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My Favorite Korean Skincare Rule

I started to use all those skincare products after oppa bought me The Face Shop, Mango Seed Serum and nag (or promote) about how important a serum is. I think he got annoyed of me envying how good his skin is but never tried to improve mine lol.

Here we go. My favourite Korean skincare products (#sayatakjual):

*muntah pelangi*

1. Facial wash

LUSH - Angels on Bare Skin
This is not Korean product actually. But when I did some researches on which products are the best at the moment, I stumbled upon this product somewhere and thought I should give it a try. And I LOVE it except the price T_T. Well, it's not made in Korea so that makes sense. Plus, since it's quite expensive, I sorta use it just enough for my face (and thank God for my small-normal size face). And I bought another cleanser foam which I use alternately with this one or sometimes both for double cleansing yeahh (foam cleanser first then LUSH cleanser).

Favorite cleansing foam ^^
2. Facial scrub (twice a week)

I like this scrub too. Normally I scrub gently on my nose and under my chin only. Then, leave it for 5-10 minutes.  But I think it's still not enough for by damn-witch-stubborn-blackheads. Or maybe because I sometimes forget to scrub my face even once a week. Oooorrrr I didn't do it correctly. Tehee :3

From left to right. 
Toner > Essence > Serum > Moisturizer cream > Sunblock 

3. Toner
I use Pore correcting Super Aqua toner by Missha. Not bad. ^^
4. Essence

I really like Missha's products after I tried the essence and serum (which apparently are best-sellers and many people compared them to SKII (Tak mampu diknon nak beli SKII haha). After you've applied the essence, make sure to apply serum (bak kata laki aku serum ni kunci kulit bercahaya. Kalau nak bergelita sparkling glowing, wuduk jangan lupa).

5. Serum

Time Revolution Night Repair serum by Missha. I totally love the combination of the essence and this serum! 

6. Cream

After you've applied the serum, you might feel like your face has had enough. No, you're wrong. Now, apply cream. You can choose any cream to your liking. As for me, I choose the Mango Seed whitening cream by The Face Shop. Love the smell. 

7. Sunblock

Now, you'll apply the last one before putting on any make up- the sunblock. I'm using Etude House's Super Aqua Sun Prise sunblock with 45SPF. As for this one, I just bought any sunblock that has the light texture that I like with a nice smell. I hate it when many sunblocks smell like medicine. -.- Oh and yeah, only use this in the morning (dah malam nak block matahari celah mana plak kan so kau takyah over plak pakai before tidur memang mintak tangan). 

Additional info:

After all those steps, don't forget lip balm for your lips + twice/week lip scrub treatment. Heee :D

Missha's Lip Scrub. Nivea's lip balm.

Ok. That's about it. Most Korean girls have at least 4 skincare products and some could have even 10 steps. Yup. No kidding. I plan to start wearing eye cream (which will make a total of 8 steps lol) because of my dark circles. Eye bags are fine here. In fact, when you wear make up, you have to show some eye bags to look more like a baby and younger. Usually, newborns have eye bags so that's how you might make sense of the whole thing. If you don't agree, well suit yourself. XD

As for men, these are what oppa's using at the moment.

He really likes this facial wash. This is his second bottle.

All-in-one skincare & Mango Seed essence.
Last but not least, 

Yours truly,
Kek lapis in grey pashmina.

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