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7 Ways to Keep Your Sexual Chemistry Alive

Believe it or not, good sex depends more on proper communication with your partner, than sexual positions that are known. Find out.
Regardless of whether the issue is enormous or little, there are numerous things you can do to recover your sexual coexistence on track. Your sexual prosperity runs as one with your general mental, physical, and enthusiastic wellbeing. Speaking with your accomplice, keeping up a solid way of life, benefiting yourself of a portion of the numerous astounding self improvement materials available, and simply having a ton of fun can help you climate extreme circumstances.

7 Ways to Keep Your Sexual Chemistry Alive
Why is our sex life not as good as we would like? While there is no medical problem involved, the answer usually has to do with our attitude towards eroticism and other aspects of our relationship as trust and communication.

Many marriages are frustrated because their intimate encounters are no longer satisfactory and seek to solve it by trying new positions or some other tricks that do not give results. The truth is that sex in a stable couple depends on the connection between the two people and the overall situation of their relationship, rather than superficial or technical aspects.
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Are you going through a bad time in your sex life? Pay attention to these tips and reflect on the real reasons why sex with your man has stopped satisfying you.

Getting a charge out of a delightful sexual coexistence

Sex. The word can bring out a kaleidoscope of feelings. From affection, energy, and delicacy to aching, tension, and frustration—the responses are as differed as sexual encounters themselves. Besides, individuals will experience every one of these feelings and numerous others over the span of a sexual coexistence traversing a very long while.

What is sex, truly?

On one level, sex is simply one more hormone-driven real capacity intended to propagate the species. Obviously, that slender view thinks little of the intricacy of the human sexual reaction. Notwithstanding the biochemical powers at work, your encounters and desires help shape your sexuality. You're comprehension of yourself as a sexual being, your musings about what constitutes a wonderful sexual association, and your association with your accomplice are enter considers your capacity to create and keep up a satisfying sexual coexistence. 

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Conversing with your accomplice

Many couples think that its hard to discuss sex even under the best of conditions. At the point when sexual issues happen, sentiments of hurt, disgrace, blame, and disdain can end discussion inside and out. Since great correspondence is a foundation of a solid relationship, building up a discourse is the initial step to a superior sexual coexistence, as well as to a nearer enthusiastic bond. Here are a few tips for handling this touchy subject. 
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Locate the perfect time to talk

There are two sorts of sexual discussions: the ones you have in the room and the ones you have somewhere else. It's consummately proper to tell your accomplice what feels great trying to lovemaking, yet it's best to hold up until you're in a more nonpartisan setting to examine bigger issues, for example, confused sexual craving or climax inconveniences.

Good sex begins before taking off clothes. 

As long as you consider sex as an asylum activity of your relationship, you will continue to live a fragmented and incomplete sexuality. The desire for your partner depends on what happens during all those minutes, hours and days that precede sex when they are not naked.

Take responsibility for your sexual pleasure. 

Do not expect your partner to make the orgasm or to promote eroticism between you. Sometimes women do not take the initiative we should and leave everything to them. Discover your sexual needs: what you want, what you like, what you want to experience; Dare to ask for what you need. This will give your relationship a beautiful intimacy that will allow them to enjoy both freely.

Do not let sexual intercourse become routine. 

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, look for new places to have sex, more pleasurable positions, roles and sexual games. At this point there are no limits, remember that as long as they do not hurt anyone, everything is worth. Just do not make the mistake of believing that this is the main reason for your dissatisfaction. Usually, boredom has a deeper origin.
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Do not bring problems to bed.

It surprises the large number of couples who ignore this recommendation, quite evident. The result is that sexual activity becomes a struggle for power. If you lead a life full of stress and problems with your partner, this will be reflected when they have sex. Sometimes, the difficulties become so many that the intimacy becomes stormy and even violent. Always discuss and resolve their conflicts before undressing, doing otherwise will only make things worse.

Be realistic. 

If you expect all your sexual encounters to be excellent, you will live in constant frustration. It is true that we always have to seek maximum pleasure, but not all experiences are equally satisfying because circumstances change. The fatigue or the stress of either of them can cause that the sex does not make them touch the stars. Do not be angry or reproached; you will have the opportunity to try again and again and again. 

sex satisfaction process
how to satisfy my husband during my periods
how to make your man happy in bed tips
how to satisfy my husband sexually during pregnancy
how to enjoy sex for longer time
how to keep my husband sexually satisfied
how to make a woman sexually satisfied

Cramping During and After Sex: Likely explanations of Cramping After Intercourse

It is normal that during the sex we live different sensations, because speaking directly, we have another being in our body. There are numerous things that can bring about a ladies to experience torment or cramping after sex. Some are more genuine than others. 
However, there are signs of alarm that we should not miss, such as the one experienced by a reader of SolutionsBD Site.

Why do I have cramps during and after sex?

It is normal for ladies to experience torment or cramping after sex in the early phases of a pregnancy, and particularly after a climax/orgasm. At the point when climaxes happen, they cause gentle uterine compression. These constrictions can feel simply like menstrual spasms.
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Cramping During and After Sex: Likely explanations of Cramping After Intercourse
The 26-year-old woman described that she has long had very painful cramps during and after penetration, something that previously did not happen to her.

To this, the gynecologist Sudeshna Patra responded that we are several girls who can feel this kind of colic during the sex, and the reasons can be several.

For example, when the penis hits the wall of the cervix, there is likely to be a pain. This comes after a vigorous encounter.

You may also feel discomfort in your bladder when it is full, so Patra recommends urinating before and after the encounter.

However, it warns the young woman that it could be something more complicated, such as an infection in the cervix or a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
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Therefore, your advice and ours are that if you have colic during and after sex go with your specialist.

Why do I have torment while engaging in sexual relations?

Excruciating sex in ladies. Ladies can encounter torment amid or after sex, either in the vagina or more profound in the pelvis. Torment in the vagina could be brought on by: a contamination: thrush or a sexually transmitted disease (STI, for example, chlamydia, gonorrhea or genital herpes.

What causes stomach torment after intercourse?

It is created by the normal sexually transmitted disease, known as chlamydia, and less generally the STD gonorrhea. Having PID causes aggravations, which gradually, yet always harm the uterus dividers and the fallopian tubes. These strange procedures for the most part bring about cramping or stomach torment after intercourse.

Why do you seep after intercourse?

Reasons for seeping after sex. Seeping after sex can be an indication of a wellbeing condition: a contamination, for example, pelvic incendiary illness (PID), or a sexually transmitted disease (STI, for example, chlamydia. vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis) brought on by lessened vaginal discharges after the menopause. 
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Why do I drain while engaging in sexual relations?

This sort of draining is generally agonizing. At long last, seeping from the cervix in view of shallow broken veins is a typical reason for dying. This draining for the most part does not mean much either. On the off chance that you have never had a PAP spread, then I would be worried that this draining could be an indication of cervical disease.

What causes seeping after intercourse in menopause?

After menopause, vaginal decay (atrophic vaginitis) or different conditions related with vaginal dryness are the probably reasons for vaginal seeping after sex, however it could likewise be brought on by other, more genuine conditions. Causes appeared here are normally connected with this indication. 
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Likely explanations of Cramping After Intercourse

There are numerous things that can bring about a ladies to experience torment or cramping after sex. Some are more genuine than others.


Endometriosis frequently causes torment or cramping after sex. This condition happens when uterine tissue becomes outside of the uterus where it doesn't have a place. Once in a while, the tissue will develop on the ovaries. Like the tissue is in the coating of your uterus, it will thicken and in the end shed (or drain). Since the blood doesn't have a simple approach to leave the body, it can get to be distinctly caught and cause a lot of agony. Ladies with endometriosis regularly encounter menstrual-like spasms, however no period.

Ladies with endometriosis encounter incapacitating torment amid their periods to the point where it upsets their lives. Furthermore, on the grounds that the tissue is becoming strangely outside of the uterus, ladies can likewise encounter torment amid sex.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Ladies with pelvic fiery malady, or PID, can likewise encounter cramping after sex. PID can be brought about by chlamydia, an exceptionally regular STD, and now and again, gonorrhea.

At the point when PID happens, the fallopian tubes and uterus get to be distinctly aggravated, which can bring about torment after sex and amid different circumstances e.g. now and then it occurs after period.

Fibroids or Cysts

Fibroids are exceptionally basic in ladies. These are favorable, or non-harmful, tumors that frame on the uterus. Growths can likewise shape on the ovaries. Both of these conditions can bring about torment and cramping after sex. Fibroids can likewise bring about substantial seeping amid periods and seeping in the middle of periods.

Numerous ladies encounter extreme cramping after a sore burst. Now and again, issues can keep going for a few days and be joined by bloating.

Fibroids and sores are the most well-known reasons for cramping after sex. While they are for the most part innocuous, it's critical to see your specialist in the event that you are encountering torment. Pimples and fibroids might be expelled by specialists to reduce torment later on.


For a few ladies, climaxes can bring about extreme cramping in the lower stomach zone. A few ladies may encounter torment in their bottoms. Cramping can last anyplace between a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.

Difficult climaxes have a tendency to be most basic in ladies between the ages of 35 and 55. Ladies who are at or close menopause might probably encounter this.

3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sex Life [ways to have better sex]

Learning the ways to have better sex is actually improve your married life. You can read 10 Tips for Longer Lasting Sex: How to Do more Sex. Learn how to make your sex more interesting and improve sex stamina naturally. Here are simple ways to have better sex before marriage or after wedding.

You just have to follow the following tips to improve your sex life. The truth is that women seldom have our mind on one thing.
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Between work, school, boss, children, friends, super, clothes, dog, Pepito birthday ... it is very easy for us to be distracted at the least appropriate times.

Dr. Helen Fisher explains that the "distraction" of women is associated with estrogen and the way it marks differences in the architecture of men and women. Since our brain has longer connections, which means that more information is taken Of more places in the brain at the same time, which can cause us to become distracted.
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3 Tips on finding ways to have better sex

It is important that we concentrate girls since it has been proven that when we do, our levels of excitement and sexual satisfaction are much higher, and who would not want that?

Recognize Distraction

Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that people often have non-erotic thoughts during intercourse. Has not it happened to you that you are in the sexy business with your boy while kissing you in that place that bristles your skin... when you remember that you have to go to pay the cable or that you have a meeting in the morning? Do not feel bad, it is more common than you think.

So how do we solve it? Oddly enough, recognizing the distraction. If you suddenly remember that you did not do this or that thing, know it and then save the idea in space to solve when you finish having sex. In this way do not repress the slope, just put it aside, then deal with it.

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Do not stress your body

Do not stop thinking if you shaved your bikini area well? Or if in that position your body wears a strange roll in the back? If you see the double chin? If your shoulders are too broad? Your fat feet? Your big nose?

Bad bad bad. These concerns only have two consequences: You will try to hide your "defects," which will cause you to become distracted which will make it more difficult for you to focus on the pleasure of the moment. If you are too aware of your body, you can always wear a nice and sexy babydoll, light some candles and enjoy the pleasure of being with the person you like.

Surprising research at Emory University found that men are more likely to look at a woman's face during intercourse. The researchers found it curious, as they thought that people would be inclined to see first the breasts or the genitals. However, when the men were asked why they saw the face first, they replied that they wanted to know if the woman was enjoying it.

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Do not change position

There is a time for acrobatic sex, but on the days that you feel more dispersed, it is important that you become present, a critical component to achieving orgasm. If you have a position where you are comfortable, relaxed and that you like more choose it and stay in it.

Instead of shifting abruptly, which can take away passion from the moment, maintain a rhythm and position. According to Dr. Debby Herbenick, it is not very clear why, but the continuous movements, help us to ignore the exterior distractions and allows us to focus on the sensation of the moment.

Get Paid As A Freelancer Or Online Seller With Payoneer

Get Paid As A Freelancer Or Online Seller With Payoneer
Whether you are a new rising star or an experienced veteran, one of the hardest challenges self-employed freelancers and online sellers experience is how to get your hard earned cash, in hand. If you are hitting roadblock when it comes to getting paid, don’t worry…there are solutions out there!
I am a freelancer looking to expand my clientele. What are my options?

1. Freelance marketplaces: are a simple way to expand your freelance career by connecting with clients around the globe. Not only do freelancers experience literally a world of work opportunity, clients gain access to a talented pool of professionals to meet their business objectives. There are additional advantages for working with a known online freelance platform:

    Exposure: The more projects a freelancer successfully completes, the more ratings you receive. Positive reviews mean more credibility and lots of future work opportunities.
    Simplicity: Your clients don’t need to worry about how to pay you. Currency conversions, wire transfers, and fees can deter many companies from working with international freelancers, however, Payoneer partners directly with thousands of companies so you can start earning immediately.
    Growth: We work with the biggest freelance marketplaces in the industry: Fiverr, 99Designs, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour…to name just a few. You can work with as many of these companies as you like, and receive payments all in one place…so you can focus on growing your business.

Get Paid As A Freelancer Or Online Seller With Payoneer

2. Sell services on a website: Freelance marketplaces aren’t the only way to go for freelancers. With larger companies, busy professionals often prefer to hire you first (so they can report back to their supervisor and say that the project is under way), and then talk over the details later.  The ease of buying services direct from a website it thus very appealing, not to mention that clients find it harder to back out once payment goes through…score for you!

Now, there’s just one problem with this – most e-commerce platforms developers and payment gateways seem to have forgotten about folks offering services rather than products. For many of these platforms, receiving payment is simple, whether it’s via credit card or even PayPal…it’s getting the money in your pocket that gets complicated.Not all payment processors work in all countries, to start.  And, those that do don’t always offer the most convenient or cost effective solutions, so studying the available payment options can help reduce the amount of headache you may go through when creating your website. Click here to learn more about selecting the right payment processor for your business.
I am an online seller looking to grow my business. What are my options?

1. eCommerce marketplaces: Unless you have your own product line or a ton of resources to try lots of different options, most sellers look to marketplaces to build an ecommerce business. Today, when a seller looks for a way to sell goods online, the first thing that they look for is a credible site that consumers will trust. While this is important, not all ecommerce sites offer a convenient and reliable way to access your funds.

    Reach: Building a loyal customer base can be a time-consuming, lengthy process. With marketplaces, there’s already an existing network of shoppers ready to purchase
    Automated Fulfillment: You don’t always have to hold you inventory on-hand, especially if you’re selling on Amazon. With Amazon, there’s the option to have your inventory ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’. This means you don’t have to incur the fees of holding and shipping inventory to customers.
    Increased Sales Across Channels: On average, sellers with a personal ecommerce website who also have a single marketplace make 38% more revenue than those who don’t sell on marketplaces. Those who have two marketplaces make 120% more revenue. This means more room for retailers to expand and grow their business.
    Existing Framework: Marketplaces don’t just offer an existing network of customers to tap into, they also offer an existing framework for selling. Sellers can leverage the existing marketplace infrastructure to quickly get setup and start selling immediately anywhere in the world, as opposed to spending extra money and time in setting up their own shopping cart solution.

If you are working on marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada, Wish, or others, you can easily receive funds directly to Payoneer.

2. eCommerce website: If you are using an ecommerce platform like Shopify, BigCommerce, or others, you will need to select a payment processor that allows you to easily withdraw your funds to your bank account. Click here to learn more about selecting the right payment processor for your business.
I want to work with international companies, but I don’t work with marketplaces and I don’t sell goods/ services on my own website.  How do I get paid?

Payoneer has two simple ways to receive fast, secure and low cost payments:

1. Billing service: Whether you are a freelancer, affiliate marketer, professional or business owner, offer your clients a quick and easy method to pay you with Payoneer’s Billing Service. Simply request a payment directly from Payoneer and with just a click of the mouse, your clients can pay you online using their credit card or company bank account.

2. Global Payment Service: Gain access to several international receiving accounts, allowing your global clients to easily send payments in their currency, as if you had a local bank account! Currently, the Global Payment Service supports payments from commercial companies in the United States (USD), Europe (EUR) and the United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (GBP). Stay tuned for even more currencies in the near future!

Bonus* Do you need to pay an employee, team member, supplier, or contractor? Pay just about anyone, simply by entering their email address, the payment amount, and the reason for the payment.

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