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How to make money online using DreamHost’s affiliate program

To get started,if you have not joined DreamHost’s affiliate program, you can join now for free.
Join DreamHost’s affiliate program
For the purpose of the remainder of this tutorial, we’ll assume that you have an affiliate account with DreamHost and that you have used your credentials to log in to the DreamHost panel.

How to create a DreamHost discount code for your blog readers

DreamHost’s affiliate program allows you to create a promo code which you can offer to your readers so that they can in turn get a discount when purchasing DreamHost. You can generate a discount of up to $97 for your readers. I suggest, however, that you create your discount coupon for $50 maximum, as this will help you to make some money when your readers use the discount as well.
Once you are inside the panel, click on Billing & account > Affiliates. Click on “Create Your Own Promo Codes!” at the bottom of the page.

You will also be able to see all the promo codes that you have created to date.

Create Dreamhost promo code

I suggest that you create a promo code with a meaningful name. In the past, I  have created SBD50 coupon code for SolutionsBD, and other similar memorable names for other blogs. You will want to use a name that is easily recalled, and that is related to your brand.
You have the option to add extra goodies such as an additional domain name, private IP and so on. Remember, though, that these would decrease your affiliate income.
DreamHost gives you a maximum of $97 commission on every sale. So for example, if you are giving a discount of $50 for every sale, you will be making $47 on each sale. Again, I generally suggest creating a promo code for a $50 discount.
Once you have entered your information into all of the required field, click on “Create this promo code now”. You will see the message “promo code successfully generated”, or if that promo code name already exists, you will be asked to select a different code name.
Linking the promo code to your affiliate link:
When you log in to your DreamHost panel and click on the  rewards tab, you will see your affiliate link.

In this case, my affiliate link is http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?2160047
Now all I need to do is add my promo code after my affiliate link. So, for example, to link my SML50 promo code, which offers a $50 discount, I will use this link:
So now, whenever a user signs up using this promo code, he will get a $50 discount on hosting.
In short, all you need to do is to simply add your promo code after your affiliate link.

Why a $50 promo code?

Some time back I created a DreamHost $97 discount code that is the maximum discount one can offer. Many SolutionsBD readers signed up for DreamHost using that code (SBD97) to get a $97 discount, but they received only a $50 discount.
DreamHost’s customer service representatives noted that for certain regions, the maximum possible discount is $50. However, for some reason DreamHost is not revealing which countries are eligible for the $97 discount and which countries are not.
So instead of creating a false alarm for your readers, simply create a $50 discount code. 
How to promote DreamHost’s affiliate program
At this point you know how to create a promo code and add it after your DreamHost affiliate link.
Now let’s have a look at how to promote DreamHost through the affiliate program:
  • You can share a discount coupon via a blog post
  • You can add the banner on your sidebar
  • You can send it via an email newsletter
DreamHost also offers a free 15-day trial, so you can use that as one of the best marketing promotions for your DreamHost affiliate program.
More detail:  How to signup for a free Dreamhost trial account
Affiliate payment
Users who are in countries other than India can receive money via Paypal or check, but for Indian affiliate users, payment by check is the only available option. I will say, however, that I have received my checks within the appropriate time-frame each month.  (If you become a premium affiliate as I am, you can request your payments every month.)
What next?
I have shared one of my top money-making formulas with you in this post, and I hope you will benefit from the information. Make sure you take advantage of help from the tutorial to make some significant money, and add the results to your monthly income report.

Sign up for Dreamhost’s affiliate program


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