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The Silicon Valley Suicides

The air shrieks, and life stops. First, from far away, comes a high whine like angry insects swarming, and then a trampling, like a herd moving through. The kids on their bikes who pass by the Caltrain crossing are eager to get home from school, but they know the drill. Brake. Wait for the train to pass. Five cars, double-decker, tearing past at 50 miles an hour. Too fast to see the faces of the Silicon Valley commuters on board, only a long silver thing with black teeth. A Caltrain coming into a station slows, invites you in. But a Caltrain at a crossing registers more like an ambulance, warning you fiercely out of its way.

The kids wait until the passing train forces a gust you can feel on your skin. The alarms ring and the red lights flash for a few seconds more, just in case. Then the gate lifts up, signaling that it’s safe to cross. All at once life revives: a rush of bikes, skateboards, helmets, backpacks, basketball shorts, boisterous conversation. “Ew, how old is that gum?” “The quiz is next week, dipshit.” On the road, a minivan makes a left a little too fast—nothing ominous, just a mom late for pickup. The air is again still, like it usually is in spring in Palo Alto. A woodpecker does its work nearby. A bee goes in search of jasmine, stinging no one. 

In many parts of town, you can hear the warning of a passing train just about everywhere: the quad at Palo Alto High School; the tables at Piazza’s grocery store, where kids from Gunn High School hang out after school; the kids’ bedrooms after midnight. 

A few students had gotten in early to take some photos dressed as Scooby-Doo characters, part of an annual volleyball-team tradition. Now one of them, Alyssa See-Tho, was waiting outside the choir room for first period to start. Slowly, classmates began to join her. Through the windows, they could spy the teachers packed in there. In the other classrooms of Henry M. Gunn High School, about 1,900 kids waited. After a few minutes the teachers filed out, each holding a sheet of paper, none talking. Alyssa took her seat inside. It was November 4, 2014, a few days after homecoming and maybe a month before college applications would start making everyone crazy. The teacher read a statement containing the words took his own life last night, and then a name, Cameron Lee. Alyssa’s first thought: Is there another Cameron Lee at our school?, because the one she knew was popular and athletic and seemingly unbothered by schoolwork, an avid practitioner of the annoying prank of turning people’s backpacks inside out.

Alex Gil got to school a little late that day and saw people crying in the hallways. The principal, Denise Herrmann, stopped him and told him, because she knew he was one of Cameron’s best friends, and he fell to his knees. He thought about a text Cameron had sent him the day before. Cameron had gone to tryouts for varsity basketball but hadn’t yet gotten his required physical, so he had asked whether Alex thought he could get in to see the doctor the next day. He must have sent the text only a few hours before he died.

In her creative-writing class later that day, Tarn Wilson asked how many people were friends with Cameron, and a third of the students raised a hand. She then asked how many had been in a class with him, and everyone’s hand went up. The kids were usually “silly and joyful,” she later said, but that period, they were “utterly and completely silent.”

That morning the school district’s superintendent, Glenn “Max” McGee, called Kim Diorio, the principal of the system’s other public high school, Palo Alto High, to warn her, “This is going to hit everyone really hard.” McGee was new to the district that year, but he’d known the history when he took the job. The 10-year suicide rate for the two high schools is between four and five times the national average. Starting in the spring of 2009 and stretching over nine months, three Gunn students, one incoming freshman, and one recent graduate had put themselves in front of an oncoming Caltrain. Another recent graduate had hung himself. While the intervening years had been quieter, they had not been comforting. School counselors remained “overwhelmed and overloaded” with an influx of kids considered high risk, says Roni Gillenson, who has helped oversee Gunn’s mental-health program since 2006. Twelve percent of Palo Alto high-school students surveyed in the 2013–14 school year reported having seriously contemplated suicide in the past 12 months.

Turns Out Women Have Really, Really Strong Sex Drives: Can Men Handle It?

Women want sex far more than we've been allowed to believe. So suggests a new book that shatters many of our most cherished myths about desire, including the widespread assumption that women's lust is inextricably bound up with emotional connection. Are men ready to cope with the reality of heterosexual women's horniness? The evidence suggests we aren't, at least not yet. 

In his just-released What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire journalist Daniel Bergner suggests that when it comes to acknowledging just how much women lust, we've passed the point of no return. Bergner profiles the work of a series of sexologists, all of whom have, after a series of fascinating studies with animal and human subjects, come to what is essentially the same conclusion. Women want sex just as much as men do, and this drive is "not, for the most part, sparked or sustained by emotional intimacy and safety." When it comes to the craving for sexual variety, the research Bergner assembles suggests that women may be "even less well-suited for monogamy than men."

Bergner's work puts what may be the last nail in the coffin of the old consensus that women use sex as a means to get something else they really want, such as enduring monogamous emotional intimacy and the goods and safety that come in marriage with a protector and provider. In her review, Salon's normally hyperbole-averse Tracy Clark-Flory was beside herself: "This book should be read by every woman on earth," she writes; "the implications are huge."
It's not, of course, as if feminism, or Internet porn, or any other feature of modernity has suddenly created desires that never previously existed. Rather, as Bergner and his researchers show, science is finally asking the right questions about what women want, perhaps because enough of us are ready to hear the answer. The broad and enthusiastic coverage of What Do Women Want—Amanda Hess at Slate and Ann Friedman at The Cut are nearly as swept away as Clark-Flory—suggests a collective cry of relief: At last, irrefutable evidence that women are so much more like men, and so much more full of erotic potential, than we had ever admitted.

Yet acknowledging that women are as horny as men (if not hornier) isn't enough to guarantee equality, just as the recognition that women are increasingly adept at breadwinning doesn't ensure pay equity. Even as we see more and more evidence that women want what men want, antiquated sexual scripts mean that women are caught, as Friedman puts it, in a "catch-22" with "few options." But is that dilemma one for which both sexes are equally responsible?
Some say yes. Friedman quotes dating expert Chiara Atik:
Everyone's being kind of wishy-washy... Women want sex, but they don't want to be seen as forward (or worse, desperate). Men want sex but are intimidated, unconfident, or don't want to be seen as domineering. We're not sure who should be the sexual instigators, and then no one really steps up to the plate.
That explanation appeals, but it also rests on a false assumption that the risks of playing "instigator" are equal for both sexes. To continue Atik's baseball imagery, it's only very recently that women have even begun to be allowed to compete as equals on the sexual playing field; the rules of the game are still written largely for the benefit of men. To say that women want sex and are afraid of being slut-shamed while men want sex but are afraid of being rejected falsely posits that these are equally consequential experiences. "Slut-shaming" serves as both a precursor and an excuse for sexual violence. "She was asking for it," the classic defense of the rapist, is based on the assumption that a woman who instigates a sexual encounter, "deserves" whatever ill treatment she gets. As real as men's anxiety about being "shot down" might be, it's hardly comparable to women's equally justifiable fear of rape. Margaret Atwood's famous remark that "men are afraid that women will laugh at them; women are afraid that men will kill them" clarifies that distinction nicely.
If Bergner is right, men's and women's libidos are far more similar than previously imagined. If he's right, and the formidable data he marshals suggests he is, then our sexual scripts need to shift to accommodate this new reality for everyone's sake. Both men and women need to overcome what Atik calls their "wishy-washiness," and be willing to deal with the discomfort that comes from stepping outside of prescribed gender roles. That's easier said than done; as Friedman notes in her article, the data suggests that even among the young, a significant majority of both men and women think it's the job of men to make the proverbial "first move."
When it comes to rethinking instigation, young heterosexuals could do well to learn from gays and lesbians. As Liza Mundy pointed out last month, same-sex couples have much to teach straights about how to have a happier marriage. "From sex to fighting, from child-rearing to chores, they must hammer out every last detail of domestic life without falling back on assumptions about who will do what." Bergner's considerable data suggests that when it comes to initiating sex, straight men and women will be a lot happier if they follow the lead of their gay and lesbian friends.

The research suggests that though both men and women struggle to extricate themselves from traditional gender roles, women are generally doing a much better job of it than are men. From the workplace to the university, women are far more willing to move into traditionally male spaces and adopt traditionally male behaviors than men are to do the reverse. Too many men are still stuck in the "provide, protect, and perform" model that requires women to be passive, focused more on pleasing than on their own pleasure. The "catch-22" in which women find themselves is largely a result of men's fear of being unable to perform up to women's expectations—and to satisfy desires that men have only just begun to realize are as intense and earthy as their own. 

Freud's famous question, "What do women want?" has always invited another query in return: "Can you handle the answer if we tell you?" The widespread coverage of Bergner's book raises at least the possibility that some men are. And what is at the heart of that answer? Though some women surely still want to play at passivity while men protect, provide, and perform, plenty more women want another "p" word: partners. Flexible, unintimidated, and (as Bergner shows) playful partners in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and in public life. 

"The sexual landscape (remains) ruled by male desires and insecurities," Amanda Hess writes in her Slate review of What Do Women Want. It is those insecurities (and the specter of the violence into which those insecurities sometimes erupt) that keep men from having their sexual desires fulfilled. As this new book shows, women's desires are fully equal to men's—and equally confined by men's maddening unwillingness to abandon the useless sexual scripts they themselves have written.

Is sexuality a natural part of being human?

When it is claimed that all people are sexual beings, I have a strong suspicion that one of the functions is to communicate to readers that having sexual desires is a natural part of being human so they are nothing to be ashamed of. The issue is not one of having sexual desires or not, but whether to accept them and what sorts of decisions are made concerning them and concerning sexuality more broadly.

Consider an example I used in the introduction to this series. On MSNBC A doctor advises a mother on talking to her daughter about sexuality.

Accurate and relevant information about all aspects of human sexuality — including her own sexual nature and feelings — will empower a young woman to learn how to accept her natural sexuality and eventually express it in healthy, appropriate, and responsible ways that do not harm her or anyone else.
As a part of accomplishing this, the author gives her top three rules for talking to teenagers about sexuality. The first begins,
“Become comfortable with your own sexuality. All humans are sexual beings who have sexual feelings. Sex is a normal part of life.
In order to help the daughter accept her own sexual feelings, she is to be told that all people have sexual feelings. However, insisting that sexual feelings are natural raises a question. If sexual desires are natural, does this mean that not feeling them is "unnatural"? In asking this question, I feel like I'm attacking a straw man. I wish this were true. Unfortunately, if you look at some of the things people quoted as experts have to say about asexuality, it becomes painfully clear that this is exactly the implication some people take--even people who speak with the voice of authority.

In 2004, there was an article in the New York Times about asexuality called For Them, Just Saying No Is Easy. After giving a positive quote from John Bancroft, former director of the Kinsey Institute, they provide a less positive perspective.
Not all clinicians agree that lack of interest in sex can be considered normal. "It's a bit like people saying they never have an appetite for food," said Dr. Leonard R. Derogatis, a psychologist and the director of the Center for Sexual Health and Medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "Sex is a natural drive, as natural as the drive for sustenance and water to survive. It's a little difficult to judge these folks as normal."
In the article Asexual and Proud! on salon.com, we find another less-than-affirming quote from a therapist.
"To me, to say that someone is 'asexual' is tantamount to saying that they're not a human being," says Barnaby Barratt, a sex therapist in Detroit and president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. "I would be profoundly critical of the idea that 'asexuality' is an 'orientation' or that it's somehow the inevitable way that some people are born. The basic building blocks of sexual patterning are there in everyone. The real question about what you're describing as 'asexual' is: What sort of history could make someone wind up being that closed down?"
Given the way they are introduced, I assume that these people know quite a lot about sexuality and sexuality education and that their understandings of what it means for sexuality to be "natural" or what is meant by the claim that all people are sexual beings to be representative of many (though not all) people who make such claims.

If this is what is meant by saying that all people are sexual beings and if we take asexuality seriously as a normal part of the sexual variation that exists among people, then I think that asexuals should insist that such claims be dropped from sex education and other contexts in which they are made. Someone could claim that all people are sexual beings in a way that affirms asexual experiences; they could claim that the above quotes are misunderstandings of what what is meant by saying that all people are sexual beings.

However, if you want to insist that everyone is sexual, it is important to understand not only what you mean by it, but what others will interpret it to mean. Given the status of the above quoted people, I think it is clear that many who say that everyone is sexual and many who hear this claim understand it to deny the reality/legitimacy of asexuality. As such, I think the claim should be done away with.

Vacation At Home – Do You Take Those?

Sometimes I feel I get so overloaded that I overlook the main reason I have started working online – provide additional comfort to my family!
This past week I have taken pretty much entire week to do some family chores and enjoy as much time with my wife and kids as possible! And since we did it without leaving anywhere it was a bit challenging but manageable!
Vacation at home is possible – how do you take those?

This post is really short and designed to be used as quick brain storming session with you – my reader. How do you personally take advantage of all that is available in your local area and keep in mind, visiting places with kids one of whom is toddler is not easy for the daddy :-)
In this past week we managed to:
  • … spend time on the beach
  • … spend one day in Ocean Breeze water park in Virginia Beach
  • … spend day in Bush Gardens (Williamsburg)
  • … going again to the beach in just couple hours from now!
And here is my family and I in Bush Gardens:

Needless to say that day in picture above, while being a blast – is not too restful :-)
So, here is my question – How Do You Take Vacation at Home? What did you do last time?
Take it away!

Natural Hair Protective Styling

Just because summer is over does not  mean you can't look after your skin to maintain the softness and glow you worked hard to achieve during the summer months.
Just because from now on,you will start hiding the skin covered in black tights, trousers and thick layers does not mean you should neglect your skin care routine until , come spring when you join the bandwagon to start afresh.

I have been wearing my natural hair since April 2015. I decided to make a wig after watching a YouTube video to vary my look. I used my own brand Wuchi hair, Brazilian weave, lengths, 12, 14, 16 inch and a 12 inch closure. I bought the manriquene head on Amazon for £5, wig cap, thread, curved needle and some T pins,  to keep the wig cap steady while I sewed the weave in.
It took me a while and called it my mini project because it is my first time making a wig and I think I did a pretty good job.

The essence of this post, is to ensure you  that you can still have, grow and maintain your natural hair without applying relaxer and still vary your look with protective styling wearing a wig.  

I am now growing my natural hair using my own brand hair oil and butters and I see the difference in hair lustre, thickness and shine. Most importantly my edges are growing back. I used to relax my edges in order for my weaves to blend in and look all natural, however, the relaxers started taking a toll by thinning the edges. Now my hair is growing back and you can do same for your hair and have thick healthy hair.

 Am sure you will be wandering what a food picture is doing on my skincare blog, well, I want to share this lovely photo I took of  luch we made over the weekend.
Although, I actually I did not cook this one from start to finish, I helped out with the preparation.  It was hubby who did and I was happy to snap away and eventually tuck in with delight. The reason I brought this to your attention, is to share my philosophy of what you eat is also as imprtant as what you put on your skin. I don't use receipe books to cook but I enjoy buying and collecting them. Not alot though, because most Africans I know don't use receipe books to cook, including myself.But that is all changing now. Some books I collect because of the amazing pictures of the food and how it is presented. Remember, we see food through our eyes, then we smell the aroma and eventually eat by tasting.  Hence, I share a picture of this lovely lunch we made..  Let me know if you try it out sometime. Enjoy.

My Favorite Korean Skincare Rule

I started to use all those skincare products after oppa bought me The Face Shop, Mango Seed Serum and nag (or promote) about how important a serum is. I think he got annoyed of me envying how good his skin is but never tried to improve mine lol.

Here we go. My favourite Korean skincare products (#sayatakjual):

*muntah pelangi*

1. Facial wash

LUSH - Angels on Bare Skin
This is not Korean product actually. But when I did some researches on which products are the best at the moment, I stumbled upon this product somewhere and thought I should give it a try. And I LOVE it except the price T_T. Well, it's not made in Korea so that makes sense. Plus, since it's quite expensive, I sorta use it just enough for my face (and thank God for my small-normal size face). And I bought another cleanser foam which I use alternately with this one or sometimes both for double cleansing yeahh (foam cleanser first then LUSH cleanser).

Favorite cleansing foam ^^
2. Facial scrub (twice a week)

I like this scrub too. Normally I scrub gently on my nose and under my chin only. Then, leave it for 5-10 minutes.  But I think it's still not enough for by damn-witch-stubborn-blackheads. Or maybe because I sometimes forget to scrub my face even once a week. Oooorrrr I didn't do it correctly. Tehee :3

From left to right. 
Toner > Essence > Serum > Moisturizer cream > Sunblock 

3. Toner
I use Pore correcting Super Aqua toner by Missha. Not bad. ^^
4. Essence

I really like Missha's products after I tried the essence and serum (which apparently are best-sellers and many people compared them to SKII (Tak mampu diknon nak beli SKII haha). After you've applied the essence, make sure to apply serum (bak kata laki aku serum ni kunci kulit bercahaya. Kalau nak bergelita sparkling glowing, wuduk jangan lupa).

5. Serum

Time Revolution Night Repair serum by Missha. I totally love the combination of the essence and this serum! 

6. Cream

After you've applied the serum, you might feel like your face has had enough. No, you're wrong. Now, apply cream. You can choose any cream to your liking. As for me, I choose the Mango Seed whitening cream by The Face Shop. Love the smell. 

7. Sunblock

Now, you'll apply the last one before putting on any make up- the sunblock. I'm using Etude House's Super Aqua Sun Prise sunblock with 45SPF. As for this one, I just bought any sunblock that has the light texture that I like with a nice smell. I hate it when many sunblocks smell like medicine. -.- Oh and yeah, only use this in the morning (dah malam nak block matahari celah mana plak kan so kau takyah over plak pakai before tidur memang mintak tangan). 

Additional info:

After all those steps, don't forget lip balm for your lips + twice/week lip scrub treatment. Heee :D

Missha's Lip Scrub. Nivea's lip balm.

Ok. That's about it. Most Korean girls have at least 4 skincare products and some could have even 10 steps. Yup. No kidding. I plan to start wearing eye cream (which will make a total of 8 steps lol) because of my dark circles. Eye bags are fine here. In fact, when you wear make up, you have to show some eye bags to look more like a baby and younger. Usually, newborns have eye bags so that's how you might make sense of the whole thing. If you don't agree, well suit yourself. XD

As for men, these are what oppa's using at the moment.

He really likes this facial wash. This is his second bottle.

All-in-one skincare & Mango Seed essence.
Last but not least, 

Yours truly,
Kek lapis in grey pashmina.

4 Easy Erotic Ways To Get Your Man BEGGING For More

With these tips, you'll have him begging for more.

Learning how to satisfy your man sexually is a lot easier than you think. You don't need to be a porn star or a some sort of sex crazed nymphomaniac to make sure that you give him a good time. In this article I want to teach you how to have sex to give your man the most pleasure he's ever had in his life.

1. Find Out His Kinks, Fantasies And Fetishes: Every guy has certain things that are massive turn ons for them. It could be when you wear an extra tight pair of jeans or a pair of sexy heels or that top that reveals your cleavage more than usual. But with that being said, it could perhaps be something a little more wild. He might love the idea of seeing you with another woman or even another man. Or maybe he really wants to try anal sex with you. Or maybe he has a thing for feet.

If you are serious about satisfying your man sexually in the bedroom, then the most powerful thing that you can do is find out what his kinks, fantasies and fetishes are and then do them with him. Doing them with your man is actually the easy part. Finding them out and getting your man to open up is the hard part. Often your man may be slightly embarrassed or reluctant to talk about them with you. To get him to relax and open up to you is not that easy unfortunately.

One way to approach it is to tell him some of yours first. Being the first to share is a great way to get him to reciprocate. Another way is to just say that you want to try lots of different things with him. As you explain to your man each thing that you want to try with him, try to judge his reaction. Obviously he is going to look more keen and excited about certain ideas than others.

2. Learn How To Talk Dirty: Yes, we all know that men are turned on mostly by what they see. But what you may not know is that if you want to vastly increase his sexual satisfaction when you are in bed together, then you need to learn how to talk dirty to him. Talking dirty to your man takes a little practice and work. But once you master it, you'll have another skill in your sex toolset that most other girls don't possess. The first stage to talking dirty to your man doesn't actually involve words. It simply involves you getting louder and louder during sex. You need to accentuate your moans and groans. This is quite easy. A

ll you are going to be moaning is, "Mmmmmm" or "Ooooooo" or "Ahhhhh." Easy, right? The next stage to talking dirty is just using 1 or 2 words. Try slowly saying, "Yes" or "That's it" or "Yes, Yes" or "Keep Going." When you are saying these 1 or 2 word phrases, try drawing them out and moaning as you say them. I go into much greater detail about talking dirty, with examples in this detailed video tutorial that will teach you exactly how to talk dirty to your man to build sexual tension and turn him on.

Many women don't ever even get to the second stage. So if you do, you are already ahead of them! Getting dirtier is actually pretty easy if you've mastered the first 2 stages. You just need to start telling your man what you enjoy about him and what he is doing, "I love how big you feel" or "Keep hitting that spot" or "Keep going, harder" or "You feel so good inside me." But dirty talk during sex is only a start! Don't forget that you can talk dirty to him during the day as well as through text if you want to turn him on and keep him satisfied.

3. Learn Some Awesome Sex Positions: One of the things that I strongly believe in is the use of variation if your want to keep your man sexually satisfied in the bedroom. Everybody (both guys and girls) have certain things that turn them on way more than anything else. But if you focus solely on the same few things and use them over and over, you will inevitably end up getting bored of them. I strongly advocate that all my students should constantly try new things in the bedroom with their man and intersperse these new things with what already works well. That way you will slowly but steadily build up a large database of killer sex moves that are highly pleasurable to your man.

4. Learn How To Give Awesome Oral Sex: If you are serious about learning how to satisfy your man sexually, then learning how to give fantastic, pleasurable blow jobs should be near the top of your list of priorities. If you want a quick start guide on how to give your man perfect oral sex, then you may be interested in this detailed and poweful video tutorial where I'll teach exactly what you need to do.

Where to Touch a man for His 9 Pleasure during Sex

As you know, the male body is a hotbed of feel-good zones. But now experts are saying there are nine special spots that you should know about when it comes to sexual gratification. We're talking about passion points that even he may not even know about. "These are places on his body that are literal hot spots, loaded with super-sensitive nerve endings that instantly rev him up when stimulated," explains Patti Britton, PhD, Los Angeles-based clinical sexologist and author of the The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sensual Massage. Here, check out our guide to those nine naughty triggers, as well as the specific lick, squeeze and stroke technique for each that will send him into orgasmic overdrive.

The Outside of His Lower Lip

The male mouth is an obvious hot zone. But zeroing in on that slope between his outside lower lip and chin will bring ultra-intense bliss to his kisser. We've discovered that this tiny, delicate curve is packed with extra-sensitive nerve receptors, says Lou Paget, author of The Big O and a certified sex educator.
Manhandle-him move: While making out, suck his lower lip into your mouth. Use the tip of your tongue to stroke up and down mere millimeters below it. "That motion stimulates the whole erogenous zone in a teasing way, which will put him on the erotic edge," says Paget. "And by keeping his lower lip inside yours, you magnify the sensation. It'll feel as if electric currents are shooting from his mouth straight to his member."

The Front of His Neck

Women tend to pay oral attention to the sides of his neck between his ear and his collar — but it turns out they're missing the major stimulation spot: just below his Adam's apple. "The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland about halfway down the front of his neck, is closely linked to the sex organs, according to ancient Chinese medicine," says reflexologist Master Mantak Chia, author of Sexual Reflexology.

Manhandle-him move: Have your guy lie on his back with a pillow plumped behind his head so his neck is exposed and slightly arched forward. Warm him up by brushing your wet lips against the hollow of his throat. Next, run the soft flat of your tongue straight up until you're licking his Adam's apple. The thyroid is just beneath it; dip down and pause here and massage the area in wide circular motions with your tongue. "Teasing him in circles ensures that you excite the entire thyroid, so he gets maximum pleasure," says Chia. He'll be so hot and bothered, he'll gurgle your name in gratitude.

His Nipples

You know that your nipples are a carnal command center. Yet experts found your guy's headlights might be even more sensitive, since most men aren't used to having these sexy switches lavished with attention. "For a lot of men, their nipples are uncharted territory — an erogenous zone they haven't experimented with," explains Britton. Touch them, however, and you'll send shock waves of pleasure radiating through him, she adds.

Manhandle-him move: Our ultimate manipulation trick is called the ice cream swirl. While he's stretched out on his back, "slowly lick in a circle starting outside his areola, circling closer toward the nipple as you would an ice cream cone," says Britton. Keep tantalizing him by zeroing in closer with your tongue. Finally, quickly flick the nipple, then very gently bite it. "Men love when you slowly build up the pressure like that," she says. So don't be afraid to nip him harder than you would like to be.

To up the erotic ante, suck on an ice cube before you begin. Your cold tongue will supercharge the concentrated cluster of nipple nerve endings.

The Dip Under His Ankle

Halfway between his heel and ankle bone is a fingertip-size pressure point that we've learned has enormous passion potential, explains Laura Norman, author of Feet First. "This spot is linked to the sex organs," says Norman. "Pressing it releases energy, producing feelings of pleasure."

Manhandle-him move: Do the deed in the reverse girl-on-top position, so you face his feet. As you sense your guy is getting close to climax, reach forward, grab his ankles and pulse each pressure point in rhythm with your thrusts. He'll blow a gasket in seconds...and playing footsie will never be the same.

His Perineum

Most men are shy about guiding you to this patch of skin just past his family jewels. But beneath it is his prostate gland — an organ with major orgasmic power. "A few soft strokes here will bring him to the brink," says Tracey Cox, author of Supersex.

Manhandle-him move: Before he enters you in the missionary position, reach between his legs and lightly tease his entire package. "When your hand is behind his testicles, press your knuckles gently into the smooth flesh," says Cox. Your naughty kneading will bliss him out. Then, knock boots and knead him at the same time. When he's ready to hit the roof, push your knuckles deeper — it'll extend his orgasm, adds Cox.

His Shaft

Any nooky novice can make a man sweat by manipulating his entire love muscle. But carnal connoisseurs now know that one specific member-only move on a certain stretch of his little soldier is so scorching, it'll set his desire on fire.

Manhandle-him move: Have your man lie on his back comfortably, then sit between his outstretched legs, facing him. Make two tight rings around his penis with the thumb and index finger of both your hands, placing the rings one on top of the other in the middle of his shaft. Slide the rings in opposite directions, going back and forth from the base to the head simultaneously. "This is a torrid twist on the usual one-handed up-and-down motion," says Cox. "He'll feel incredible friction, especially if you start off torturously slow, building up speed as he gets more and more pumped and then slowing down to keep him in a holding pattern." To make this move even more mind-blowing, squirt some lubricant into your hand.

The Head of His Penis

With more pleasure receptors than any other part of his package, this tip of the amorous iceberg is the nexus of male sex nerves. But it's tricky to get the right level of pressure so you send him soaring into ecstasy, not recoiling in sensory overload, says Barbara Keesling, PhD, author of The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex.

Manhandle-him move: Try the "lipstick" trick: With your man lying back and his penis stiffly pointing skyward, hold the base with your fingers (not in a fist) to steady him. Brush your closed yet relaxed lips against his head, rubbing it across your wet mouth as if you were applying lipstick. "Heighten the sensation by opening your lips a bit, rubbing his head between them," advises Keesling. Occasionally take the whole head in your mouth, then go back to rubbing the tip against your lips. He'll feel like he's getting a tighter, wetter version of nooky. Plus, he can watch you work him over — a toe-curling treat for him.

The Seam of His Testicles

You know that crinkly crease that separates his boys? Well, it turns out this seam has more passion-packing ability than we thought. "This nerve-rich pleasure trail runs top to bottom along his scrotum," explains Cox. "It isn't touched as often as it should be because not many women — or men — think of it as worthy of attention."
Manhandle-him move: To steam up his seam, you have to take the initiative. But tread lightly, since the area is so sensitive. Cradle his family jewels in one hand, then gently press the first two fingertips of your other hand into the top of the crease (close to where the testicles connect to the base of the penis). Trace downward with both fingers until you reach the bottom of his scrotum. While still toying with his twins, run your fingers back up again. "The two types of in-sync stimulation will really rouse him," says Cox. "He'll never let you get away with overlooking this lusty line again."

His Frenulum

The F Spot refers to that tiny knob of flesh underneath the crown of his penis, where the head connects to the shaft. Because it's off the beaten passion path, it doesn't get much amorous attention. But erotic experts and desire divas alike now consider it the booty bull's-eye. "A bundle of nerves meet at this point, so when you touch it, you set off an amazing chain reaction of rapture," says Britton.

Manhandle-him move: This frenulum-friendly maneuver will really flip his switch. While holding his penis steady at the base with one hand, slowly circle your tongue around the crown. Each time you reach his frenulum, give it a few fast flicks with just the stiff tip of your tongue, then return to licking the crown. At the same time, work your hand up and down his shaft. He'll respond with a tsunami of moans and groans...followed by an out-of-this-world climax that's liable to wake the neighbors.

  • Hands-on. Use your fingertips to trace tiny circles in the center of his palm, then widen them out to the edges of his hand.
  • Face trace. As the back of his head rests on a cushion, place two fingers on each temple, gently pressing both sides simultaneously.
  • Back track. With his shirt off, knead the area where his butt meets his spine, pushing firmly into his flesh with each stroke.
  • How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

    Every person, regardless of gender should know the secret of how to get rid of a pimple in one night at home without going to the doctor. It is easy if you know some simple treatments. It happens very often that when an important event is to come, a very big pimple appears right on your nose. Murphy’s Law, you might say. But scientists have proved that it is naturally reasoned. Before important events a person is nervous, he or she is under strong emotions, therefore hormones are released – and this is the best way to get a pimple. Of course body acne can appear at any other place of your skin, not necessarily noticeable for the others, but anyway being very unpleasant for you. In this case it is very useful to know how to treat acne. Information given here will enable you to get rid of back acne overnight or of any other acne type.

    How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

    Problem areas on your face cause a sense of insecurity and strong embarrassment when you have to communicate. Sometimes you would even prefer to avoid meeting with friends or cancel an important interview. But what to do you have an important meeting or an opportunity you’ve been waiting for the very long time? Is there any treat against acne? Do you have to refuse your chance or you may try to quickly remove acne from your face? One would say that the answer is obvious. But in order to clear acne you need to know why it appears.

    There are a lot of factors affecting the frequency of acne occurrence. Among them are stresses, hormonal changes in human body and unhealthy diet. Even heredity can cause pimples. These factors lead to excessive production of sebum. Sometimes your skin produces so much sebum and the amount of it grows so fast, that it clogs the ducts and they become inflamed. Often, girls and boys buy aggressive care products, wash themselves intensively, triggering by this a vicious circle – sebum is produced more and more as it is washed away. Inflammation occurs again and again. This can happen even to those who thoroughly take care of their skin. By the way, have not you noticed that getting rid of acne that has suddenly appeared is a hard task? But don’t be upset, there are ways of curing pimples overnight.
    Teenage acne disappears by itself after you reach 20-22 years. What to do, if you do not want to wait? You need to learn how to make pimples go away overnight. Therefore, if this morning you saw that you got a pimple on your face, just try to calm down at first. Take a deep breath and smile to yourself in the mirror, even if your face terrifies you. No need to shed tears and think that your life is over. Smile! Believe, this advice is not trivial – this optimistic procedure activates the release of specific hormones that inhibit inflammation and prevent the appearance of new inflammatory areas. In general, try to create a good mood every morning – it is an excellent treatment against acne! The result is guaranteed.
    Firstly you may think that the fastest ways to get rid of the hated pimple is by squeezing it. Don’t do that! You will just spread the infection further. In addition, doctors do not recommend to clear up pimples by yourself because of the risk of skin infection. The trick is in the right approach to acne extrusion and its subsequent processing. Correct actions can give you more or less clear skin within a short time.

    How to get rid of a pimple overnight

    Here is the useful instruction on how to get rid of a pimple overnight:
    • In order to get rid of acne overnight at home it is necessary to determine of what type it is. You may only squeeze headed pimples. This can be defined as follows: press down lightly around the areas of inflammation – if you feel pain, then, is not yet the right time. You will have to wait. Otherwise, instead of the little pimple you’ll get a huge swelling acne, or – in the worst case, the spread of infection;
    • If the pimple is ready, take a cotton pad, a magnifying mirror, alcohol or any other sanitizer for disinfection and provide good lighting. Wipe the sore spot with alcohol to reduce to a minimum the possibility of skin infection. Do the same to your hands;
    • Then gently push the core of a pimple, make sure you do not grip the surrounding skin. Forces which push the pus out must come from the bottom of the inflamed duct. In this way there won’t be any purulent debris left at the bottom of the pore;
    • Try to squeeze all the pus at once, in order not to injure the affected area by the repeated manipulations. Then treat the spot with some alcohol;
    • An hour later put some wound-healing remedies. If there are none, you can use salicylic alcohol. Take some remedy that removes toxins from your body. Otherwise they may reach the skin again, causing new inflammation;
    • On this day, it is a bad idea to use makeup as swelling subsides quickly;
    • There are some home remedies for acne. One of them is a lotion. You may need to use it at night to relieve redness. To make it, boil equal amounts of chamomile and celandine and apply the resulting decoction on the inflamed spot with a sponge for 10 minutes. You may also use ice cubes, pressing them against inflamed skin. And do not eat any products that are “dangerous” in terms of inflammation. They are candies, fat meat, sweet soft drinks, sausages and other “junk food”;
    • In the morning after washing with your usual means wipe your face with ice cubes. This will help to reduce the swelling. Now you can try to disguise the remaining traces of acne – apply healing cream or gel, depending on your preference and your skin type, then lightly powder the spot. If there is some redness left, you can use a green concealer, it is a good remedy to mask inflammation.
    Of course, this sequence of actions is intended for emergency cases. To reduce pimples or to cure them completely you can only by following the next recommendations:
    1. organize correctly your sleep and rest;
    2. normalize the way you eat;
    3. stay away from bad habits.
    This integrated approach will be more natural. You must not forget about vitamins, physical activity, and ecology. However, acne does not choose the place and time, which is why we must be able to remove pimples overnight. Anyhow, now you know how to get rid of pimples overnight. Try to be very careful and attentive performing the described procedure. Then you’ll be prepared for any situation – and find the way out as a winner, because no acne will hinder you.

    10 Secret Tips and Tricks for Google

    1. Google gravity :: Feel the effect of gravity on google. All page components will fall down due to gravity.
    To perform the trick of Google Gravity, just do the following:

    1. Visit http://www.google.com/ (not www.google.co.in or .uk or .au).
    2. Turn off the Google Instant Search ( From settings).
    3. Type in Google Gravity into the search box.
    4. Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    5. Move the mouse.
    Note:: i tried it but it doesnot work with IE but it works with MOZILLA and CHROME.
    2. Epic Google
    To perform the trick of Google Gravity, just do the following:
    1. Visit http://www.google.com/ (not www.google.co.in or .uk or .au).
    2. Turn off the Google Instant Search ( From settings).
    3. Type in Epic Google into the search box.
    4. Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    5. Move the mouse.
    6. Each component on the page will start growing bigger and bigger.
    3. Google Hacker
    To perform the trick of Google Gravity, just do the following:
    1. Visit http://www.google.com/ (not www.google.co.in or .uk or .au).
    2. Turn off the Google Instant Search ( From settings).
    3. Type in Google Hacker into the search box.
    4. Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    5. Move the mouse.
    6. Now we see :: How google will look if it was made by a hacker.
    4. Annoying Google
    To perform the trick of Google Gravity, just do the following:
    1. Visit http://www.google.com/ (not www.google.co.in or .uk or .au).
    2. Turn off the Google Instant Search ( From settings).
    3. Type in Annoying Google into the search box.
    4. Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    5. Move the mouse.
    5. Meaning Of Search For Google
    To perform the trick of Google Gravity, just do the following:
    1. Visit http://www.google.com/ (not www.google.co.in or .uk or .au).
    2. Turn off the Google Instant Search ( From settings).
    3. Type in search into the search box.
    4. Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    6. Loneliest Number

    1. Visit http://www.google.com/ (not www.google.co.in or .uk or .au).
    2. Turn off the Google Instant Search ( From settings).
    3. Type in loneliest number into the search box.
    4. Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    5. Move the mouse.

    7. Meaning Of Recursion
    Type Recursion in the search box and click on search button. You can notice Did You Mean: Recursion text on top of results and it is recursively linked to the same page.
    8. Google Loco
    Type Google loco in the search box and click on I’m feeling Lucky button.
    9. The number of horns on a unicorn
    Type number of horns on a unicorn in the search box and click on search button.
    10. Chuck Norris
    Type Find Chuck Norris in the search box and click on I’m feeling Lucky button. Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

    SEO And Internet Marketing Basics

    Internet Marketing is just a really scary way of saying “Promoting Your Blog To Get More Traffic.”
    When you start a new blog it’s unrealistic to expect that you’re going to become a marketing expert or that your blog will be #1 in Google with millions of hits per month. If that’s what you’re thinking, *sigh*…

    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    SEO is the practice of getting your blog to rank better in the search engines. There are many types of SEO, from the words in your posts to the way other sites link back to your site, and even making sure that the search engines can find the information on your site.
    Search engine companies spend a lot of time making sure that their results are relevant, useful, and accurate. What that means to you is that you need to make your blog’s content relevant, useful, and accurate.
    Want a successful blog? Your goal is very simple…
    Become a trusted source of high quality information for your readers.

    Top 3 Ways To Market Your Blog

    One of the best things that you can do to show the search engines that your blog is important is to promote yourself. That means getting your blog out there and sharing your posts with other people.

    In Content SEO

    In content SEO is structuring your posts and using the right words so that the post gets ranked in the search engines. The words we use and how we use them in our blog posts are critical components in our SEO strategy.

    Social Media

    Social media is here to stay, so if you’re not already active on social media sites, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy.

    Email List Building

    You may not think that having an email list is important, but it’s still the best way to share and communicate with your audience and time after time, when it comes to making money with your blog, the money is in the list.  So start building your list now.

    Change Your Life - If you are afraid

    According to one online dictionary, ‘life‘ is defined as:
    The condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.
    I particularly like the last sentence; “…the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.
    So simply put, living is about finding ways internally to deal with our external circumstances. But how many of us aren’t really living, but merely surviving? Do you find yourself waiting for things to change to make your life better – your partner, the economy, your job? Or do you make things change by first deciding to, then taking action to make it happen?

    I’m certainly guilty of waiting around for things to turn to my favour. I used to do that a lot – it didn’t get me anywhere. To be honest I still do it to some degree now, until I catch myself doing it and decide to grab life by the scruff of the neck and do something different.

    What I do isn’t as important as my intention to make a change. As long as I’m doing ‘something‘ to make a positive difference to my life. Sometimes I make a mistake. Sometimes what I do can make things worse for a while. But I know with enough positive intention eventually I’ll make changes in my life that actually make my life more rewarding.

    So if you’re waiting for something BIG to happen in your life, STOP. Get your thinking cap on and figure out just one thing that you can do to get the ball moving in a different direction.

    If you are afraid to let your creativity out…Watch:

    Superb interview between Marie Forleo and author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love).
    If you ever wanted to quit it all and throw yourself into that book project but were too afraid. Or you wanted to risk it all to start that business idea, but were worried you might lose it all.
    Elizabeth Gilbert saying it how it is and sounding like a breath of fresh air against all the ‘gurus’ who advocate “just follow your passion“.

    Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Pinterest

    5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Pinterest

    Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog?

    Pinterest has the ability to drive massive amounts of traffic to websites – this includes blogs. In fact Pinterest has become the highest traffic generator for some blogs. An example is Ana White’s carpentry blog where Pinterest is the top referring site, sending 6000 visitors a day.
    By implementing the right techniques to optimize your website for Pinterest and promoting yourself directly on the social network, you can also divert a lot of traffic to your blog. I have shared 5 effective techniques below that can help increase the traffic your blog receives through Pinterest

    1. Add Images to Your posts: The only way to make a post shareable on Pinterest is by adding an image or images to it. If there is no image on the post, it will not be pinnable. So add images to each and every post on your blog.

    Here are a few tips on using images to optimize your blog:-
    a) Image size should be a minimum of 80 X 80 Pixels: The minimum size of a pinnable image is 80 X 80 Pixels. An image can only be pinned if it is of this size or bigger. So make sure one or more images on your blog posts are of the minimum size (at least) to encourage people to share them. Of course there is a post on Kissmetrics that contradicts the minimum Pinterest image size, but just to be on the safe side make sure your images are at least 80 X 80 pixels.

    b) Create Unique Images:  One way to get more people to share your images is by creating unique ones. There are tons of images being shared on Pinterest everyday and if you want your images to be pinned and repined you need to make the extra effort to get them to standout. So create images that are different. This could be taking a good photo, great screenshots or designing quality images from scratch.

    c) Install the Pinterest Pin it button for Images: Pinterest Pin It button For Images is a Plugin for WordPress blogs. When you add, activate and set up the button on your blog a pin it button will appear on each and every image when you scroll over it. A similar effect can be found when you scroll over the images on a post on Brit+co. You will notice that a Pin It button will appear on the right corner of the image. This can encourage people to share the image. If you have a WordPress blog you should try out this button.
    For more tips on creating Pinterest friendly images check out how to create highly shareable Pinterest pictures for your business and creating Pinterest Images people love to share.

    ana white blog

    An example of a blog using images effectively is the one I mentioned earlier – Ana White’s blog. On each and every post on the blog there are several images that liven up the post. First, there are a few images of the finished product. This is followed by step by step illustrations on how to build the product.
    On one of her posts – Wall Kitchen Cabinet Basic Carcass Plan – you will notice that the post starts off with a few pictures of the cabinet and this is followed by step by step instructions and illustrations on how to build it from scratch. The post has more than ten pinnable images which makes it highly shareable on Pinterest.
    In a similar way make sure your posts are filled with several unique and high quality pictures and images.

    social media shares increase when add social share buttons

    2. Add the Pin It Button: According to this study by BrightEdge Technologies, web pages with share buttons are seven times more likely to be shared, than ones without. Therefore if you add the Pin It button to your blog posts, the chances of your post being pinned increases. And the more pins you get will lead to more traffic. This button can be manually added to each and every post or you can use the Digg Digg plugin (if your blog runs on WordPress). This plugin can help you automatically add the button to each and every post you publish.
    3. Invite Board Contributors: Another way to drive traffic to your blog is by adding board contributors. When you add several board contributors to your board and all of them together add a lot of content to it, it will attract a lot of board followers and fans. So when you pin an image from your blog onto the same board the board’s followers will help promote it by repining. This can help increase your blog traffic. For best results share blog posts from your blog and other sites on the same board instead of having separate boards.
    So spend some time identifying your most active fans and invite them over to join your boards.
    use curalate to track fans
    A great tool that can help you easily find your most active fans is Curalate. Using Curalate you can find out who your most active users are and see what they are sharing, both from your website and your brand page. You can also check what your most popular boards are. This information can then be used to invite Pinners who are enthusiastic about promoting your blog.
    4. Verify Your Website: When you verify your website your entire URL appears on the brand page and a tick mark appears beside. These two factors will make your website address more prominent than the usual tiny globe sign it is represented by. This can help increase the click through rate of the website address on your brand page and if you add and verify your blog’s URL it will automatically result in more blog traffic. To learn how to verify your website, check out this post.

    the next web pinterest page

    An example of a verified blog URL on a brand page is of The Next Web’s. As you can see the full URL of the blog, along with the red tick mark, gets it to standout on the brand page. This will get more people to notice it and will lead to more clicks which will increase their blog traffic. If you stick to your brand and pin images relevant to it, the traffic you receive should be quite interested in reading your blog’s content.
    5. Add your blog post URL to your description: Usually when someone wants to visit the source of the pin (website where it was pinned from) they have to click on the pin first, wait for it to enlarge and then visit the source which is usually located at the top of the pin or on the pin itself. This seems a little time consuming, doesn’t it.

    This process of finding the source can be simplified by adding the link to the description. This way they won’t even need to enlarge the pin, all they need to do is read the description and click on the link. As this is easier and faster, it should lead to more clicks on your pins.

    For this to work, always make sure you add the full URL and not a shortened one, as shortened ones in the description are quite often rejected as spam. To have an even stronger effect have a call to action that urges the reader to click on the link and check out the blog post.

    jo barnes pinterest

    Someone who does this really well is Jo Barnes. If you visit her board, Social Media Updates, you will notice that there are several pins which have live links that lead to the source. This makes it easy to visit the blog post and can be very effective in increasing blog traffic.
    Implement all the above techniques and you should see a rise in the blog traffic you receive from Pinterest.

    Why Joya Ahsan Banned in Bangladesh after RajKahini?

     Joya impressed everyone with her performance in Rajkahini

    Kolkata film audiences have been impressed by actress Joya Ahsan’s acting in the Rajkahini. Many positive remarks are being written on Facebook and blog about this flick. And in these posts they have been separately appreciated Jaya Ahsan performance.


    “Rajkahini” film criticism has been published in the Times of India online. Here they also praised the performance of Jaya. Separately has been mentioned an emotional scene with Jaya and Rudranil. Jaya has proven her acting skills in these small scenes.

    The film was released in theaters last Friday. Film Rajkahini has been done about the context of the 1947 partition by Srijit Mukherji.

    Joya said on Thursday she returns home. On her return, she will start work with autistic children in a film. The film will direct by Saiful Islam Mannu.

    Jaya Ahsan is now a familiar face to the people of Kolkata. She is enjoying a great time of Puja in Kolkata.

     Joya Ahsan Hot Sexy Photos, Joya Ahsan Rajkaini Video Clip, Joya Ahsan Nude Scene

    On the big screen, Ahsan had a special appearance in a film named Bachelor in 2004 which was directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. Ahsan 's first film was Nurul Alam Atik's debut film Dubshatar, English title: In Too Deep (2010).The film did not do well in box office but her performance was praised by critics. In the same year she acted in a thriller named Firey Esho Behula (2010) directed by Tanim Noor.

    In 2010-2011 she worked in Nasiruddin Yousuff’s big budget film Guerrilla based on the events of the Bangladesh Liberation War, an adaptation of the novel 'Nishiddho Loban' by Sayed Shamsul Huq which was released on April 14, 2011 in Bangladesh. It narrates the tale of Bilkis Banu played by Joya Ahsan, a freedom fighter, who actively participates in the Liberation War while searching for her lost husband. The film was a huge hit and ran over hundred days in many movie theaters around the country. This film won national awards in ten categories, including the best actress award for Joya Ahsan. After the success of this film, she shifted her focus into film industry.

    In the following year Ahsan worked on Chorabali which is an action thriller directed by Redoan Rony. The film was released in 2012. In which she portrayed 'Noboni Afroz', a journalist and won her second National Film Award for her performance. The film performed well in box office and declared as a hit.
    In 2013, Ahsan acted in an Indian Bangla film named Aborto directed by Arindam Sil She was nominated for the Filmfare Awards East for Best Debut Performance Female for her role in the film.

    In April, 2013 Jaya got official invitation to attend 66th Cannes Film Festival. In the same year Ahsan performed in Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini a Bangladeshi romantic film directed by Shafi Uddin Shafi. It was her first mainstream Bangladeshi film collaborated with Shakib Khan. Filming began on 4 August 2012 and was wrapped-up by June 2013. The film was released on 16 October 2013 of Eid al-Adha. Upon release, the film received positive reviews and was a huge box office success. The original production team announced plans to make a sequel Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini 2. The sequel has retained leads Shakib Khan and Jaya while Mamnun Hasan Emon and Mousumi Hamid is a new addition to the cast and is expected to release in October 2015.

    Ahsan started working in an action - science-fiction film named Parle Theka directed by Samurai Maruf in 2013-14 but the director stopped filming. The film became much anticipated film of the year for a video song called Jongoler daak which created somewhat of a buzz in the media when the work for the movie began few years ago. The shooting of the film began near the end of 2012 and even when 2015 rolled in, the shooting was not completed. In 2015, the film has been set to resurface and the shooting has begun again, but under a completely different name, with the title Mesidona.

    After one-year break Zero Degree was her following venture. The film was a psychological thriller written and directed by Animesh Aich and was released on 15 January 2015. The film was not a commercial success though it was critically acclaimed.

    In 2015, Jaya worked in three other Indian Bangla films- Rajkahini based on the 1947 East and west Bengal separation which is directed by Srijit Mukherji, Ekti Bangali Bhuter Golpo a horror film directed by Indranil Roychowdhury and Kantho directed by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukhopadhyay. Ekti Bangali Bhuter Golpo was set for a world TV premier in Kolkata on May 17 in ZEE Bangla Cinema. Rajkahini is scheduled to release on 16 October 2015.

    Jaya has signed up for a new Bangladeshi film. The actress will be seen as the lead character in director Mahmud Didar's upcoming film Beauty Circus. The shooting for the film is set to begin from November 2015 and the entire shoot will take place in the hilly areas.

    Joya Ahsan: Hot Queen of Bangladeshi Model

     Joya Ahsan The Hot Model from Bangladesh

    Along with her study Ahsan took a diploma course in Rabindra Sangeet and training in classical music. She first appeared on television when she performed in teledrama Panchami. She modeled for a calendar which caught the eye of Afzal Hossain, who later offered her work on a promotional advertisement of the soft drink Coca-Cola Afterwards she left modeling and continued with her studies. She joined a newspaper company, Bhorer Kagoj, a national daily of that time rekindling her interest in working in the media. After a brief stint at a children's school she returned to modeling. Then she worked in Giashuddin Selim’s Shongshoy. Besides media, Joya practices crafting and painting, which she demonstrated in art house productions like “Anechy Shurjer Hashi”

     Joya Ahsan Career:

    Having started her career as a model in the late 1990s, Ahsan has since worked in numerous television dramas and serials. Ahsan worked in Giashuddin Selim’s Shongshoy and later in Anechy Shurjer Hashi. Directors, among others, opine that one of the reasons behind her success is that she has always been selective about the plot and the character of the plays she was offered Ahsan's reputation as an actress was founded on the notable roles she played in Kuhok, Labonyo Probha, Horton-er Bibi, Shonkhobash, Hatkura and many more. She has won wide recognition among TV viewers for her role as Aaysha in Anechy Shurjer Hashi and Monika in Labonyo Probha. Her acting skills can be gauged in Toukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat's play Shonkhobash in which she played the role of Pushpo which was a bold character according to her. The role Jaya played in Hatkura added another chapter in her career as a performer. Set in the outskirts of a village in Rangpur District.

    The play was quite a challenge for her. “I had to learn the dialect of Rangpur for the role. Actually, I had never been to a village before that. And it was a completely new experience for me” she said. In 2010-2011 ongoing serial Choita Pagol aired on Channel i, Jaya played the role of Alta, who is also a rural woman. Jaya said “Alta is one of my favourite characters. I liked playing the role.” Her another outstanding performance in Nurul Alam Atik's Tarporo Angurlata Nondoke Bhalobashe also made her way to the top and cemented her position as an actress.

    She portrayed various characters in teledramas including Sixty Nine (69), Tevaga, Shahortolir Alo, Tarpor Paruler Deen, Amader Choto Nodi, Mayesha and many more. Her stunning performances one after one made her most popular leading actress and she became the highest paid actress in the television industry of Bangladesh.

    Please Continue Reading Joya Ahsan RajKahini Sex topic Related post

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