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Mig33 Verified identy & badge

Profile, identity and badges

What are the icons that appear next to a username and name on a user’s profile page?

These icons act as labels that help us to highlight a user’s special identity; look out for the different labels that distinguish special mig33 users:
1. Green Label: “V” http://solutionsbd.blogspot.com/search/label/Sex%20Positions
– It is a label for users who have been verified by mig33 as celebrities, public figures, media or other official entities.
2. Purple Labels: “MT”, “M”
– Merchant Mentor (MT)- for users who are merchant mentors http://solutionsbd.blogspot.com/search/label/Sex%20Positions
– Merchant (M)- for users who are merchants http://solutionsbd.blogspot.com/search/label/Sex%20Positions
3. Orange Labels: “A”, “GA”, “CA”
– Global Admin (A) – for users who are global admin in mig33 system http://solutionsbd.blogspot.com/search/label/Sex%20Positions
– Group Admin (GA) – for users who are either owner or moderator of at least one group. http://solutionsbd.blogspot.com/search/label/Sex%20Positions
– Chatroom Admin (CA) – for users who are either owner or moderator of at least one chatroom. http://solutionsbd.blogspot.com/search/label/Sex%20Positions

Who is eligible for a verified account? What criteria does mig33 use to define whether an account is ‘worthy’ of being verified?

At this moment, only accounts that are owned by people publically known as stars, celebrities or public figures in certain fields can be verified. The verified accounts can also be official accounts from media, companies or organizations.
Other high profile users who are particularly active and influential in the community, and those who can continually post valuable content, generate topics and form conversations among other users will also be selected and awarded verified accounts. In such a case, the selection process will be managed internally by the mig33 team and external applications will not be accommodated.

Do verified account holders get special privileges?

Verified accounts don’t have special privileges in using the miniblog features; however, these accounts may get more recommendation in search result or can be searched by categories in the future. There is also a verified profile for every verified account, which can only be updated only via mig33 – the user cannot update this by himself.

What are ‘badges’?

We will be rewarding our users on the mig33 miniblog with badges that correspond to their achievements on different activities. For example: reshared X number of posts, or posted new posts in Y days, etc. We are still enhancing the badges system to introduce more fun badges in the future.

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