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Microworkers Tips & Tricks - Earn More

You can make a handsome earning using Microworkers. It's a source to earn money for newbies. It's a legit site that pays you 100%. Moreover almost 99% works of this website pays you. But, some tips and tricks may increase your earning on microworkers.com So, follow the following tips to increase your earning on microworkers.

Careate Account with Legal Address : You should use legal address when you are going to create a new account on Microworkers.com Because, when you reach the payment thershold (minimum payout), Microworkers will send you a PIN (Personal Identification Number ). That's why is your address is not accurate you will not be able to verify your address and you will not be paid.

Don't Create More Than One Account : Some guys may think to create more account and make more money. But, you think that who pays you he is not fool as you are thinking. You will be caught by your IP address. But, if you want to handle more than one account on Microworkers, it is still possible changing your IP address. But, if you randomly use multiple accounts from one PC and IP address, you will be banned and your account will be suspend forever.

Try To Keep Your Success Rate Up : The number of your daily projects depends on your success rate. At first you will get many projects from them to do. But, when you complete first 20 projects you have to wait for the success rate. If your success rate is not more than 75% you will not be able to work on that account for 60 days. But, any employer forget to give you rating for your work you will get a satisfactory rating.

What works should you do or not : There are a lot of projects on Microworkers.com But you may problem to select the right one from which project you can make your earning surely. Okay here you have to think some things before starting working ...

  • You can start that work who has at least 25% work remaining. I mean suppose, you are going to work on a project that's Status is 90/100. That means, the employer needs 100 people to work for the work. But, already 90 people has done. For the example already 90% of the work has finished and there is only 10% of the work is remaining. So, you should not start working for this type of work. Why? Well ... Many people are working on the same project worldwide at a time. And you need some times to complete your project. But, if the project has some tasks to complete you will not be able to complete that. Before completing your project the project will be finished by other freelancers. And you will not be able to earn from the project.

    Trick you may love:
    If any time you fall the same problem I have mentioned in the next paragraph. Don't worry. We can also earn from that work. How? Okay ... when you are working on Microworkers.com you may find that there are too many works similar. So, why you don't grab all the info for your failed work. You have to save these info to use in the next work ...
    Username, Password, Url address after confirming by email, Email address used to sign up, Name you have registered with, Url address after first login, Referrer name/id if any, Your IP address, Copy the whole email, Employer name/id

  • You never use any wrong info for your projects. Otherwise, you will be flagged. And when you get 3 flags your account will be banned.

Make a New Email Address : You can create a new email address. Because, there is too many works on Microworkers to Signup. And obviously for those signups you may not be agree to use your main email address. Because, from those websites you will get more and more spam emails. So, to keep yourself safe create a new email without giving your personal info.

You should create the following accounts : In order to work on Microworkers.com you should have at least one account on the following websites... Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Reddit Delicious, Google plus, Stumbleupone, Diggo and in some forums who are popular worldwide and Alexa rank is less than 10,00,000.

I think you are now clear about how to make more money from Microworkers.com If you have further question you can ask me at my mail address > admin3m@gmail.com


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