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BDjobs No one 1 bangladeshi job searching portal

Bdjobs.com Ltd. is the first and leading career management site in the country. The site regularly hosts job advertisements at any point of time. Job seekers post their resumes online and at present more than 50,000 resumes of different professionals are hosted at the site. Bdjobs.com provides you superb facility to take the following services in an efficient way:

· Search job vacancies by category or keyword or date.
· No need to go through several newspapers - all job announcements in one platform
· Weekly job notification through E-mail.
· Post your full resume and get the hassle free online applying opportunity
· Get counseling from career experts
· Excellent Tips on CV writing, cover letter, interview etc.
· Applying opportunities in leading MNCs 

How can I search jobs?
Hot Jobs:
You will find the hot job ads at the home page. Click on the respective job for its details.
Category Jobs:
At the upper middle area of home page there are 16 job search categories. Click on the category you feel suitable. You will be directed to a job summary page in tabular format. On he left column click on the title of the job to view full details of that job.
Latest Jobs:
Click on "New Jobs" button to view the jobs vacancies advertised within last 24 hours
Closing Jobs:
To view the jobs going out of date click on the "Deadline Tomorrow" button
What is keyword search?
You can search jobs that carry a specific word. Go to the "Key Word Search" section and place the desired word(s) in the box (e.g., 'oracle', 'financial analyst' etc.) and click on the "Search" button. You will be directed to a job list page with job ads carrying that particular word.
What is MY BDJOBS?
It is your personalized career account. The benefit of creating a MYBDJOBS account is you will have the option of logging into both your job agent and resume account with the same username and password
How can I get a MY BDJOBS account?
You can create your MYBDJOBS account by clicking at "Create New Account". Or when you will create your job agent or post your resume you will automatically become MYBDJOBS account holder.
What benefits I would get from a personalized career account
Using a MYBDJOBS personalized career account you can do all the submission, deletion or up-gradation of all your bdjobs.com account like RESUME, JOB AGENT, JOB CART etc. You will have the list of jobs matching to your profile from your job agent. Further you will also get the features like sending your Resume to prospective employees through E-mail, look at the companies that have viewed your Resume or block companies and list of positions you have applied for within last 6 months.
How can I post resume?
You can directly post resume by clicking at "Post Resume". Or you can post it through creating MYBDJOBS account.
Can I put my complete resume in the Resume form?
Off-course you can post your full resume. First fill in the required fields carefully and according to instructions. Then type or paste your education and training information in the "Education Details" box, Experience information in the "Experience Detail" box, all other information in the next box and references in the "Reference box." Finally set you username and password.
How many Resumes can I post?
You can post only one resume. However you can register your self once again with a different user name and post another resume for a different.
Can I submit hard copy CV and you make it online?
No, that is not possible. You yourself have to post your resume online.
Can I edit my Resume?
Yes. Log in to your MYBDJOBS account and click on "edit resume." Another way is, click on the "post resume" tab, in the upper-right corner of the new page put your username & password and click on the "Edit CV" button. Make the changes you wish to and click on "Update resume" button.

Who will look at my CV?
Only the companies who have registered themselves with bdjobs.com will be able to view your resume. Also when you have applied for a post to a company, they can view your resume.
What do I do if I have forgotten my password and/or user name?
Click on the "Forget Password" link in the MYBDJOBS area. In the new page, put your E-mail address that you have given at your resume and click on "submit" button. We shall send you a return mail containing your username & password.
How do I change my login name or password?
Your login name cannot be changed
How do I change my email address?
Please follow the instructions to edit your resume/agent. You can change your e-mail address from there, but remember to put only one valid E-mail address.
Is my login name and password case sensitive?
Your login name is not case sensitive, but password is case sensitive
Can I create more than one account using one email address?
Yes, that is possible.
What is job agent?
A Job agent is an automated job seeker created by you that will regularly inform you about your desired jobs. When you have your own job agent, you can view the matching jobs by just logging in to your MYBDJOBS account at the site. You will also be informed about your preferred jobs through e-mail if you choose so while creating your job agent.
How can I create job agent?
It's simple. Just click on the "create new account". Fill in the given form. Select the preferred job category, subcategories (you can also put some key words). That's it; you have created your own job agent! You will have specific user name and password with which you will be able to view the job openings that match your set preference. You will also be given option to get regular e-mails notifying the matching new jobs.
Can I create more than one Job Agent?
Yes you can. You have to use different username for creating more than one agent
How van I edit agent?
Log in to your MYBDJOBS account and click on "Edit Agent".
How can I view my job agent results?
Log in to your MYBDJOBS account from the home page entering username and password.
Do I need to create a new account if I already have a job agent or a resume account?
No. In either case you are automatically a MYBDJOBS account holder. However you can create separate MYBDJOBS account with different username and password.
Can I get e-mail notification about jobs matching to my profile?
Yes, you can. You have to create your own job agent and must positively choose to get E-mail notification. Alternatively click on the "Job Mail" icon at the home page and fill in the form properly to get E-mail notifications.
Can I post job-seeking advertisement?
No. We do not provide that sort of service.
What is "Apply Online"?
You will get this Apply Online button in several job details page. It facilitates you to apply for a particular position through our site, if you have already posted your resume.
Can I get suggestions on a career related problem/query?
Sure, you can. Click on the "Career Counseling" link. In the new page submit your question. You will get the expert advice through E-mail.
How do I report problems I have with your services?
Please send us an email at support@bdjobs.com
How much should I pay for your services?
Relax, all of our services to job seekers are totally free of cost. You have to pay us nothing, just tell your friends about the site.
Is Bdjobs.com looking for recruitment?
As a company Bdjobs.com Limited also appoints people. But you will get the recruitment advertisement in the site along with those of other companies.

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