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Bangla Flag BD

BanglaFlag is an organisation which objective to support the poor women, Child and Old aged. You may join hand with the BanglaFlag to serve you Social Responsibility. BanglaFlag is Company Registered Under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 2011 as Not For Profit Organization registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act and any donation to BanglaFlag shall be eligible for the Exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

What Are The Current Social Issues In Bangladesh? BanglaFlag focus to support the problems/Issues of Bangladesh. BanglaFlag do support the people with the support of Common People of India. Indian people pay Income Tax to discharge thier Social Responsibility, BanglaFlag help the people to support the poor people of Bangladesh by chooosing to support any peroon of thier choice, Any person can not only support the Poor person, but also ask BanglaFlag to support the needy person, and BanglaFlag raises voice and appeal to the people & Thier members to support the needy. Members & Intelectual person of Bangladesh have contribute in many ways, Any article posted on the website is just for the general awareness and to keep aware the knowledge of the people, BanglaFlag do not have any copyright on the matter, if any text found on the website is objectionable, please write us at banglaflag@gmail.com People have already written on the most common social issues in Bangladesh and we keep adding more and more articles regarding the contemporary social issues in Bangladesh and social problems faced by Bangladesh. This is an effort to bring to the social evils of Bangladesh to the notice of as many people as possible. You can contribute and share your views, ideas and articles on "Social Issues" that ail Bangladesh.
"Social Issues"
Still Births in Bangladesh,
Paediatric HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh,
Bangladesh’s Progress towards MDG Goals,
Clean Birth Kits- Potential to Deliver,
NASSO Report – 2008-09
HIV and Drug Abuse in Bangladesh
Bangladesh States Poorer than African nations
Changing Gender Roles
Gender Bias in Health Concerns in Bangladesh
Status of Sanitation in Cities in Bangladesh
Situational Analysis of Young Children in Dhaka
The State of the World’ Mothers 2010 Report
Waste Management in Bangladesh
Unorganized Labor Trends in Bangla-ILO Report
Right to Education Act
World Urbanization Prospects: 2009
Crimes by Juveniles in Bangladesh
Leprosy in Bangladesh
Plight of women in Bangladesh- Witch branding
Caesarean Births in Bangladesh
Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress
Infant Mortality in Bangladesh
Khap Panchayat in Bangladesh
Smoking among women in Bangladesh
Poverty in Bangladesh
Public Health System in Bangladesh
Gender Analysis
Problem of Child Abuse
Adolescent Health Programme in Bangladesh
Status of Education in Dhaka
State of the World’s Children 2009- UNICEF Report
Honour Killings in Bangladesh
Universalization of Education in Bangladesh
Problems of working women 
Educational Problems of Women in Bangladesh
Female Foeticide in Bangladesh
World’s Sanitation Report
Status of Sex Workers in Dhaka
Juvenile Delinquency
Girls, Women and Poverty
Untouchability in Bangladesh
Infant Mortality in Bangladesh
Water problem in Bangladesh
Child Malnutrition in Bangladesh
The problem of old age in Bangladesh
Global Food Stocks Fall
Millennium Goals Bangladesh Position
Population -The trends in Bangladesh
Tuberculosis in Bangladesh
Beggary in Bangladesh
Flood Management in Bangladesh
Crime against women in Bangladesh
Decline in number of out of school children in Bangladesh: A Pratham survey report
Child Soldiers of Bangladesh
Latest Figures on HIV/AIDS-2007
HIV/AIDS situation in Bangladesh
Literacy Situation in Bangladesh
Hunger in Bangladesh - Impact on Children
World HIV/AIDS Figures Low
Gender Gap in Bangladesh.
Now our Mission is to Help Bangladesh by our website income. So we Hope all of you be kind of us and help us by donating as much as you can.
We Give 70% of our earn to the poors. So Please keep your hand to us, help them by us. Thank you.

Many new feature will be come in this web for enjoy our visitor. and we will add many real photos so you could recognize how is the real condition of Bangladesh.

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