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Some of My Personal Top Favorites

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there would be little hope of advance.
Orville Wright
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Zen Proverb
In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.
Galileo Galilei
Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creatures of man.
Benjamin Disraeli
You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life
Winston Churchill
Play for more than you can afford to
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Winston Churchill
Patience and the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.
Chinese Proverb

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Oh, I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
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All new Dhaka Uni call girl/ Friendly Girl / Flirt talk girl / Lover Girls number here... Check and keep your eyes regular.. Make comment.

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Dhaka University Girls Mobile Number

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Naznin sultana Toma : 01937428268 / 01681188060
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they are in Primeasia University.
Mim 23 from dhaka...01722866262 call me only after 12.30 at night. plz don't call me before this time. I AM HOT uni student...

bangladeshi sexy girl phone number list

Tamanna 01913005566

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shopna 01911171296

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Mou 01925978841

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ononna 01922315265

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Chandana: 01737195125

Jannat. Mob : 01724788583
Abonte Age:18 +880191789229
Aiote Nahar Age:18 +880191935325
Bepasa Age:19 +880191571538 +8801718056114
Bonny Age:19 +880158319502
Borsha Age:19 +8801717427579
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The second I walked into this place I bumped into another girl. we excused ourselves, smiled at each other, and walked away. So could you believe my shock when this same girl got called up and introduced on the stage 

  201 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 255-2742 
 First of all, really gross in there.  Felt like I might get a disease from sitting on the seat.  Secondly, three song breaks between girls.  *yawn*    Thirdly, they almost wouldn't let one of us in, because they had 
980 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102
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 These girls are amazing.  Book in advance and ask for Abby or April (although I bet they would also make something work on short notice).  These lovely ladies will definitely brighten up your party.  
Amazing attitude 
San Francisco, CA 94102
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was one girl who looks mixed who worked the pole really well. A lot of my friends got booty slapped or iono what you call it when the girls put their legs on ur shoulder and grab and pull your head towards their naughty  

552 Broadway St
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3.5 stars but rounding up.  After showing up 1.5 hours early for my dinner reservation, I decided to find a divey-er bar to save money.  1 $15 martini or 2 $8 martini's ... you do the math.    I had some drink called
1750 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109
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and the guys were surprisingly  not acting like pigs. LOL..  I dont remember the names of the private rooms...but the girls were pretty creative with their dances...if u call them dance.  You can choose the girl
895 O'Farrell St
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for a GREAT time.  Girls are fun and non-pushy - but the "class" level has gone to zero.   it is not the fault of the girls but of incompetent management that will sacrifice short term gains (maybe) for brand name…  

1031 Kearny St
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India vs South Africa: Match as it happened

23:08 (IST) MS Dhoni post-match talk

A bit disappointed but not because of the cricket. We could have won the Australia game but for the rain! We cannot have control over what other teams are performing! I am proud that the boys did well when I look back at the tournament!

We could have done better and put up more runs sometimes! We were three down, four down at the end of 7-8 overs some days but overall quite happy!About Zaheer's bowling - I personally felt that we could defend the first six and attack later! Not to forget that we had one part-timer! That was the reason R Ashwin came in later in the match!About the format - We have not really clicked as a team in bowling, batting and fielding! When you play top sides, all things have to click! I am though happy with the performance!
I am blaming the rain for the Australia game.

 South Africa did not win a single match in super-eights but played their best when India required anything but that!

Pakistan exit from WT20 trigger 'sack coach, captain' calls

Karachi: Pakistan's semi-final exit from the ICC World Twenty20 has triggered an avalanche of criticism against captain Mohammad Hafeez and coach Dav Whatmore with several former cricketers demanding the duo's sacking.

Pakistan were sent packing by Sri Lanka in the semi-final last night and former Test captains and internationals have slammed the decision of not playing experienced all-rounder Abdul Razzaq and the captaincy of Hafeez.

"I don't think Abdul Razzaq has been treated fairly and given the respect he deserves as a senior player with many match winning performances to his credit," former Test leg-spinner Abdul Qadir said.

"There was no way you could go into the semi-final without Razzaq after the way he performed against Australia. Unfortunately the truth is he has never been treated properly by team managements and we paid the price today," Qadir said.

He said the team management also made blunders in the batting order.

Pakistan's former captain and batsman Younis Khan, who is appearing as an expert on a channel, said Mahela Jayawardene led his team very well in a low-scoring match and it was his astute captaincy that won the hosts the match.

"He batted well and he captained well and I thought that was the difference between the two sides."

Younis also felt that Imran Nazir had not done his chances of remaining in the team any good by scoring on an average 20 to 25 runs.

"When you score 20 to 25 than you will always be in and out of the team," he said.

Former captain Aamir Sohail, however, came to Hafeez's defence by insisting that people should be patient with him as this was his first major tournament as captain.

But he felt the team management should have played Asad Shafiq from the first match itself.

"He (Asad) is your most composed and technically sound player and he should have been in the team in this tournament where pitches were such that one had to bat sensibly instead of trying big hits all the time," Sohail said.

Pakistan's former captain Zaheer Abbas said Hafeez had taken some bad decisions, one of them being to leave out Razzaq and not try Kamran Akmal as an opener.

"The batsmen didn't play according to the situation and pitch conditions. I thought 140 was gettable in the match but the application was missing and Hafeez got out at a very crucial time he should have finished off the game," Zaheer said.

Zaheer said the Pakistan Cricket Board needs to think ahead what it wants to do for future tours and tournaments. Another former captain Rashid Latif said as usual the team had performed inconsistently just when it was close to the final.

"They could have got to 140 on this pitch but the management needed to take some bold decisions which they didn't take. In contrast Sri Lanka used their batsmen very well and rotated them well."

Former Test batsman Basit Ali had no doubt that Shahid Afridi now needed to retire and focus on playing foreign T20 leagues.

"I think he should retire now because he was a big disappointment in the tournament. Hafeez also made a blunder by insisting on opening the innings throughout the tournament. He spoilt the momentum of the team."

Pakistan's former Test player and coach Mohsin Khan said it was disappointing that Pakistan lost a match it should have won after restricting Sri Lanka to 140 runs.

"I felt there was lack of understanding between the captain and management and players and if it is true that Hafeez unilaterally insisted on playing Sohail Tanvir today than he should be questioned and so should the management," he said.

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aazke ekta pic tag kore post disen eka ki konno vodro manusher kaz,apner kase tho mone hoy friend hishabe meyerai hoite pare , er baire j manush manusher friend hote pare,ta aapner zana nai, zanle eta tag korte parten na,apne tu musolman na hoile a rozar din emon pic tag korten na,

Beautiful Pakistani Girl From Dubai UAE ( Call Girl Number )

Anam Batool is a pretty hot Pakistani girl. She is pure Urdu speaking desi girl. She born in Dubai. And also living in Dubai, UAE. Anam is most precious girl who love to work in multinational companies of Arabs and like to engage her self with groups of professionals in telecoms industry. This dubai girl have modern ideology about work and team. She thinks that working in team make you more passionate to learn new things with joint environment. About her personal life, she said; she love all good boys, “It is very funny, but true”. Here GOOD BOYS means act obedient and be loyal, honest and love with her. She thinks that she deserve this kind of boyfriend who always make her happy. As being Dubai girl and Desi UAE girl Anam have learn so much from the global market. So you must be informative person before talk to her.


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The tale of Arab girl that grew up in America, usually a first generation where her family pride themselves on hard work, pursuit of Happiness, large families, and respectable daughters. Thus, you know there is the family pressure is entirely on the female, while the boys of the family are released into the wilderness. She is attractive, natural conservative and sometimes occasionally politically liberal. She likes to always remind you that she was raised on the same values her cousins in the old country are raised with. She likes to say “From the way we raised, you think we were living in Amman” She might wear the Hijab, but not always. She rolls her eyes when she sees what she calls a slutty Arab chick and loves to rant about it afterward. Also by saying “Ana Bint Arab” she kind of tell you to come to her home and talk to the “boss”, if you are interested. Online dating and friendship is not permitted–at least officially, she is a virgin, a real one. She is attractive and she is authority on the stuff she is interested in. But on most subjects she goes along to get along.

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I am a very loyal, loving, caring and giving person. I love to have fun no matter what I’m doing, always making the best of any situation. I work full time, and when I’m not working, I’m spending time with family, friends, or reading a book. I like to be music, and will try almost anything at least once. I’m looking for a Woman who knows who she is, and what she wants.

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19.Tamanna01913346352Eden Hostel a Thake
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24.Shaila Eamen01671839171HOT ITEM....
30.Toma Khulna0191837706201918788411  Pream korar kotha bolla hoba na valo friendship korta hoba tarpor ja khusi korta paro no problem


Mig33 Coache Program (Updated)

Hi migLovers!
The mig33 team is proud to introduce the pioneers of our COACH program.
As part of this program, the mig33 team will carefully select userswho are active in welcoming new users to mig33 and helping them with their journey. We’re also on the lookout for users who have good rapport with others, are super passionate about mig33, and know everything about mig33!
Selected coaches will receive special training from our Management, help users to learn and use mig33’s fun features, learn to make new friends, play games and have loads of fun while doing it!
Updated List of Coaches (Including the New Batch of Coaches & excluding Coaches who became Admins)
1. khabila_shordar
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Note that the program is not by application, but through selection by the Management.

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