a killing mission, hence, the name is Shikari (The Hunter).  Shakib Khan has changed himself a lot for this movie. He lost his weight and has now become fit and good looking than any other time in the past. Srabanti, on the other hand, has become a bit fatty in the recent few years. But, she is a great actress and that is needed most for a heroine. Shikari Bangla Movie 2016. 

Srabanti Chatterjee is an Indian popular Bengali indian actress. Now she is the top actress in Tollywood. She is known as Srabonti.

Shakib Khan is a Bangladeshi film actor. He made his debut in Annotho Bhalobasha, though it did not lead to widespread fame
After receiving positive response from the audience of Bangladesh, “Shikari” will be released in Kolkata on August 12, 2016. The movie will be shown in 150 movie halls, according to Shakib Khan. He will stay in Kolkata for few days to promote the film. This is Shakib Khan's first movie that will be released in India.

Currently, he is shooting for films “Bossgiri” and “Shooter”. Both the films will see the newcomer Bubli. There is a possibility that “Bossgiri” could be released this Eid. After pairing with Srabonti in “Shikari”, Shakib Khan will be acting in his next film with Subhashree.

indian bangla movie, Kolkata bangla movie, Kolkata Bangla Movie Songs,
Kolkata Bangla Movie Songs for mobile download, Welcome Here you can watch Kolkata Bangla Movie 2016 And download For Free, Shikari Bangla Movie 2016

Here is some information about the movie Shikari:
Movie Name: Shikari Release Date: July 6, 2016 (Bangladesh) and August 2, 2016 (India) Runtime: 160 minutes (2 Hours 40 Minutes) Budget: 4.5 Lacs Bangladeshi Taka Cast: Shakib Khan (Bangladesh), Srabanti Chatterjee (India), Amit Hasan, Rebeca Schhoheil, Shiba Shanu, Subrata Barua, Manjurul Alam, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Rudro Protap, Rahul Dev, Lilly Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta, Kharaj Mukherjee Production: Jaaz Multimedia (Bangladesh) & Eskay Movies (India) Producer: Abdul Aziz (Bangladesh & Himanshu Dhanuka (India) Director: Jakir Hossain Simanto (Bangladesh) & Joydeb Mukherjee (India) Story, Dialogue & Screenplay: Abdullah Zahir Babu (Bangladesh) & Pele Chatterjee (India) Cinematography: Saiful Shaheen (Bangladesh) Choreographer: Jayesh Pradhan (India) Background Music Composer: Indradip Dasgupta (India) Editor: Touhid Hossain Chowdhury (Bangladesh) & Somnath Dey (India) Shooting Spots: Bangladesh, India, England Shooting Started: 14th March, 2016 Shooting Ended: 26th April, 2016

indian bangla movie, Kolkata bangla movie, Kolkata Bangla Movie Songs,
Kolkata Bangla Movie Songs for mobile download, Welcome Here you can watch Kolkata Bangla Movie 2016 And download For Free, Shikari Bangla Movie 2016

Dhaka Call Girl Phone Number & Contact Address with Photos

Dhaka girl mobile number: Confessions of a Bangladeshi Call Girl or Dhaka Call girl is a 2016 Contact Directory book edited by WhatsApp Girls Radhika Apte! In this Call Girls Book You will get Dhaka Call Girls Mobile numbers, Bangladeshi Call Girls Mobile Numbers, Chittagong Call Girls Mobile Numbers, Sylhet Call Girls mobile number and all district sex worker information from Bangladesh. This book has been written based on the real life of High Sociaity Call girls in Dhaka, Gulshan, Mirpur, Dhanmondi, Banani, Bashundhora area. 

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Dhaka girl mobile number: Marjia

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Dhaka girl mobile number: Marjia
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Main Tenu Samjhawan Lyrics With Meaning

Main tenu samjhawan lyrics and English translation, main tenu samjhawan lyrics meaning, main tenu samjhawan ki lyrics, main tenu samjhawan lyrics alia bhatt!

Main tainu Samjhaavaan ki was a beautiful song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in 2010 Punjabi film Virsa, which has been re-created, or rather re-presented in Arijit Singh's voice by Dharma's Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya. The song, a gem in either version is worth listening to.
Movie: Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya [originally from movie: Virsa, 2010]
Music: Jawad Ahmed, recreated by Sharib-Toshi
Lyrics: Ahmad Anees, Kumaar
Singers: Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: Sony Music

Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki Lyrics Translation - Arijit Singh 

Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena

I don't have to live without you,
don't have to live, don't have to live..

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu kee jaane pyaar mera
Main karaan intezar tera
Tu dil tuyyon jaan meri

What do I explain to you,
without you my heart is nowhere,
[as in, my heart/mind isn't into anything, I am unable to concentrate on anything]
what do you know about my love,
I wait for you..
You're my heart, and you're my life too..

Mere dil ne chun laiya ne
Tere dil diyaan raahaan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpai meriyaan saaha
Jeena mera.. hun hai tera,
kee main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera

My heart has chosen
the path of your heart..
Had you been with me,
my life would have been easier..
My life.. is now yours.
what do I do..
You've got to believe me..

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tuiyyon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhaawaan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee

Ve changa nayion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan ankkhaan
Naal tere jod ke

O girl, you didn't do good,
by breaking my heart..
My eyes repent a lot,
having fallen in love with your eyes..
[to connect eyes is idiomatically falling in love with someone as per a Hindi idiom.]

Tenu chhadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhaavaan
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne paawaan
Meri duaa.. haaye,
Sajda tera kardi sadaa
Tu sun ikraar mera

Where can I go leaving you,
You're my shadow..
In your face only
I see my God..
My wish, Oh,
is that I bow to you always,
You listen to my approval..

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tuiyon jaan meri
Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Top 50 Best Hindi sad Songs List Bollywood 2016

Top Bollywood Sad Songs list for 2016 and forever! Bollywood has got a lot of emotional songs. Bollywood has Huge emotional Sad songs. Here is a list of best sad hindi songs. Here is a list of my favorite emotional Indian Songs. The Top Sad Song list in Bollywood.  Download All these songs by Searching google or Bing!

Best Hindi sad Songs List

As a humans by default we are not always in  same mood. Sometimes  we are very happy with small things and sometimes we get up set with very small issues. These things are very common to us. Even it’s a routine life like up’s and down’s. When we are out of the mood we would love to hear sad songs because the feeling will be touch your heart. Here i am giving Hindi sad songs list. There is a feel that reflect on your face. When we listing these songs we are out of the loop no one can not access in your world.  The best thing about sad songs is it has a good inner meaning. If you want to listen these songs just take a look here i will give top best Bollywood sad songs in Hindi.

Top 50 Best Hindi sad songs List

  • Bulleya – sultan
  • Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi
  • Tere liye
  • Dil de diya hai
  • Maa
  • Jane kyon
  • Abhi mujh mein kahin
  • Jag soona soona lage
  • Tujhe bhula diya
  • Tu jaane na
  • Jab rulana hi to hasaya kyu
  • Tune jo na kaha
  • Emptiness
  • Tum hi ho
  • Bhare Naina
  • O re piya
  • Teri jhuki Nazar
  • Duaa
  • Do pal ki
  • Pehli nazar mein
  • Tadap tadap ke is dil
  • Saans
  • Ishq wala love
  • Kabhi alvida na kehna
  • Dooriyan
  • Gumsum gumsum pyar ka mausam
  • Tujhe yaad na meri aayee
  • Sau dard
  • Maula
  • Tum ho
  • Tu hi re
  • Kahin to hogi ho
  • I love you
  • Chaha hai tujhko
  • Bhula dena
  • Raabata
  • Saiyaara
  • Chahun main ya naa
  • Ye jism
  • Tum ho toh
  • Phir mohabbat
  • Noor e Khuda
  • Bin tere
  • Kal ho na ho
  • Tanhayee
  • Zindagi ki talash me hum
  • Rooth ke humse kabhi jab chale jaoge tum
  • Hamari adhuri kahani
  • Jeena Jeena
  • Judaai
  • Baatein ye kabhi na
  • Katra katra
  • Jee karda
  • Tu hai ki nahi
  • Tu hi tu
  • Dard dilo ke
  • Main dhudhne ko zamane
  • Maula sun le re
  • Mujh mein tu
  • Jiya
  • Meherbani
  • Lonely
  • Zehnaseeb
  • Preet
  • Baarish
  • Chaandaniya
  • Muskurane ki wajah tum ho
  • Dil darbadar
  • Naina
  • Saaiyan
  • Banjaara
  • Main tenu samjhawan
  • Mera mann
  • Laal ishq
  • Har kisiko nahi milta
  • Alvida
  • Kabira
  • Bhula dena
  • Tum hi ho
  • Bin tere
  • Iss dard e dil ki sifarish
  • Abhi abhi
  • Mando
  • Aur ho
  • Yeh mera deewanapan hai
  • Aaj phir
  • Dil Kyun yeh mera
  • To phir aao
  • Lag ja gale
  • saajna
  • Dil ko churaya tune sanam
  • jeene laga hu
  • piya o re piya
  • Tujhe mai pyar karu
  • Naadan parinday
  • Teri meri
  • Tu jo mila
  • jee le zara
  • Duhai hai
  • Adha ishq
  • Nahin samne
  • Tu bin Bataya
  • Mar jayian
  • Janam Janam
  • Hasi
  • Aahatein
  • Ikhtara
  • Jab se tere naina
  • Mar jawan
  • What a feeling
  • O Sajna Aaja ve

Best Bollywood Sad Songs List 2016

These are the best Bollywood Hindi sad songs. Even i have covered all famous singers like Arjith singh, Ankit Tivari, Kishor kumar, Shreya ghoshal, Krishnakumar Kunnath (KK), Mohit Chauhan, Atif Aslam and Sonu nigam. Sometimes it may help to recover out of the situation. Just avoid all tensions feel free to select best song. Listen and enjoy these sad songs.

Best Hindi sad Songs List

Top 50 hindi songs of the week, Do you want to check out more songs? 

One of my favorite Hindi Singer

Krishnakumar Kunnath (KK), popularly known as KK, K.K. or Kay Kay, Hindi: केके, is an Indian singer. He is a prominent singer in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films. Born in Delhi to Malayali parents C.S. 

One of my favorite Hindi Singer

Mohit Chauhan is an Indian singer, most known for his work as a playback singer for Bollywood movies as well as the former front-man of the Indipop band Silk Route.

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