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List of Uk Universities and Colleges

  1. Fulham & Chelsea College (Web: www.fccollege.co.uk)
  2. CITEC London (Web: www.citeclondon.co.uk)
  3. Meridian Business School London (Web: www.mbslondon.co.uk)
  4. Oxford College London (Web: www.oxfordcollegeoflondon.com)
  5. Redwick United College (www.redwickunitedcollege.co.uk)
  6. Bellerbys College (www.bellerbys.com)
  1. Plymouth Devon International College (PDIC) (Web: www.pdic-uk.co.uk)
  2. London International College of Business and Technology (LIBT) (Web: www.libt.navitas.com)
  3. International College Portsmouth (Web: www.port.ac.uk/icp)
  4. London College of Social Studies (www.lcss.eu)
  1. University of Plymouth (Web: www.plymouth.ac.uk)
  2. Brunel University (Web: www.brunel.ac.uk)
  3. Kingston University (Web : www.kingstone.ac.uk.)
  4. Bucks New University (www.bucks.ac.uk, www.bucks.ac.uk/international)
  5. University of Bedfordshire www.beds.ac.uk/
  6. University of Greenwich www.gre.ac.uk/
Study Group Universities:
  1. Heriot-Watt University (Web: www.hw.ac.uk)
  2. University of Huddersfield (Web: www.hud.ac.uk)
  3. Keele University (Web: www.keele.ac.uk)
  4. Lancaster University (Web: www.lancs.ac.uk)
  5. University of Leicester (Web: www.le.ac.uk)
  6. Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) (Web: www.livjm.ac.uk)
  7. University of Stirling (Web: www.external.stir.ac.uk)
  8. University of Surrey (Web: www.surrey.ac.uk)
  9. University of Sussex (Web: www.sussex.ac.uk)
  10. Wales International Study center (Web: www.studygroup.com/isc/wales)



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