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How to earn more money in accordance with the Employment

How to earn more money in accordance with the Employment
Many ways such as what jobs where one can make more money (you can read the list of the Best Paid Professions or Jobs).
Certainly that money, while important in today’s world, it should not be our main motivation to obtain or prepare for a job.
Perhaps the more important motivational aspect but like most times not very clear, we should also explore jobs that give us a better quality of life and less stress we produce something that many people are very clear. So sometimes I’ve asked people why it is that non-lawyers if it is one of the highest paid professions and the answer is because it is a very stressante and truth it is.
But then what are the jobs that produce less stress? Well in a recent study published in The Huffington Post is given a ranking of the jobs that less stress following occur:
1. ENT. All you have to do with health care specialty ears.
2. Dietitian. It seems that people like and never gain weight is problem dietitian.
3. Software Engineer. To create the next OS.
4. Computer Programmer. Only the computer is our boss.
5. Dental Hygiene. Teeth whitening and cleaning.
6. Specialist Language Issues. A talk has been said.
7. Philosopher. Plato and Aristotle spoke of stress.
8. Math. For many, however, the numbers themselves are stresantes.
9. Occupational Therapist. To rehabilitate people.
10. Chiropractor. A profession to hold the bones in place.
What do you think of this ranking? As you can imagine many of these professions do not earn much money but you can live with less stress.


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