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Benefits of the Payoneer MasterCard For You

There are so many benefits or advantages of the Payoneer MasterCard. I'll list all the Benefits of the Payoneer MasterCard below so you could see what you get when you apply, when you use Payoneer MasterCard. I'm sure you won't be disappoint with Payoneer MasterCard since this is the Best & the Only ONLINE Debit Card for anyone in the world. 'Cause Payoneer is available to 210+ countries in the world and most of the countries include for the above list. So here we go for the benefits.

1. Get Payments From Top-Notch Affiliate Networks to Payoneer MasterCard.

If you're an Internet Marketer or a person who makes money online in any way, you might have heard about Affiliate Marketing. The companies which provides Affiliate Offers for Affiliate Marketers could be known as Affiliate Networks. Major Affiliate Networks use Payoneer MasterCard as a Payment Sending Option to its Affiliate Marketers or publishers. The list is very huge and I cannot mention every Affiliate network that accepts Payoneer MasterCard as a Payment Option below, But I'll mention the Best Companies.

Best way to find out whether your Affiliate Network accepts Payoneer MasterCard for its Payments is to ask from the Affiliate Network of yours or ask from Payoneer MasterCard 24/7 Live Support

2. Withdraw Funds In Your Nearest ATM.

Since Payoneer MasterCard is an International Debit Card, You could withdraw your Payoneer MasterCard money through your nearest ATM - Automatic Teller Machine. Payoneer Card is a MasterCard, So you will be able to withdraw your funds of Payoneer MasterCard through any ATM which appears the MasterCard Logo in it. You cannot withdraw from ATMs which shows only Visa or AMeX. So do not put your card to those ATMs.

Payoneer MasterCard ATM Withdrawal Fee is not much than $1 per time. But you could limit these Fees for the Payoneer MasterCard by following various methods. I'll write another article regarding it.

3. No Bank Account Required.

When you need to have a Debit Card, the standard process is going to the Bank and opening a Savings Account and then opening a Debit Card which is linked to that Bank Account. But with Payoneer MasterCard you don't need a Bank Account ever. Instead of a Required Bank Account, you could get a Free US Bank Account. 

4. 2Hour Funds Availability In your Payoneer MasterCard.

Another great facility of Payoneer MasterCard is it's fast. You don't need to wait for painful days to get your funds in your Payoneer MasterCard, instead of that pain, Payoneer gives you painless fast to get your funds this much quickly. Payoneer mentions within 2hours, But you know what, every time my funds were available in my Payoneer MasterCard within 8minutes...!!! So think about how fast they work in Payoneer. You won't be disappoint with the fast turn-around of the Payoneer MasterCard 

5. Shop Online As You Wish, Pay Local Stores Seamless!

When you get a Debit Card from a Local Bank, it won't be an International Debit Card unless you request it, But with Payoneer MasterCard you get that Internationally Accepted feature when you get the card without any request. You need to have that feature to online shopping. Every Online Store which accepts Debit Cards as its Payment Option, You could use Payoneer MasterCard with them such as eBay, Amazon etc. When you shop locally, you might pay through Cash, But it takes time to count it, it feels bad when the Cashier queue is so long. You can erase that with Payoneer MasterCard and pay the balance with it without any trouble. So with Payoneer MasterCard you saves time too. 

6. Free US Bank Account For Payoneer MasterCard Holders.

If you're living outside US, then you'll have very less chances to open a US Bank Account. Yes, you may create your US Bank Account in a holiday season when you visit United States, But not everyone could do this. So Payoneer MasterCard brings you much more things you ever thought impossible. There's a service called US Payment Service for Payoneer MasterCard owners and you could apply for this Free US Bank Account once you got your Payoneer MasterCard. This is a Checking Account and I'll tell you more information about Payoneer MasterCard US Payment Service later in another article. 

7. Withdraw Your PayPal Funds to Your Payoneer MasterCard Easily.

PayPal is the most popular Online Payment Processor in the world, So you may already heard about PayPal or already using PayPal to withdraw funds. But If you cannot withdraw your PayPal Funds, Now you can do this with Payoneer MasterCard. Every Country PayPal Account(Send, Receive, Withdraw must have all 3) could add a US Bank Account to transfer Funds from PayPal to bank Account. When you have US Payment Service of Payoneer MasterCard enabled, you can link your US Bank account to PayPal and withdraw all your PayPal Funds easily & safely to Payoneer Card. PayPal is not the Only company which needs a US Bank Account to withdraw, There are so many US Companies who do ACH or Direct Deposits to US Bank Accounts such as 2CheckOut, Amazon, AirPush, Apple, eBay, Facebook etc. 

8. Low Payoneer MasterCard Fees.

Payoneer MasterCard Fees are very low and you can't see it at first glance, but you'll realize it when you started to use the Payoneer MasterCard. Most of the Fees can be erased when you use the card with good methods. I'll tell you more about Fees Erasing tactics in another article. There are some one-time only Fees which occurs at the First Load. There are some fees continuously occurs when you Load, withdraw. There are some Fees occur only if you keep money in your Payoneer MasterCard. So use it wisely with minimal fees. Signup for Payoneer MasterCard today and get all these benefits in your hand without any question. More importantly you get $25 as a bonus when you load your Payoneer MasterCard first. 


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