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Why Mosquitoes Like to Fly in Your Ear?

First reason: Mosquitoes love the aroma that comes out of the sweat glands around the head. So basically instead of the ear, but the head gan. In the head, there is the sweat glands when to sweat, be held back by the hair. Well, the smell of sweat that was the preferred hair restrained by a mosquito.One of the easiest examples that can be applied in practice are as follows: Try it agan not shower in the afternoon, then agan find a collection of mosquitoes, mosquito collection will surely milling around the head agan. It is rare to find if that had just had your hair shampooed. Or if still need proof, try asking on the bald friend agan. Surely they rarely complain of mosquitoes flying near his ear, Because they have no hair, so the smell of sweat from the skin of his head not kecium mosquito ama ..

The second reason: In the human body, the ear is the part that has a temperature close to the body's core temperature. This means that the temperature in the ear is the most constant, and higher than any body part. The reason is the tympanic membrane is only 3.8 cm from the hypothalamus and blood on internadan external carotid artery, the blood vessels supplying the hypothalamus and the tympanic membrane.Mosquitoes detect heat. And when approaching the area around the head, he was very interested in the heat in the ear. That's why they like ngider-ngider around the ears.
The third reason: Actually, mosquitoes are not only close to the ear. But also other parts such as arms and legs. Anyway part of the body exposed (not covered clothing). But in reality, we do not care as they approach the legs or arms, we are only disturbed if they've been around the ear because the sound is very annoying. So according to us, mosquitoes just love aja ngider ear. Though he also likes ngider in arms and legs. what bs guns because we foot the mosquito sound listen to ya hehehe,,, so surely ..
Fourth reason: So it was like a human, mosquito also requires tranquility. Especially quiet while eating food. Imagine if we no longer eat, we certainly do not want the hassle.Well, who do almost the same mosquito. They swirled around the ears to make sure that we had been sleeping soundly gan. Let them could eat freely of our blood. n mosquitoes invade if the heat which is usually in the region, it is rarely a mosquito hanging around in the cold .. I think if ya, if mosquitoes could thinkers like point number four, he'll be able thinkers gini, "if human beings in cold definitely trousers he wore a jacket n, n which would have further complicated if not nyedot his blood, so would prefer living nyari ( blood) in a hot area aja deh, people in hot pants n pake singlet all "

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