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Margarita Mamun is getting married

The Olympic champion received a marriage offer from beloved Alexander Sukhorukov. Previously, the couple had already hinted that they planned to start a family. The swimmer and gymnast meet for three years and soon legalize their relationship.
Gymnast Margarita Mamun, who won gold in individual all-around competition in rhythmic gymnastics at the Games in Rio de Janeiro, is going to get married. Her lover, swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov made a proposal to the girl during the Olympic ball. In front of all the guests present at the event, which took place in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh," the young man stood in front of the chosen one on one knee and presented her with a ring.
Touched by such a surprise, Margarita immediately agreed to become the wife of Alexander. They have been together for three years and have long planned to play a wedding, but the schedule of training and competition of athletes did not allow them to organize this serious event. "I'm in complete shock. I did not expect this to happen at the Olympic Ball. I dreamed about this moment ", - the gymnast reacted to the proposal of the hand and heart.
Alexander and Margarita try to spend their free time together. Young people travel a lot: during the last romantic trip the guys looked at Los Angeles, and also flew by helicopter over the famous Grand Canyon.
When Mamun only met her chosen one, her trainer Amina Zaripova worried that the girl's love would negatively affect her sports career. "When she met Sasha, I, like any mother, was terribly concerned and, frankly, jealous. I was looking for some kind of trickery in Sasha so that there was a reason to "explain" to Rita that she did not need all this. When Rita went to meet with Sasha, I just went crazy: where did she go, my girl? And then she took herself in hand, saying: this is her life, let her do what she wants, "said Margarita's mentor. Gradually, the woman realized that Sukhorukov was really worthy of such a chosen one as her ward.

During the speech, Mamun at the Olympics in Rio Alexander supported her from the stands. The young man persuaded the girl that she would succeed and also told Rita that she was the best. The swimmer is proud of his chosen one and her success in rhythmic gymnastics.

10 Ways to ask for super romantic wedding: how will yours be?

Every woman has ever imagined, at least once in her life, what her request for marriage would look like. Before the big moment of "yes, I accept," at the altar, the time of the application is one of the most exciting moments in the life of the couple. So we fantasized about the place, the moment, the ring, the words and everything that is involved at the moment. The important thing is that you do not lack romanticism and that it is meaningful to you.

10 Ways to ask for super romantic wedding: how will yours be?
So SolutionsBD brings you a list of 10 super romantic wedding engagement forms for you to get inspired!

1. With a flashmob

It is a form that is super trendy, especially in the United States. It does not matter if the guys dance well or not, the intention here is what counts. Attention, engaged, call your friends and think of a super choreography. With so much energy, it is impossible for the bride to say no.

2. On a beach in the light of the moon or during sunset

We already know that it is a classic, but it does not fail. May your love kneel as you walk hand in hand on the beach and take a ring out of your pocket, it is a magical experience that many have dreamed of living!

3. In your favorite city

While on a trip to your favorite city or the one you've always wanted to go to, it's the best excuse for him to ask you to marry,

4. With a band

A choir, violinists, opera singers, mariachis. If your love hires some kind of musical arrangement to make you the proposal, surely there will be no tears of emotion along with your response. Better yet if the cat composes and interprets the theme itself. Who does not remember that beautiful Heath Ledger scene, coming down from the college bleachers singing "I love you baby" in the movie 10 things I hate about you? To faint in the act!

5. At the movies

Imagine that at the time of the trailer, in a crowded movie theater, your boyfriend appears on the big screen and asks you to marry from there?

6. Chocolate Roulette

The idea is this. They give you a box of chocolates, and after eating, you find a piece of paper inside or even a ring inside the box. This fashion began to pick up after appearing in the movie "Forever," which deserves a place on the list of in love on duty.

7. In the same place where you met

The first encounter always has a special magic. Why not repeat the request of the marriage?

8. With a message in the mirror

Simple but very romantic, imagine your face of wonder if you go to a hotel (this always makes everything chicer) and he previously wrote a statement in the mirror? Beautiful!

 9. Designing lights in a building

It is another of the shocking requests that made success on Youtube. You are walking down the street with your boyfriend, and suddenly the lights of a completely erased building light up and blink until you reach one: do you want to marry me? Giant. Impossible to resist!

10. Written in the air, on the beach or in the field

A message in the sky is fantastic, writing on the sand of the beach, in a tree, can be very original! Worth even newspaper and banner ad on the doorstep! Gabriel and Carol are a couple who have made the website and wedding list on SolutionsBD and the request was amazing, just like that!

What You Should Know Before Having Sex

What activities with another person are considered to be sexual?
Sex with another person involves playing with the genitals and often lead to the orgasm of one or (ideally) both partners. There are two broad categories of shared reports:

Oral love, where there is a contact between the mouth and the genitals;
Penetration ratios, in  which one part of the body (fingers or penis) is introduced into a part of the partner's body, other than the mouth (the vagina or anus)

What You Should Know Before You Have Sex
Tip: If the activities you are carrying have a risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), they are likely to be sexual in nature. Read on to learn how to protect yourself while having fun.

How to react if you worry about sex?

It is part of the discovery of new experiences and new people. You may feel embarrassed, embarrassed or anxious about your performance in bed. As with any new situation, allow yourself time to learn and adapt.


  • During a sexual relationship, you have the right at any time to change your mind and stop.
  • It is always good to ask the other person how she feels before, during and after this experience and discussing it.
  • Your first time will probably not be your best, and that's normal.

What questions do you ask before your first time?

Having sex with another person can cause a lot of new reactions, so it's important that you feel ready. It might be good to ask you some questions before your first time and discuss it with the other. For example:

  • Why do you want to have sex?
  • What are your expectations about sex?
  • What do you feel when you think about sex?
  • Do you believe that this will change your relationship with the other?
  • Are you making the right choice for you, right now?
  • Did you ask for advice from an adult you trusted?

How do you know if you are both ready?

The following list will help you determine if you are ready to take action:

  • We talked openly and honestly about sex, about our feelings about it and about what we want.
  • You talked about safe sexual practices, and you have what it takes to protect yourselves.
  • I know what I want, and I do not feel uncomfortable about sex.
  • We talked about our limitations and our right to refuse, we are both comfortable talking about it and respecting the limits of the other.
  • I'm excited, and I have a taste.
  • The other person made it clear to me that she was excited and had the taste.
  • We both asked for and obtained consent from the other.
  • None of us has pressured the other to force him to act.
  • I assume my emotions, my gestures and my expectations about the situation.
  • If I feel the need, then I can talk to someone I trust.

Is it normal to feel shame or embarrassment?

It takes a lot of courage to surrender to the other during a sexual act. If you feel embarrassed or ashamed, it could mean you're going too fast. If you do not feel comfortable, respect yourself and wait a little longer.

Sometimes shame comes from an impression that something is wrong with you or your feelings. Your body might want something when you want something else. For example, it could be the case if you feel an internal conflict because your parents have inculcated a negative view of homosexuality, but you feel attracted to members of the same sex as you.

If you feel shame or embarrassment, talk to someone you trust. Our speakers can also help you sort out your feelings.

What if you do not have any experience in this area?

You're not the only one. All teenagers, regardless of their gender identity, are concerned about their lack of experience! Remember that:

It's all new so it can be scary! With time, the embarrassment will disappear but for now, say that it is not the end of the world.
You already know a lot of nice stuff about dating and sex, even simple things like mounting a repertoire of seductive songs and kissing. Take pleasure and try new things when you feel ready.

Talking to each other about how you both feel is good. It's reassuring to talk about your fears, and this can help you step back.
If you are concerned about not having a partner, focus on your qualities and the wonderful love life that is waiting for you. Lis Charlie's story

How to become a better lover?

Being a teenager means learning to do things that will seem perfectly natural to you when you grow up. Becoming a real lover is like learning to drive. It takes a little time and to become good, you have to know the basics:

Practice: The best way to get good in bed is to practice, but not just by having sex: by flirting and chatting, kissing, squeezing and caressing the other person. This is a good way to get ready for reconciliation, and there is no better way to discover what you like. If something does not work, move on.

Communicate your intentions: Quality sex requires quality communications. It is always better to ask for permission before trying anything new. Make sure the other person is having a real time. In movies, it sometimes seems that a mild music and deep sighs are enough for sex to be good, but in reality, you have to talk to each other and get the other's consent at every stage of the relationship.

Be aware of the other's wishes: Maybe you think you have to take the controls in bed and do what seems to be good, but for sex to be enjoyable, both people have to be enthusiastic about it. Consider the feelings of the other, inquire about his desires and make sure that you both have pleasure in asking the other for his consent. The trick to being good in bed is to give pleasure to his partner.

What if you do not feel ready, but everyone talks about sex?

It is always good to sound your heart in a given situation, especially if it is new. Young men may feel social pressures on the sexual behavior they have to adopt, such as sending sexts, sleeping with girls or practicing oral sex or penetration. So you might feel that there is no room for doubt and that you must absolutely be ready. If so, you will feel like a ball of nervousness in the pit of the stomach, or hesitation.

If a sexual act (even if it seems appreciated by all) makes you uncomfortable, ask why. Be attentive to your feelings, trust your instinct and only give yourself to acts with which you are at ease.

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