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How to Make Money With YouTube videos

How to Make Money With YouTube videos
YouTube has long been regarded as a video platform for the individual clip. Meanwhile, the community has come together, regularly provide users with new content - while making money. How this works, read here.
Make Money With YouTube videos. With a good idea and hard work can make money from YouTube videos.

The most successful YouTube channel now has more than 13 million subscribers belong PewDiePie Sweden. According to him known as Anthony Padilla YouTuber and Ian Hecox of Smosh, Jenna Marbles and nigahiga. In Germany, the Y-Titty Youtube, Gronkh, PietSmiet and DieAussenseiter is growing. Your clicks move in the six figures or have long since reached a million. At YouTuber with many viewers their channels operate without a financial profit is derived from. Despite the long time has been agreed, but now the tables have turned: Anyone have a good entertainment, will also be able to benefit from it. The keys were advertised, receive participatory video production.

generate advertising revenue through affiliate

How much will I earn?

How much of your income, depending on various factors. The decision, of course, the number of clicks on your video. Who has few visitors a month, which can also be used a creative type, probably only earn pennies. If you manage to inspire a following large by itself, but you can earn a few hundred to a thousand euros a month. With a little luck and a large number of fans and companies register with you sooner or later, for example, with a requirement to evaluate the product. Illusions you should not do, however, to make money with YouTube, to be patient and brilliant ideas. In all cases, the payment is done via Google AdSense.

How to Make Money With YouTube videos

First Set up a Google AdSense account. Google AdSense section Group and is a provider of advertising for online publishers. To register, you need to have a Google account. Additionally, all data obtained to be honest - from address to delivery. Then, review your Google AdSense application. Is this done, you will receive a confirmation and access to areas of your use.

    Installation instructions make money on youtube
    Guide view the amount of income from youtube

"Everything comes to YouTube: The most useful software and the best short film
Link your AdSense and YouTube.

How to Make Money With YouTube videos.
Log in and visit the site to make money from your account to your YouTube channel. A click on Next will take you to the Google AdSense on. Here, you make the links. Your AdSense account to be activated for this purpose. After a few clicks, you will return to YouTube. Now you can earn money with your old and new videos. To what extent advertising AdSense, setting in your account settings.

You should base

Not only the ability Youtube who devote their full labor on video production, is subject to income tax. Even if you only earn a little extra income, it is considered self-employed work done. From this according to the tax return and tax payment where appropriate. Day does not have an account, you should hide your income to the tax authorities, because that can make you pay dearly for years to come. Furthermore, compliance with the provisions of the copyright law of Vietnam YouTube, you can only publish content owner. If you use a foreign material in your video, you need explicit permission. If not, it can lead to blockage by YouTube and warned of the respective owners. Even the guilt of current chart music is very important.


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