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How to Be a Millionaire : Free Tips

Here are some tips that will help us on our way to being millionaires:
Develop a millionaire mindset
The first tip to be a millionaire is to develop the millionaire mindset, which means to be a millionaire think most of the time, always thinking how to how to become a millionaire, be aware of all the opportunities that allow us to be millionaires and so on.

To develop the millionaire mindset also involves setting goals to help us achieve our main objective which is to be millionaires, commit to those goals and make every effort to achieve them, and act according to these goals and do things that divert us of them.
Spend less
The following advice for being a millionaire is to spend less, which means considering every expense, avoid unnecessary expenses, eating little, always look for offers and discounts, compare prices before you buy it, do not buy it again if we can buy used, do not buy if we can rent , rent if you can borrow.
Spend some means to live below our means, but it is advisable to occasionally give us some treats in order to develop our mindset of a millionaire, for example, go to the best restaurant, best stay at the hotel, or make any other thing we would do if we were already millionaires.
To become millionaires a fundamental requirement is the habit of saving, ie the habit of devoting a portion of our total revenue to a stock savings, then we will to start investing.
It is advisable to save at least 10% of our total income, even if it is difficult for us no matter initially start with 1%, the idea is to acquire the habit of saving up to go slowly increased this percentage.
The secret of wealth is not so much money coming in, but what you do with it, that is, not so much income one has, but their ability to manage your money, whether to spend little, save and, above all, to invest.
To start investing, you do not have much money, many wealthy people started with less than $ 1000, plus, if we lack money to invest, we could borrow or partner with someone.
Another tip is that before we invest well informed and consider it an investment, not invest in something that we do not know or understand completely, if that were the case, we miss the opportunity, knowing that it will others.
We had said that before investing is necessary to get information and analyze it, however, a tip is to avoid doing it too much, because when we come to the action, the opportunity might already be long gone and most likely another and taken.
Before investing is important to prepare, learn, investigate, analyze and plan well, but most important is to act, not prepare, learn, investigate, analyze or plan too much, take an idea (which does not even have to be very good) and put into practice if we are convinced of it, knowing that there will be time to fix the road.
Constantly trained
Another tip to be a millionaire is to train constantly, whether studying, reading books, taking courses, listening to tapes, attending seminars, or simply researching on the Internet.
Our goal must be constantly trained to be prepared to identify, analyze and learn from the best possible opportunities presented to us, but also to become the best at what we do.
If we want to become millionaires, we must be patient and not expect to become millionaires overnight, but know that the way to being a millionaire is a long way.
For example, do not speculate with our investments and taking unnecessary risks to earn quick money, but have a long-term discipline to save and accumulate money through the years, ensuring that our wealth grow from year to year.
Keep things simple
Another tip to be a millionaire is not to complicate your life and always keep things simple.
For example, developing complex business plans over a hundred pages, do not try to know everything before you invest, do not do work that could be delegated, not trying to appear more than what we actually know, and so on.
Surround yourself with the right people
Surround yourself with the right people is to identify and hire competent people who are specialists in their respective areas, and that together they complement and form a great team.
But also, surround right people involved to get together with people who have our same goals of wealth, which motivated or inspired us or which we can learn, and, conversely, away from negative people, judgmental or pessimistic that can be a negative influence for us.
Find mentors
Another tip is to find mentors and ask them to share with us their secrets to being a millionaire, to give us valuable information, or help us solve our problems.
Find one or two mentors, and not be afraid to ask for his help (find that rich people love to share ideas and help others), inviting them to eat or drink coffee, tell them that we admire their achievements and we hope also to become rich and successful.
But to find mentors, find people who do or have done what we want to do and, especially, that have had proven success in this, and do or have done things that tell us to do.
Reducing taxes
Much of our profits will go towards the payment of taxes, so if you want to be millionaires, another tip is to learn to lower our taxes as much as possible, but legally.
To do so, as our wealth grow, we need a good accountant and a good tax lawyer and work with them to develop and implement all the tax deductions that we are legally possible.


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