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How to Do SEO for BlogSpot Blogs

Two famous ways for blogging and one is BlogSpot and another is WordPress. BlogSpot is for the beginners and WordPress is for the advance bloggers. Search Engine Optimization is must to rank your keywords and increase traffic for your website. What SEO do is to rank your keywords on Google and it works when someone searches with the keyword. Google SEO algorithm follows about 60-70 percent for On Page SEO that means on site SEO.

Optimize Post Title In BlogSpot:

Here I am talking about the page title for each article which you can see alongside favicon on the browser tab. Normally it shows like “Blogging Tips: How to Add Favicon on BlogSpot” something like this and this is not SEO friendly at all. It will be good if it only shows the page title and it is possible. To do that, you have to go to Template and then Edit HTML. Find the code “<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>” and then replace the code above “<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> |<data:blog.title/></title>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>”
Now save template and its done.
Custom Permalink:
You can change your permalink structure by yourself. Good permalink structure is using (-). Example: Page-Title-For-Your-Article. There will be two options. One is to automatically generate your permalink structure and another is to create custom permalink. You can edit your permalink by clicking “Custom Permalink” option. 

Adding Site Description:
Your website description is must for good SEO. You can setup your site Meta description by going settings and then click “search preferences”. Under “Meta Tag” you will find description that is by default disabled. Click on “edit” and then select “yes”. Then type your desired Meta description including your keyword. Done……….
Now you can add Meta description for each article. You can find it at right side under “search description” when composing your article.
Custom Robots.txt Setup:
This is very important for your site. This will help your site index. So you need to setup a rule that how the Google bot is going to index in proper way. If you do any fault with this then it will harm your site. You have to type some text like below:
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
You can find description of this code on Google search and then try your own text. You have to go to settings and then search preferences. Under “crawler and indexing” you will find an option “Custom robots.txt”. Click on “Edit” and then select “yes”, now you paste the text rules for the Google bot.
It’s very important to generate a sitemap for your site. Sitemap helps Google bot to crawl isolated pages from your website. Its vey useful and must have for every website.
Image Optimization:
Image search plays very important role to increase your website visitor and revenue. Proper image optimization helps a lot. Proper use of alt text in image using keywords with appropriate rules makes your site SEO friendly.
  • Name of the image should be “your-image-name-with-keyword-variation.jpg”
  • Do not do keyword stuffing
  • Use long tail keywords for image name and alt text.
  • Use different but similar keywords in alt text for more than one image in single article.
Some Drawback of BlogSpot in terms of SEO: Here is the problem with BlogSpot and that is BlogSpot is not SEO friendly as WordPress. Some are below:
You Will Have Permalink Structure Problem:
Permalink structure is not SEO friendly. There will be a format like yourwebsite.com/year/month/page-title, which is not SEO friendly at all. Google I guess may not solve this problem in future.
Page Title And Meta Title Will Have To Be The Same:
Your page title and Meta title will be same. It will be good if the page title and Meta title is different. There is no solution until now and hopefully Google will solve it in future.
There Will Be No Subcategory:
You can only create Label/category but you cannot create subcategory under a Label/Category. This is a major issue and it will hurt your sites navigation problem and decrease your page views. I did not find any solution for this that I can share with you.
Image Uploading Problem:
If you upload an image then it will not saved as your website address
Uploading image is must but in BlogSpot if you upload an image, it will be saved in another Google website. This is another major issue, which is not SEO friendly. You can solve this problem by uploading your image in github under your subdomain and then add it to your BlogSpot to make it SEO friendly.
BlogSpot is appropriate platform for the one who is entry-level blogger. It will help them almost many things to do blogging and earn with that. Google have plans for this platform with good features in future. Its free, uses Google cloud, which is safe from hackers. Google products like Google plus, Google Page Speed and others are usable in this platform. 


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