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CitiBank N.A. Worlwide link

The following divisions were consolidated into Citibank (South Dakota), N.A., with its headquarters for FDIC purposes being in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • Citibank, Nevada, N.A.
  • Citibank USA, N.A.
  • Universal Financial Corp.
  • Citibank South Dakota, FSB
On March 29, 2011, Citibank, N.A. and Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. announced their intentions to further consolidate their banking charters by announcing a merger[18] which was finalized on July 1, 2011.[19] The surviving FDIC charter was that of Citibank, N.A. which, as part of the merger, moved its headquarters to that of Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.'s in Sioux Falls.
In 2005, Macy's, Inc. under its former corporate name Federated Department Stores, sold its consumer credit portfolio to Citigroup, reissuing its cards under the Federated-Citigroup Alliance name Department Stores National Bank (DSNB) and allowing Federated to continue servicing the credit accounts from its Financial, Administrative and Credit Services Group (FACS Group Inc.). The cards involved are Macy's and Bloomingdale's.
Citibank's private-label credit card division, Citi Commerce Solutions, issues store-issued credit card for such companies as: Sears, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, The Home Depot, Staples, Shell Oil, and others.
The German branch, the Citibank Privatkunden AG & Co. KGaA was sold in July 2008 to the French Crédit Mutuel Group. On February 22, 2010 it was renamed to Targobank.

Joint ventures

  • Mobile Money Ventures, a joint venture with SK Telecom

International subsidiaries

  • Algeria Citibank Algeria
  • Argentina Citibank Argentina
  • Australia Citibank Australia
  • Belgium Citibank Belgium
  • Bolivia Citibank Bolivia
  • Bangladesh Citibank Bangladesh
  • Brazil Citibank Brazil
  • Canada Citibank Canada
  • China Citibank (China)
  • Colombia Citibank (Colombia)
  • Dominican Republic Citibank (Dominican Republic)
  • Ecuador Citibank Ecuador
  • Egypt Citibank (Egypt)
  • El Salvador Citibank El Salvador
  • Greece Citibank (Greece)
  • Hong Kong Citibank (Hong Kong)
  • Hungary Citibank Hungary
  • India Citibank India
  • Indonesia Citibank Indonesia
  • Italy Citibank Italy
  • JapanCitibank Japan
  • KazakhstanCitibank Kazakhstan
  • South KoreaCitibank Korea
  • Malaysia Citibank Malaysia
  • Nicaragua Citibank Nicaragua
  • Nigeria Citibank Nigeria
  • Pakistan Citibank Pakistan
  • Peru Citibank Peru
  • Philippines Citibank Philippines
  • Poland Citi Handlowy
  • Portugal Citibank Portugal
  • Romania Citibank Romania
  • Russia Citibank Russia
  • Saudi Arabia Samba (Citibank for Saudi Arabia)
  • Singapore Citibank International Personal Bank Singapore/Citibank IPB Singapore
  • Singapore Citibank Singapore
  • Singapore Citibusiness Singapore
  • Slovakia Citibank Slovakia
  • Spain Citibank Spain
  • Taiwan Citibank Taiwan
  • Thailand Citibank Thailand
  • Trinidad and Tobago Citibank Trinidad and Tobago
  • Tunisia Citibank Tunisia
  • Turkey Citibank Türkiye
  • United Kingdom Citibank United Kingdom
  • Ukraine Citibank Ukraine
  • Venezuela Citibank Venezuela
  • Vietnam Citibank Vietnam


The family's lawyer said the suit was filed against Citibank headquarters in New York and the bank's subsididary Citibank Indonesia concerning the death of a family member while meeting with debt collectors in Citibank, Jakarta Office. The lawsuit claimed for Rp.3 trillion ($345 million) for damages. Citibank was in violation of a US regulation, the Fair Debt Collecting Practised Act, as well as the Indonesian 2008 Banking Law, which both bans the use of violence in debt collection practices.[20]


Citibank sponsors the Greek football club Olympiacos F.C. as well as Citi Field in New York.
Citibank became a major sponsor of the Sydney Swans in 2005, who play in the AFL..

Latin American subsidiaries

  • Citibank Argentina
  • Citibank Brasil
  • Citibank Paraguay
  • Citibank Chile (Bought out by Banco de Chile)
  • Citibank Colombia, Cititrust, Citivalores
  • Citibank Guatemala
  • Banamex Mexico (which owns the California Bank of Commerce)
  • Citibank Peru
  • Citibank El Salvador Banco Uno
  • Citibank Venezuela
  • Citibank Ecuador
  • Citibank Costa Rica
  • Citibank Panama Banco Uno
  • Citibank Nicaragua Banco Uno
  • Citibank Uruguay
  • Citibank Banco de Cuscatlan


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