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Drink right this New Year's eve

Perhaps the best loved health studies of all time are the ones that tell us that a little bit of judicious drinking goes a long way in maintaining good health.

But as New Year's Eve 2012 ushers in a world of food, fun and laughter, we know that moderation isn't what you seek. On the other hand, would you love us any lesser, if we told you there were a few smart tricks you could employ to ensure that alcohol brings just fun and no other dismal friends to the party? Here's Dr. Simran Saini, Weight Loss Management Consultant at Fortis Hospital, as she reveals these tricks on how to drink right this New Year's Eve!

First, a little reminder: Moderate use is usually defined as between one to two drinks a day. Moderate drinking promotes a feeling of well being and reduces stress. It is noted that drinking the right quality of alcohol in the right amount prevents coronary diseases. It also helps reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular conditions. It even improves our bowel movements and prevents mood swings, but only in moderation.

Know what you're ordering: A standard drink is a notional drink that contains a specified amount of pure alcohol. The standard drink is used in many countries to quantify alcohol intake. It is usually re-expressed as a measure of beer, wine, or spirits for convenience. For example in the United States, a "standard" drink is any drink that contains about 0.6 fluid ounces or 14 grams of "pure" alcohol.

Healthy alcohol choice #1. Light beer: Beer is a blend of barley and hops and thus, it is healthy. Light beer is reduced in alcohol content or in calories, compared to regular beer and has some nutritional value too. Light beer contains less than 100 Calories in a 12 ounce serving.

Healthy alcohol choice #2. Red wine: Polyphenols and Flavonoids in red wine have a positive effect on your body. They are excellent antioxidants and have free radical scavenging property. Thus they lower total cholesterol and blood pressure, lessen risks of cancer, stimulate the immune system, and have anti-bacterial properties. An ounce of red wine is just 20 calories.

Healthy alcohol choice #3. White wine: White wine, which is made from the pulp of grapes but not the skin, is also a healthy option as there are studies to show it prevents respiratory disorders. It again has around 20 calories in one ounce.

Healthy alcohol choice #4. Whiskey: Whiskey is a grain-derived alcohol that is created by fermenting rye, barley, wheat or corn. People drink the different varieties of whiskey, and if taken in small amounts such as just one drink a day it helps in preventing the onset of dementia, diabetes and blood clots. It has 60 Calories in one ounce.

Healthy alcohol choice #5. Flower liquor: There are certain drinks mostly in the west cultures of France where liquors were made with distilled alcohol comprising of certain flowers and medicinal herbs. These alcohols have different properties or benefits depending on the components used.

Smart drinking tip #1. Know your limit: It is advised to have only a drink or two to the most in one day. One drink would count as 30 ml. Do not exceed this limit.

Smart drinking tip #2. Eat healthy food while you drink: It is particularly good to eat high protein foods such as those with cheese, fish, which help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system. Try to take your drink along with your meal. Do not drink on an empty stomach.

Smart drinking tip #3. Sip your drink: To enjoy the pleasure of tasting and smelling the various flavours, sip your drink. Drinking any kind of alcohol slowly actually makes drinking a pleasurable activity. It helps you imbibe the scent, taste and enjoy the flavor of your drink.

Smart drinking tip #4: Detox: Try to drink a lot of water along with your drinks to prevent dehydration and prevent a hangover. Also, drinking plain water along with drinking is important. Alcohol is a diuretic, so drinking plenty of water during and after alcohol helps ward off dehydration, headaches, and aches.

Smart drinking tip #5. 'Small' drinks benefit over 'large' drinks: Two small drinks definitely benefit over 1 large drink because they will give you more satiety or psychological comfort of having devoured your drink at the expense of fewer calories. Large drinks will pose health risks and offer more calories with the mindset of "Oh I just had one drink".

A word of caution: Alcohol poses disadvantages when you start drinking in excess quantities. Alcohol starts acting as a depressant, which slows down the central nervous system and can cause drowsiness and impairs motor skills. Chronic heavy drinking may cause alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation and destruction of liver cells) and then cirrhosis (irreversible lesions, scarring, and destruction of liver cells). It also weakens the heart muscle and their ability to pump blood ( Cardiomyopathy). It also causes steady weight gain resulting in obesity.

Hollywood Celebs on New Years It's All a Blur!

Even Hollywood's A-list can get a little hazy once the clock strikes midnight on December 31. See if you can you guess the celebrity ringing in the New Year! 10 ... 9 .... 8 ...

Welcome to Prime Mini Tours !

Experience the many different options our Barossa Valley Tours have to offer in one of the iconic wine regions of Australia. We currently operate 5 different experiences to The Barossa Valley with other tours visiting the regions of McLaren Vale & The Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, Hahndorf, Victor Harbor & The Murray River. 
This extensive range of touring options means we offer a wider range of tours than other operators providing most of the main highlights of South Australia in a full day tour.
Travel in air-conditioned mini buses with experienced driver/guides providing full commentary along the way. Most tours include lunch, some with morning tea.
Pick up and return from selected accommodation is available at no extra cost.
Charter groups to your own itineraries or let Prime Mini Tours help to put your itinerary together.
We offer extensive charter service for groups from 4 to 40 passengers at very reasonable prices.  Please email neil@primeminitours.com for more details. For general enquiries please email info@primeminitours.com  We have been operating for approximately 10 years looking after the travelling needs of passengers both from Australia wide and Internationally.

After long wait I am pleased to announce another masterpiece, our very own Swiftyv5


> browser can load images
This is a major breakthrough as we will add games, Own swift profiles, swift virtual gifts and much more browser based items! Watch us as we bring all this to you guys very soon.

> 10 id multi and autolike
Now how cool is this? You can use your swiftyv5 to login 10 ids at 1 go and each id will get autolikes . Not only that, you can use these 10 ids as multy in any room to kick!

HOW TO OPERATE 10 ID multi set?
>>in setting page, in multi id box, put 10 ids separated by semi colon (;)
>>same way put their passwords in password box
>> press menu in settings page and choose "login multi ids"
>> u can see if ids logged in successfully or not by "menu>console"
>>once ids logged in, enter ur main id in a room and use these commands to control multi set

.jm >> to join room with multi
.lm >> leave multi from room
.km target >> to kick a target

> RIDs will work as room bot
This is absolutely awesome as your 2 RIDs now have a chance of being roombots without paying anything all free of cost (yum) ...all you got to do is simply park the ids in your desired room and voila you have your bots ready and an added advantage you can set your own custom message for the room text.
Benefit here is that by being logged in from swiftyv5, you are actually increasing activity of your RIDs and main id which will help speed up your Mig level quicker.

Simply open settings page by typing #
You will see an option box saying room for BOT IDS…here you will enter your desired chatroom where you want to park your RIDs.
Below you will tick on RIDS act as BOT ..tick this option and save. Your Bots are ready!

>auto ban has been replaced with autokick
all swifty users are familiar with our auto ban feature that used to ban multy ids starting with a specified initial 3 dgts..in v5 we made a simple change whereby autoban is replaced by autokick. Instead of ban now multy ids will be kicked. Simply open settings page and at bottom of page you will enter 3dgt that you want to kick for example you have multy having any3letters with ul1 simply write ul1 in box…thereafter any id that will have ul1 in username will be autokicked. This will work for series and random ids so do be careful

Here is a simple game where you can actually play and stand a chance of winning around 170usd. (shocked) (cheeky) All you have to do is roll and try to get highest score ..note for each roll 1 coin is deducted. Open Swiftworld for more details


.broadcast text_message
…This is cool! Tired of pvting each and every contact 1 by 1? Simply use this command to pvt and send same message to all your online contacts. (If I were you I would simply type .broadcast Hy people dont pvt me I am very busy …imagine saving your fingers all the energy typing in so many pvt tabs! (cheeky)

.mail mail_text
This is like your personal secretary ..simply use this command and the mail message will go to all your contacts. (Any festival or occasion and you want to wish everyone Happy shappy occasion…use this command )text will be emailed to all contacts one by one with 25 seconds delay

Want to see how much credit you have in your account? Use this command for instant balance check ..sounds like a bank hey

Want to see your account history? This will show you your account details instantly

write above command to mark an id for removal.. you may also write it for offline ids by clicking id once ..this will open email box write command there
Code: Select all
use this command to remove all marked contacts

.gflood amount giftname
My favourite favourite command and works like a bomb gift tool… (love)
Simply type desired gift name and number of times you want to send the gift and you see magic
Eg .gflood 10 hug this willsend 10 hugs to the user/users in room or gc after every 18 second interval

To download:


For now that is it..any bugs and suggestions feel free to ask I am here to help

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Bangladesh Model Urmi Sex Scandal

NSTIC, Google & SEO

In case you missed it, Google is now a credentialed provider of Trusted Identities for the federal government. This means that the NSTIC, or National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, framework now has federally recognized and certified identity providers.
But who are these providers exactly, what is the NSTIC and how does this affect the users in matters of privacy, anonymity or even SEO? Below is a video that helps easily explains what it means to be working with the #NSTIC and how these issues are addressed, or not addressed by the NSTIC Framework.

Why Should I Watch?

WATCH THIS VIDEO! (No really, you should)

There are a lot of reasons to watch of course. However, because everyone is wondering why so many changes are happening in search and social. Changes such as SSL secure keyword referrer data, and if you do not know about the new Identity Market, if you haven't made yourself familiar with the tenets of the NSTIC and the Identity Ecosystem, you might miss that this is more likely part of a much larger plan at Google, PayPal, Facebook and the like.
So watch THE VIDEO, learn about the Identity Ecosystem. There are companies already set to go, marketplaces ready to run, and credentialed providers such as Google, PayPal and Equifax who have already started implementation procedures. It can't be ignored because it already exists; they might just hoping maybe you don't notice, well at least not yet.

Livedrive Backup just became even more powerful

Livedrive Backup makes it so easy to backup your files safely online and access them from anywhere. This is because the Livedrive Desktop Software – which is installed on your PC or Mac – works seamlessly in the background to protect your files as you work. Livedrive are excited to announce that a new version of the Desktop Software is being rolled out to all of our customers over the next two weeks, and features a range of improvements to Livedrive Backup.
If you already have the Livedrive Desktop Software installed then you will be prompted to update it at some point over the next two weeks. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the software – you will be guided through the process and it only takes a few minutes. If you don’t have the software installed yet, or if you want to upgrade sooner, then you can download the latest version from your web portal. Just log in to your Livedrive account online and go to Account Settings > Software download.
The newest version of the Desktop Software is available for both Windows and Mac customers, and includes the following improvements.
Backup of in-use files
The new software will back up files even when they’re in use, and won’t ever lock your files while they’re being backed up. So you can now be confident that your Outlook database and Office documents are being backed up – even if you’ve got Outlook or the document open.
Partial upload support for Outlook files and more
The new software will only upload changed portions of Outlook PST files and selected other file types, making it easier to keep large, frequently changing files safely backed up. We’re constantly reviewing the types of files that are available for partial upload, but currently we support ZIP, DMG, PST and DAT files. Let us know if you have other common file formats that would benefit!
Flexible scheduling
You can choose times when you don’t want Livedrive to be backing up your files, so that users with slower or older computers can disable backup when their PC is busy. To modify the schedule, simply right click on the Livedrive icon near your clock and select Manage Backups, and then click on Backup Settings. You can choose the times that you want backup to run from this screen:

Help test the latest version of Livedrive for Windows and Mac!

We’ve been working hard on a number of improvements to our Windows and Mac software.
The latest version includes:
  • Significant speed and memory usage improvements
  • Fixes for the installer, making it easier to install the software
  • Improvements to NAS backup handling
  • Many other behind the scenes fixes and improvements
We’d like your help to test the new software before we roll it out to all our customers.
To download the software, please use the following links:
Windows: (Beta is now closed – see update below)
Mac: (Beta is now closed – see update below)
Once the software has downloaded it will guide you through the upgrade process.
We’d really appreciate your feedback on any issues you find. Please e-mail us at betafeedback@livedrivesupport.com
If you do not wish to test the new software then you don’t need to take any action. Your Livedrive software will automatically update when the software is available for general release.
Please remember the new version of the software is not officially supported although we will do out best to assist with any issues.
Update on 5th Dec 2011: Thank you very much for your feedback and help during this beta. The latest version of the Windows software is now ready and will be rolled out to all customers over the next few weeks. If you go to the Updates tab in the Livedrive Control Panel and click on Check for Updates then you can download it now. The Mac version is in progress will be coming very soon.

EKANTIPUR: Banda blues

DEC 29 -
As I was getting ready for office this Monday, Ranjan (as informal as we have always been to each other) barged into my room with his green converse on. Misusing my perfume all over himself, he came with a plan of getting some new profile pictures for our Facebook accounts. His idea, basically, was to get onto deserted streets and pose like heroes, snapping some ‘masterpieces’ for our profiles.
As the photo session had just begun to take some momentum near Babarmahal, Kamal sir (news coordinator of the Post) rang me up and assigned to cover the banda organised by the Nepali Congress.
Leaving the photo-shoot aside, I turned around, and ran for Baneshwor chowk, where Pranav dai, a fellow reporter at the Post was waiting for me in a press vehicle.
The first observation of the banda began with a boy, probably of 10 to 12 years, hammering his bamboo rod on a bicycle passing by near Baneshwor. Waving the starry NC flag tied at one end of the rod and aiming his enraged eyes towards the person riding bicycle, the boy threatened to harm the person if he refused to abide by the banda’s rules.
Helpless, the person quietly got off his vehicle and while he tunnelled through the dark smoke that tyres burning aside were emitting, adult NC cadres were seen congratulating the little boy, for he had successfully injected fear into an innocent fellow citizen.
As the vehicle moved along Singha Durbar and Bhadrakali to New Road skipping the burning tyres and wooden logs, Pranav dai explained me how a gang of NC cadres stopped our vehicle and tried to vandalise it near Minbhawan.
The driver took liberty to plunge vehicle into one-ways through the interiors of New Road, where not a single shop could be seen operating.
Observing the elated faces of rickshaw pullers and chatpate sellers whom the banda had benefited, we made our way out from Lainchaur. Students outside the Amrit Science Campus seemed to be having fun by burning tyres and shouting political slogans. As we headed for Durbarmarg through an intersection near Kesar Mahal, a married couple were spotted clicking photos of their child, whom they had perched on the top of an empty traffic island.
After observing the regular protest programmes in front of the government colleges like Amrit Science Campus, Saraswati Campus, Trichandra College, Ratna Rajya College and Balmiki Campus (known for student politics), we were on our way back to office in Tinkune, discussing how effectively the banda had brought the life of the Capital to a standstill. Sapana Pathak, whom we talked to in Baneshwor, said the banda caused her to bear a loss of at Rs 8,000 as she was forced to shut down her beauty parlour. Her irritation contradicted with NC Central Committee member Badri Pandey’s claims that public supported the strike by abiding by the banda’s principle.
Apart from a few phone calls that I had to make once I reached office, my reporting was almost over. Taking my lunch at Baneshwor with Pranav dai, I wondered how one could claim to have been supported by everyone when he forces people to come and stand by his side by breaking off their vehicles and vandalising their shops.
We returned to the office as the news making stuff was yet to be completed. After logging into my Facebook account to check if Ranjan had tagged me the photos yet, I started jotting down words on my computer screen, making up a news for the next day’s edition of the Post.

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Desi Bengali girls from Gazipur (Mobi Number)

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Another Gazipur hot girl Shirin Abdul.
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I heard that there is maybe a software that can copy phone numbers. Like SJBOY with your SMS number and then hackers go to forgot password and they have your password. I am not sure but friend told me that so DON'T GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO EVERY ONE.
tule ... their is no such thing as hackin system or software ... but i m too in doubt cuz i asked mig33 dude something but he still didnt reply .. may be mig33 usernames can be hacked by a professional through pc .. Tongue out
rk12 bro...but how you make your id Tongue out. tule brother...i dont think that software is real or that is true. if it happens like that he/she can hack any id. tule bro...I also agree with you. BE SAFE, DON'T GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO STRANGERS.

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Taslima Nasrin BD (Bengali: তসলিমা নাসরিন)

Taslima Nasrin (Bengaliতসলিমা নাসরিন) (born 25 August 1962) is a Bengali Bangladeshi ex-doctorturned author who has been living in exile since 1994. From a modest literary profile in the late 1980s, she rose to global fame by the end of the 20th century owing to her feminist views and her criticism of Islam in particular and of religion in general.
Since fleeing Bangladesh in 1994 she has lived in many countries,[1] and currently (June 2011) lives in New Delhi.[2] She works to build support for secular humanism, freedom of thought,equality for women, and human rights by publishing, lecturing, and campaigning. Her name,Taslima Nasrin, is also spelled Taslima Nasreen. She is popularly referred to as "Taslima," her first name, rather than "Nasrin."

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