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10 Ways to ask for super romantic wedding: how will yours be?

Every woman has ever imagined, at least once in her life, what her request for marriage would look like. Before the big moment of "yes, I accept," at the altar, the time of the application is one of the most exciting moments in the life of the couple. So we fantasized about the place, the moment, the ring, the words and everything that is involved at the moment. The important thing is that you do not lack romanticism and that it is meaningful to you.

10 Ways to ask for super romantic wedding: how will yours be?
So SolutionsBD brings you a list of 10 super romantic wedding engagement forms for you to get inspired!

1. With a flashmob

It is a form that is super trendy, especially in the United States. It does not matter if the guys dance well or not, the intention here is what counts. Attention, engaged, call your friends and think of a super choreography. With so much energy, it is impossible for the bride to say no.

2. On a beach in the light of the moon or during sunset

We already know that it is a classic, but it does not fail. May your love kneel as you walk hand in hand on the beach and take a ring out of your pocket, it is a magical experience that many have dreamed of living!

3. In your favorite city

While on a trip to your favorite city or the one you've always wanted to go to, it's the best excuse for him to ask you to marry,

4. With a band

A choir, violinists, opera singers, mariachis. If your love hires some kind of musical arrangement to make you the proposal, surely there will be no tears of emotion along with your response. Better yet if the cat composes and interprets the theme itself. Who does not remember that beautiful Heath Ledger scene, coming down from the college bleachers singing "I love you baby" in the movie 10 things I hate about you? To faint in the act!

5. At the movies

Imagine that at the time of the trailer, in a crowded movie theater, your boyfriend appears on the big screen and asks you to marry from there?

6. Chocolate Roulette

The idea is this. They give you a box of chocolates, and after eating, you find a piece of paper inside or even a ring inside the box. This fashion began to pick up after appearing in the movie "Forever," which deserves a place on the list of in love on duty.

7. In the same place where you met

The first encounter always has a special magic. Why not repeat the request of the marriage?

8. With a message in the mirror

Simple but very romantic, imagine your face of wonder if you go to a hotel (this always makes everything chicer) and he previously wrote a statement in the mirror? Beautiful!

 9. Designing lights in a building

It is another of the shocking requests that made success on Youtube. You are walking down the street with your boyfriend, and suddenly the lights of a completely erased building light up and blink until you reach one: do you want to marry me? Giant. Impossible to resist!

10. Written in the air, on the beach or in the field

A message in the sky is fantastic, writing on the sand of the beach, in a tree, can be very original! Worth even newspaper and banner ad on the doorstep! Gabriel and Carol are a couple who have made the website and wedding list on SolutionsBD and the request was amazing, just like that!

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