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Become a Master Networker: 5 Quick Tips

Networking advice from Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, and Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council.

 I do think you are so right with how to build relationships I do also believe in good krama! so I do try to help others first then my happiness comes with the helping. that is what I try to do with both my blogs

Being involved in recruitment for a Fortune 500 company I see these tips used successfully by people every other month, really sets the good networkers a part from the bad.

Here is another post with great tips from someone that knows corporate networking: bit.ly/networkideas

//Mr Kaan

I have been studying social network analysis and believe that your approach and resources would lend themselves to employing some of the methods and principles I have come across.

I would appreciate the chance to discuss this with someone in your organization.

Bring your own name tag to events, just in case they don't have one for you or to make you stand out
- Always have a pen, to write a few details about the person the back of their card
- Always follow-up with a nice-to-meet-you 2-liner email within 24 hours to cement yourself in their mind

Hello. I have been employed for several years untill recently when i decided to embrace net work marketing. Can you kindly advise me on the things i need to do in order to be one of the greatest net workers in the world. I have always loved talking to people and also being able to share stories that have the potential to change and improve the life of other people. It is this desire that most importantly led me to make this decision among other things. Waiting for your rich and wise advice. Thanks in advance.

Einstein once said: Be less a man of success and focus on being a man of value. Absolutely true. Gerber's video is spot on. Prospecting and networking are two very distinct things. We can also put these lessons to use on LinkedIn and other social media outlets.

Helpful and useful tips Gerber. Thanks for sharing. To me, great relationships require a mentality of being WITH. Would love feedback on my 5 WITH/Principles to help surround yourself and others for success. http://bit.ly/J8LVLo

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