10 Straight Guys Reveal Their Favorite Sex Moves

They're not lying when they say they love going down on you.

Solutionsbd Team asked 10 twentysomething straight guys what they most love to do in bed with women. And good news: They love cunnilingus.

1. "I can't wait to go down on her.""I like to show her that I can't wait to go down on her so I'll usually be the one who goes down on the other one first. Then I make sure that my enthusiasm for eating her out shows while I'm doing it." —Kevin, 29

2. "I actually really like to use a finger on her butt.""I actually really like to use a finger on her butt whenever we're doing anything. As long as she's OK with it, it seems to enhance just about everything we do. Plus, it's super dirty, which is a turn-on." Grant, 25

3. "I love going down on a girl.""I love going down on a girl for three reasons. One, I like it. Two, she likes it. Three, it takes the pressure off of her to come from penetration and we can just enjoy each other." Dylan, 31

4. "I have this move I do when she's on top.""So this is hard to explain, but I have this move I do when she's on top. I spread my ring and middle fingers apart, and then come in from the side so the base of my fingers is touching the base of my penis. I don't know why or how, or how I even discovered it in the first place, but it drives my girlfriend crazy. And seeing her get so into it is hot." Ted, 24

5. "I'm not sure what else is hotter than going down on a girl.""I mean, I'm not sure what else is hotter than going down on a girl. Like, I love sex, don't get me wrong, but you can't beat that view, and I feel like women go crazy when you're giving them head. The noises they make ... you can't beat that, man." —Greg, 23

6. "I really like playing with her nipples.""Well, outside of sex, obviously, I really like playing with her nipples. You can make a woman go crazy just spending time sucking on her nipples. I think maybe guys tend to skip that a lot and go right to oral or sex or whatever. Don't neglect the boobs though." Chris, 27

7. "It's got to be teasing during sex.""Oh, man, um ... if I had like a 'move' or whatever, it's got to be teasing during sex. Like, you take your penis out and rub it on the outside of their vagina, right? Eventually, you have them begging for it, and I swear you can make them come as soon as you stick it back in. It's great." Stephen, 26

8. "I like to use my belt just to tie her hands up.""I don't know if it's Fifty Shades or what, but I like to use my belt just to tie her hands up. It's really light bondage, so it doesn't freak anyone out and it's pretty hot. And then the next day, I can text her, 'So I'm wearing that belt at work...' It's always a good conversation starter." Tom, 25

9. "Does going down on her count?""Does going down on her count? I love doing that and I feel like sometimes women don't believe me. But it's a huge turn-on seeing her get all worked up and being forced to wait your turn. Plus, when she returns the favor..." —Nick, 27

10. "Really getting my hands into it.""I love going down on a woman but also really getting my hands into it, if you know what I mean. The combination of penetration and clit stimulation seems to always make them come, which is awesome." Phil, 27


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