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How to Increase Your Website Search Traffic for Free

Want to increase your website search traffic?
Who doesn’t want? I’m a big traffic lover and I always love to find proven methods to increase website search traffic. Over the years, I’ve tried so many website traffic strategies ranging from creating guest posts to using infographics to increase website search traffic. Although website traffic generation strategies change time to time, there are still few evergreen ways to increase your website search traffic.
I’ll be covering such website traffic generation tips in this detailed guide (over 2,000 words) to increase website traffic from search engines. Let’s jump into the details without much ado.

Tips to increase your website search traffic in 2015 and beyond

increase your website search traffic

Google loves WordPress sites

Always prefer WordPress over Blogger or any other blogging platform.
Why WordPress Is Better than Blogger?
Most bloggers ask me this question – which blogging platform should I go for? WordPress or Blogger? I certainly recommend them all to use “WordPress” content management system. Not only because I used both WordPress and blogger platforms, but I know why WordPress is way better than the Blogger platform.
So why is WordPress better than Blogger platform?
There are millions of bloggers who use WordPress as their blogging platforms, the percentage of people who use WordPress is more than that of any other blogging platform. WordPress certainly has few great assets than other blogging platforms, in this article we are discussing few surefire reasons why you need to prefer WordPress over blogger.
FIVE reasons why WordPress is better than Blogger
1. More power to you
In blogger platform, you don’t have much control over your sites, it means you have all the risk while monetizing and maintaining your sites. Whereas in WordPress, you have all the control over your sites, you are your own boss. No one has the ability to stop your blogging efforts, because you own your own domain name and hosting.
2. Professional look
Agree with me or not, WordPress blog designs look way better than that of blogger platform.
You will be able to use thousands of themes which are ranging from free to premium. The good thing about WordPress themes is even free themes look amazingly great. There are thousands of free (good looking) themes in the WordPress themes directory.
You can also use search engine friendly themes like Thesis, Genesis to enhance your rankings in the search engine results.
3. More control over SEO
Blogger platform doesn’t have great SEO options by default. And you can’t take your SEO campaign to the next level using blogger platform.WordPress platform is well-known for its search engine optimization to rank high in the search results.
Moreover, you can always take charge of your SEO rankings by using premium search engine friendly themes like Genesis or by using top class SEO plugins like easy WP SEO, long tail pro etc.
So by using WordPress you will definitely rank better than the bloggers who are using blogger platform with these functionalities.
4. Easy to customize, update and maintain
WordPress blogs are easy to customize, even if you are not a tech savvy you won’t find it hard to customize your own blog design or whatever it is. Frequently WordPress updates its versions and thus you will get rid of all security threats or minor defects time to time. By just one click you can update your WP versions, there’s no blogging platform that’s so easy to update like this.
5. Free blog hosting = so many problems (in blogger)
The worst part about blogger platform is this: you never know when Google will suspend site.
The people who use blogger platform risk having their account suspended for breaching Google’s TOS – this happened to many blogger platform users till date. Another big risk by using blogger is: if you want to sell your site, it’s hard! Because you got a free hosting, it means you have NO control over your sites, you have to spend a lot of time in managing your stuff to sell to others.
All these problems can be overcome by WordPress. If you don’t have any more interest in blogging, it takes few minutes to sell your WP blogs. It’s that easy! And I said earlier in this post, you have all the control over your sites and blogs, no one will ask you for violating terms!

Rock Your Blog With These Essential WordPress Plugins

Have you ever wanted to rock your WordPress blogs with few plugins?
One of the best things about WordPress is that you can use a wide range of plugins to take your blog to the next level. Again it depends on how many plugins you use and what plugins you use to take charge of your blog.
After all, the less plugins you have the more site speed you can acquire, so here are few plugins to increase your website traffic in 2015.
1. Digg Digg: There’s a reason why I’m placing this plugin no.1 in the list. Social media sites are becoming popular, to bring more traffic you must use social media sites to the most. If you give your readers easy to share your posts on social media, the chances of getting more shares on your posts will be huge. This plugin lets you place the sharing buttons in most prominent places on your sidebar to get more shares and visibility.
2. W3 total cache: If you want to clear all the caches on your blogs to make it loading faster, this plugin is for you. It improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.
3. SEO by yoast: SEO is the key to making any successful blog, without search engine optimizing, you won’t get long lasting traffic to your sites. SEO by yoast is the premium plugin which does all the things for you to get an avalanche traffic from search engines, and it’s absolutely for free (it has all the features of a premium plugin, it’s why I’m calling it as a premium plugin).
4. Akismet: No one likes to get spam on their blog comment section. Not only spam will create more burden on your database (which makes your site loading time slower), but you will also give a bad user experience. Akismet is used by almost every blogger (yea, it’s one of the most used WP plugins in the blogosphere). It will control the spam comments to give the better user experience to your blog readers. Using GASP plugin along with Akismet can 99% reduce spam on your blogs.
5. Contact form 7: If you want a great looking contact form, this plugin is the right choice for you. Not only this plugin enables powerful security options, but it also looks easy to use.
6. nRelate thumbnails: The most effective way to boost your page views is to display your related posts or links at the bottom of your posts. This plugin serves you the best to display them using images to get more clicks on your old posts.
7. Google XML sitemap: A must have WP plugin for WP users. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process.
8. Jetpack by WordPress: If you want to get your analytics right, install this plugin. This plugin enables you to analyze your page views, search terms and who clicked on what etc. to give you a detailed data of your WP blog readers.

Write keyword rich contents no matter what

Search engine optimization is the key to building a profitable blog. Without search engine traffic, your blog won’t last long. To make your prospects buying and to generate more leads, it’s a MUST to bring organic traffic.
Luckily, the WordPress users have a great edge with SEO because there are so many great WordPress SEO plugins available, and most of them are free.
Post consistently: If you want to become a top blogger in your niche, post consistently. I don’t mean that you need to post daily to succeed, but you have to be CONSISTENT with your blog posting frequency. Who will like to read your blog if you update blog posts inconsistently? The best way to know your blog posting frequency is by “testing”.
Testing is the key to know the perfect blog post frequency on your blogs, know what works and what’s not. Take the help from your readers and other bloggers if you need. Use online survey tools like Survey monkey or use your email list to ask your readers “when to update”. This way you will have a better idea on what to write and when to update on your blogs.
Write unique points: Get them talking about your blog posts. But how? Always write engaging content that solves your readers problems and give genuine value to your targeted readers. No one will like to read your blog if you post “generic contents”. Write unique posts that will create great impact on your blog readers in the long run. Take some time to research the topics that you are writing about and deliver the ‘best’ information to your readers. Create your own writing style to stand out from the crowd.

Give importance to readers and search engines

Readers and search engines both are important. You simply can’t ignore both of them, readers will give your blog immense support to buy your products and search engines can bring you more readers in the long run for the potential keywords.
Know your targeted keywords before writing a blog post, write for the readers first, then optimize the contents for the search engines. I don’t suggest anyone to use “keyword stuffing”, instead use long tail keywords to generate quality traffic from the search engines.
You will definitely have more impact on search engines when you use long tail keywords like “blog tips for new bloggers”, instead of using just “blog tips”. Then build quality back links to your sites either by guest blogging or by writing link baiting posts which will naturally attract other bloggers to link to your posts. This way you can bring great traffic from the search engines in the long run, remember that, search traffic takes time to reach your blog. You simply can’t expect organic traffic flowing through your blog posts within 2 days.
Use social media sites to boost your presence: By now, you should know the importance of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. They are great resources if you want to quickly build a brand around your blogs. You should be dedicated enough to engage with other bloggers and influential bloggers in your niche using social media sites.
Always share the best stuff around your network to grab other bloggers attention to click on your links. No one will care to read your stuff if you post generic contents, make sure you are spending enough time to read and write the best contents to solve your readers’ problems.

Guest blogging is a weapon – use it wisely

If you want to succeed in blogging, you need to get more online visibility no matter what. The best way to get more visibility in no time is this, guest post on other blogs which are better than yours!
Guest blogging is going viral in blogosphere. Everyone is talking about guest blogging and more bloggers are entering into guest blogging to get more attention.Guest blogging will be fun and useful if you know how NOT to pitch your guest posts. In this article, we will discuss how not to write a guest post. You will better understand about your targeted readers if you once analyze your targeted blog posts.
Guest blogging will not only give you links, visibility and traffic, but you can also create great relationships with other bloggers which will be helpful for your blog’s success in the long run. Try to create targeted guest posts to grab more readers attention to reach your blog posts. Make it easy for them to subscribe and become your subscribers.
So what are your thoughts on this massive post increase website traffic? Do you have any more tips to increase organic traffic to your websites, please share them in the comments.


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