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HELLO BD SEXPERT. CAN U ANS PLS.... Amr age 20. Gf'r sathe week a 2/1 bar sex hoy. Ami age pray 7/8 year regular hostho moithun korsi. Akhon bad disi. But problem is amar penis ta khub chikon r choto hoye gese. Stamania o 3/4 minute. Akhon ami ki korte pari? Valo hote jodi long time lage tobu o problem nai. Pls Dr. help me. Answer me here or May allah be with u.

Pvl vai salam janben vai apnar kace ami akta kotha jante chai seti holo ami protidin sokale brush sere 5o gram kaca sana but bijia khai ate ki amar kono prokar somossa hobe ebong ai sana but sex ar kono upokar hobe kina ? Doya kore jodi amar uttarta den ta hole nijeke dhonno mone korbo

Helloooo!!everybody,l isten to me..jader kno prblm nai,sudu sudu akane post korben na...apnara oneke e onek kisu post koren,as a result jader sotti sotti sex r bepare prblm hoy tara kno ans pai na...tasara akjon sustho manuser pokkhe ato reply daya o somvob na....asa kori kothati kaje lage,amr pokkho theke request not advise..plz..THANK YOU.

akta mojar gotona.
amar office -a akjon lok ashto majhe majhe,golpo korto mobiler modde video sex dekhato
akdin o amar dhor -a hat lagalo , ami bollam oi beta hat lagash ken ? mukhe dukai dimuto.
se bollo okay deo,ami bollam amar roome cholo !
then 2jone roome gelam , ami langta hoa shua porlam r oi lokta amad dhon ta ke mukhe nia chushte laglo , ooooh aaaah ki je moja

prai 15-20 mins choshar por pani ber holo o pani ghulo mukhe nia ber hoa gelo.........ahahaha kije shanti pelam . thanks !!

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