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Best free ways to Boost your Website Traffic

20 Good ways to Boost your Website Traffic; Part 1
I had pretty much nothing to do at this moment and just thought to write in something useful to help you guys who have setup a website and/or blog but, some of you must be very confused to know how to promote your website once after you are ready with your website.
If you own a website or a blog, that doesn’t just means that your job is done. You will have to promote your website using following good possible ways in order to boost your web traffic to get  some eye balls on your website content. I will be shortly discussing the  

Top 20 ways to boost your website traffic.
1. Submit your website to Search Engines
The very first thing is to Submit your website url to all top search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. Search Engine Submission means, that you are telling or permitting the search engines to crawl your website and get it listed on their search service, resulting in some instant quality traffic. In order to submit your website to 70+ search engines FREE use following url:

2. Directory Submissions
You must submit your site to all major directories. DMOZ which is (was once was the most important directory). But however the trends have changed, and DMOZ has lost its value to some extent, because especially Engines like Google no more require DMOZ to list a website in order to get it listed, like it once was. But still, directory submission could be very helpful in getting some little PR. To submit your website to few major directories on the web go to: http://freewebsubmission.com/

3. Submit Articles
I believe that Article submission plays a very very important part in getting good quality traffic plus gets your good Link Value in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). Some of popular article directories are Ezine, Article Base or Go Articles which can instantly boost in your website traffic, with good SEO impact. What you need to do is Write a detailed article of 350-500 words describing your website blog or its services, and at the end give in your website url. This way when search spiders reads your posts it transfers High value to your links resulting in better SEO and better chance to get listed higher on google.

4. Submit your Sitemap to Search Engines
Submission of  sitemaps search engines like Google,  Yahoo, or Bing is a very important part, to get your website listed as quickly as possible and as well as in complete details. When you submit your sitemap to a search engine, which than quickly crawls through all pages of your website and list them all. (if you don't do this than possibly search engines will miss out some very important pages of your website.

5. Ping Sites
To get your website listed quickly in search engines, service known as PING SERVICES can also help your website get listed more quickly. Pinging actually tells the search engines that you have updated your website content.
Search engines like Google and Yahoo, Bing always like and prefer the freshly updated content. So all you need to do is Ping your website using once of following popular ping services: Ping.o. Matic Technorati Ping, Pingoat Ping, Feed Ping, King Ping, Blog Flux Pinger etc.

6. Yahoo Answer
Yahoo answers has become basic Asking place for most of newbies and new internet users. Those people who are looking for some thing they dont know mostly ask their questions on Yahoo Answer service website. (go to: answers.yahoo.com) .  So keep checking this website regularly and look for people who are looking for such useful stuff, and possibly you can share your own website links to answer them what they need.

7. Review your own website/blog
You can write some reviews about your own website, describing about it services and features and offerings. Write in detailed reviews based on merits and post these on reviews on other websites or blogs (maybe you can pay another webmaster) or ask them to do a review exchange. This way you will surely get higher Search Engine value, plus high website reputation in front of your visitors.

8. Google Reader
Google reader is a fast RSS Search Engine Submission service provided by google, which can help your website to get listed fast using your website RSS url. If you have a RSS feed link, than you must submit that using Google Reader service (www.google.com/reader)

9. Email Signatures
Lol! this might seem a bit too childish but believe me these small things can actually help you a lot in the long tun. But setting up your Email signature containing your website URL can get at-least some of valuable traffic where your friends of colleagues will probably remember your website url.

10. Blog Commenting
Commenting on blogs can earn you some good valuable baclinks (start from here, do comment in my blog), which will bring both Direct Traffic and Search Traffic to your website. Just keep track of top and popular blogs, and prefer to post  your own website URL in comments section (which is Free). But remember not to SPAM and do bogus publicity or you can get banned from that website. All you need to make sure is to only post your url when a someone is looking for information which your website already has. This way you can get targeted traffic and good search value. Go to (LondonClicks to get some backlinks)

11. Forum Signature
Mostly the online discussion forums hold a high PR value of which you can take full advantage by adding up your link url as your forum signature. Lets suppose you run a “Cars Review Website or blog”, now all you need to look for a popular CAR/Auto vehical related Discussion forum website, and join in as a member.  Once you have done this, now setup your Forum Signature containing your own website URL. This gives you many back links, which can divert good traffic as well as search value.

12. Create Groups
All search engines inlcuding Google, Yahoo or Bing have their own group services (just like Google Buzz) where you can setup a Group of people with similar mind set. (.e.g all Gadget interested people considering you have a Gadget selling/reviewing website).  Now, make a group and share all your related stuff maintaining your own social circle.

13. Buy Links or Traffic
Considering you have little money to invest, this could help a lot in buying some good Link Backs from Quality PR5+ websites which could result in High Google Page Rank of your own website, and also get you good traffic directly from a website. BUT Make sure that you should buy Targetted traffic which is the most important thing. If you have a Cars/Auto related website, than you should get a backlink from a car/auto related website itself, otherwise it wont be of any good use.

14. Link Exchange
Dont have money to invest to buy traffic ? Than probably Link exchange is more viable solution for you. All you need is to contact other webmasters (maybe friend webmasters) or you can contact any webmaster through their website contact form (but keep it mind, only those websites with Link exchange with you which will have Same traffic as of yours). Because big websites will not link exchange with a small traffic website, obviously. So keep this is mind, but link exchanges with small websites can make a small website get big traffic at some point.

15. Traffic Exchange Programs
Do you know that you can get some traffic for free from Traffic Exchange programs, which are completely free. Today there are a lot of websites with huge traffic mainly sourced from Traffic exchange website such as: MGID. Yes join MGID, put their Photo WIDGET on your website. Now when a visitor on your website clicks on their Widget, in return you will get 2 visitors back to your website from theirs. For more details goto: http://usr.mgid.com/demo/

16. PPC Advertising Program
Pay per click advertising can be very very usefull in getting targetted traffic to your website, but on other hand can be very costly for those who have limited advertising budget. However i have seen and heard of success stories from people who did advertised on Facebook through there PPC advertising program, and got quality traffic in return.

17. Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking can get you quick backlinks. Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Twitter, Reddit and Stumble will help you get many quick backlinks. Try this as well.

18. Squidoo and HubPages
These high PR web 2.0 websites can do a lot to increase the traffic of website or blogs. You simply need to go to Squidoo or Hubpages, signup for an account, and write in a 500 words article containing 1 or 2 back links in those articles back to your Main website. This way you can get some traffic as well as search PR.

19. Press Releases Submission / Distribution
Get your website promoted by Press Release distribution networks such as prweb.com (though this is not free) but will get you huge exposure throughout the world even through Print media.

20. Free or Paid Classified
Advertise your website or product through Free classified websites or paid ones. Google this out for more details…

My reason to write this article was to just throw in a simple reminder of any points or ways which i could remember could help you get some traffic. Unfortunately i do not have enough time to throw in deep details all these 20 ways to boost website traffic,  but all i did was quick details to be pointed out, so that anything might click your mind and remind you something important which you could have missed otherwise.


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