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100 Most Popular Lies Women Tell To Men: Top 100 Lies

1. I'll call you.
2. I love you.
3. You're the only one.
4. I've never felt this way about anyone else.
5. I've got to work late at the office tonight.
6. That's the best sex I've ever had.
7. You've got the most beautiful eyes
8. No, I'm not married
9. Sorry. I must have left my wallet and credit cards at home.
10. You just have to believe me when I tell you nothing's wrong.
11. I'm ready to make a commitment.
12. Except for a beer or two, I never drink.
13. My husband and I haven't had sex in years.
14. We'll get married as soon as I ...
15. I'll be home in twenty minutes.
16. It's not that I don't care - I just have to spend more time with my kids.
17. I've only slept with maybe ten men in my entire life.
18. I've been celibate since we broke up.
19. I could never lie to you.
20. I can still last all night
21. I always use a condom
22. I can help you get a great job in my company (field)
23. I tested HIV negative
24. I haven't seen him since he and I broke up
25. The only sexual fantasies I have are about you
26. No, I love bald men.
27. I'm too tired
28. How could you think I'd be interested in him? He's your best friend
29. When it comes to oral sex, I'm the best
30. I've never had any trouble giving a guy an erection before
31. It's you and me, babe - we'll make love all over Europe
32. I'd never do anything to hurt you.
33. I want to grow old with you
34. Believe me, my husband and I live very separate lives
35. Our having sex won't change a thing between us
36. Don't worry, I've had my tubes tied.
37. I'm going to leave my husband.
38. You're nothing at all like my father
39. Your being a different religion doesn't matter to me
40. It doesn't bother me that you make more money than I do
41. Even without sex, we'd still be friends
42. I think older men are the most exciting
43. I'm considered one of the top people (in my field, in the company)
44. What attracts me to you is your mind
45. We'll split all the child care and household chores fifty-fifty
46. Of course I don't mind that you didn't come
47. I've never had an affair before
48. You're the only one who understands me
49. I've never been in therapy
50. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me
51. No, I'm not seeing anyone else
52. I haven't thought about him (old boyfriend) in years
53. How many times do I have to tell you I'm not having an affair?
54. Your career is as important as mine
55. I promise you that I'll change
55. I want us to remain close friends always
57. My husband and I have an understanding
58. You're wonderful; you deserve someone better than me
59. No seriously I am not just looking for free beers.
60. Let's be friends first
61. When you walked through that door, I knew it was the real thing
62. I'd like you even if you were a woman
63. It's okay to be good looking, but looks just don't mean that much to me
64. The difference between us will bring us even closer
65. I spend everything I earn on you and the kids
66. No, I never said that
67. You make me feel like a kid again
68. I'm going out with the girls (to the gym, to the office)
69. I'll move wherever you want
70. Of course I'm not bored with you
71. As soon as I finish this project (get a promotion, a raise, make partner), we'll......
72. You've got more sex appeal in your little toe than my husband's got in his whole body
73. It wouldn't be you and me anymore if I used one of those
74. Let's pool our assets - whatever is mine is yours
75. I still find you just as attractive as the day I met you
76. Divorce is the farthest thing from my mind
77. Sure, I'll watch the kids
78. It's not just the sex I want, it's being close to you.
79. We'll be spending a lot of time together when I retire
80. You're the only reason I've worked so hard
81. If I didn't have all this work, you know I'd go with you and the kids to your mum's
82. No one's ever turned me on like you do
83. My boss says there's nothing to worry about
84. I'll never tell
85. Relax, he's just a friend
86. This is just a temporary separation until we get things worked out
87. Your hair (outfit) looks fantastic
88. It was just sex - it didn't mean a thing
89. Of course I'm listening to what you're saying
90. Come on in and we'll just cuddle for a few minutes
91. No, I don't think you're fat
92. You're the man I should have married
93. I'm going to be focusing on my work for a while now.
94. Of course I want to marry you.
95. Your having kids has nothing to do with my not wanting to get married
96. I'm not ashamed of the way you talk (look, act, etc.)
97. It's nothing personal; I just don't like sharing my living space with someone
98. This time I'm really serious
99. Honestly, honey, it's just for the girls - none of the husbands go to the salon
100. I'll always love you.


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