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Swiftymig v6 Download

#Swiftymig v6 Features
#Copy/Paste chat messages
it is very useful to copy and paste chat texts for example copying id to transfer credit, copying a link to open webpage etc. with this feature u can copy any text that you see in chat. to use this feature just use command .cp and you will get a list of last 30 chat messegaes that you received recently.
#Translate text to many languages and directly send in a room or in pvt
All famous languages have 2 digit representation. ‘en’ represents english, ‘ar’ represents arabic and so on. find the 2 letter representation of languages you want to translate from and use this command to translate: .tr source_lang2translate_lang TEXT where source_lang is 2 digit represention of lang you want to translate from and translate_lang is 2 digit representation of output language. if you want to translate from english to arabic use command: .tr en2ar text , for urdu to arabic use .tr ur2ar text . same way you can translate to and from all the languages that are available in google translate.
interesting thing is that if you write the command in pvt/room then translated text will be sent directly to pvt/room
put various auto status texts in settings page if you are interested to activate auto status changer feature.
#Hide irritating GCs
there are trouble makers who advertise or trouble users by opening various gc windows and start flood. to hide such gc windows just use .gcx command. now you are safe from all GCs for 5 minutes.
#Auto kick based on user level
in setting page you can define a level below which all ids will be kicked automatically.
#Autolike for more ids
in swiftymig v6 users will get likes at main id, 2 rids and all 10 multi ids.
RID balance check commands.
use .r1bal or .r2bal to check rid’s balance.
in swiftymig v6 users will get likes and coins without login to vroom. it means they dont need to signup to vrooms if they just want coins and likes. but if someone want access to my account and store then he must signup and login to vroom.

DownloadDownload swiftymig v6
Download JAR
Download JAD 


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