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How Many Posts are Needed in a Blog to Get Approved by Google Adsense?

I was also searching for the question when I started blogging three years back in a free blogspot platform and was struggling to get approve by Google Adsense. I searched a lot in the internet, in different forums or also asked to pro bloggers. I had also got different answers from different sources. But still was not successful to get approved by Google Adsense. While checking the search terms of my blog, I still find that some people search with the term “how many posts needed to get approved by Google Adsense” or like “how many post for Google Adsense” or “how many blog post for Google Adsense“.
May be the new bloggers who has just started blogging or entered in the vast world of blogging, are searching to earn some money from their blog through Adsense but is not successful are searching for this kind of answers. Keeping them in mind I started writing the article and I want to let you know that the answer is just not a numerical number like 20 or 30 or 100. I need to explain the whole thing so that you get a clear idea about this.
How Many Posts are Needed to Get Approved by Google Adsense?
Actually this is not an answer which can be given just by a single word. When I started blogging in blogspot, at first, I managed to post around 25 posts and then applied for Google Adsense. But the result was negative. Google did not approve my blog for adsense. Then I posted another 10 posts and again applied for Google Adsense. But the result was again the same. As the answers and reasons from Google are almost anonymous, it was hard to find the points which were missing in my blog. Then after a close look, I had found that the missing point is that my blog has some lines in the content which are copied from other website. In the beginning I was not aware that Google will penalize me If I copy content from other website. Though the contents were not fully copied but still Google detected those lines.
Then I deleted all those articles and written about 15 articles within one night with appropriate pictures. I did not copied those pictures again. I created some pictures using MS Paint and used those in the articles. Then applied for Google adsense. This time Google congratulated me! Ha ha .. I was the winner that time and Google Adsense was displaying in my blog.
I had written the story of mine because I want to provide you some message though this story. First of all, if you want to get approved by Google Adsense then do not even think of copy content from other website. Try to write original content as much as possible. Google does not like copied content.
Second thing, you need to keep in mind that If you want to get approved by Google Adsense then please do not write posts only with 100 or 120 words and one pictures. Try to write a post at least with 500 words. Then add one relevant picture and add the picture which is not copyright protected.
If you are posting content like this then post at least 20 contents. Then the process is still not over. Wait for at least 20-25 days. At least 3 weeks, before applying for Google Adsense. Add some social share plugin in your blog or share those articles in social networking site like Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest or StumbleUpon. Then try to build some backlinks to other blog or submit your blog to some popular online blog directory and also submit your blog to some popular search engine.
Keep your blog design as simple as possible and do not add other advertise network to your blog. Now, this is the time for you to apply for Google Adsense. Apply for Google Adsense and I am sure that you will get approved by Google Adsense.
So, the summary is, Google Adsense approval does not only depend only on the number of blog posts. You should publish only unique content to your blog, then need to have some social share and need to submit your blog to some search engine and wait for sometime if your blog is new.
Best of luck new bloggers! I hope you will come out with the flying colors. Happy earning with Google Adsense!


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