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Intel intelligent systems transform experiences

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the market for intelligent systems is developing rapidly. Intel is leading the intelligent systems transformation with innovative solutions across the spectrum of computing, from retail and automotive systems to healthcare and communications solutions. Intel-based intelligent systems can help traffic flow more freely; assist shoppers in making informed purchases; enable doctors to treat patients even when separated by hundreds of miles or reduce energy consumption and waste.
Intelligent Systems Framework and Big Data
Today, connected devices often lack the security and manageability features needed to protect and manage the network of devices that connects to each other and the cloud. This network of intelligent systems makes up what is frequently called the Internet of Things (IoT).
The Intel Intelligent Systems Framework is an evolving set of interoperable solutions that will simplify and accelerate the deployment of the IoT.
The framework is designed to enable connectivity, manageability and security across these intelligent systems in a consistent and scalable manner. These billions of connected devices will generate an enormous volume of data or “big data” and there is tremendous value to be extracted from this data produced from the IoT.
The Intelligent Systems Framework will allow system owners to shift the development resources toward converting the massive volumes of data into actionable information. Harnessing and combining both machine-generated and user-created data holds the potential to improve lives, spur incredible advances in productivity, and create new industry-shifting services.
Powering Intelligent Systems
Intelligent systems possess high-performance compute capabilities needed to manage and analyse data collected, and transform it into valuable business intelligence. Intel processors, from the low-power Intel Atom processor to the graphic-rich Intel core processor to the high performance Intel Xeon processor, provide energy-efficient performance to handle the explosion of data created by millions of intelligent systems. Intel brings together essential solutions for intelligent systems, including security, manageability and network connectivity.
Intel delivers increasing performance per watt to ensure that Intel processors will simplify the connectivity of intelligent systems and enable businesses and network operators to move intelligence to the network edge. Intel provides connectivity solutions for heterogeneous networks including wide area networking, WiFi and cellular communications.
Security and Manageability
Whether intelligent systems are working with personal or enterprise data, security is top priority.
Intel intelligent systems ensure the following security features:
-The 3rd generation Intel core processors deliver improved security with new features such as Intel OS Guard to detect and prevent malware and Intel Secure Key to protect media, data and assets from loss.
-The 3rd generation Intel core processor family also continues to feature Intel Active Management -technology (Intel AMT) for remote diagnosis and management of problems and repairs without the need for costly on-site service visits. Wind River provides embedded operating system and middleware including security and manageability solutions for intelligent systems.
Intel intelligent systems continue to transform experiences
Intelligent systems will continue to demand more performance to bring richer experiences and become more fundamental to our daily lives. Intel is working with industry leaders across many market segments to create a seamless fabric of cloud-connected intelligent systems.


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