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Natural Hair Protective Styling

Just because summer is over does not  mean you can't look after your skin to maintain the softness and glow you worked hard to achieve during the summer months.
Just because from now on,you will start hiding the skin covered in black tights, trousers and thick layers does not mean you should neglect your skin care routine until , come spring when you join the bandwagon to start afresh.

I have been wearing my natural hair since April 2015. I decided to make a wig after watching a YouTube video to vary my look. I used my own brand Wuchi hair, Brazilian weave, lengths, 12, 14, 16 inch and a 12 inch closure. I bought the manriquene head on Amazon for £5, wig cap, thread, curved needle and some T pins,  to keep the wig cap steady while I sewed the weave in.
It took me a while and called it my mini project because it is my first time making a wig and I think I did a pretty good job.

The essence of this post, is to ensure you  that you can still have, grow and maintain your natural hair without applying relaxer and still vary your look with protective styling wearing a wig.  

I am now growing my natural hair using my own brand hair oil and butters and I see the difference in hair lustre, thickness and shine. Most importantly my edges are growing back. I used to relax my edges in order for my weaves to blend in and look all natural, however, the relaxers started taking a toll by thinning the edges. Now my hair is growing back and you can do same for your hair and have thick healthy hair.

 Am sure you will be wandering what a food picture is doing on my skincare blog, well, I want to share this lovely photo I took of  luch we made over the weekend.
Although, I actually I did not cook this one from start to finish, I helped out with the preparation.  It was hubby who did and I was happy to snap away and eventually tuck in with delight. The reason I brought this to your attention, is to share my philosophy of what you eat is also as imprtant as what you put on your skin. I don't use receipe books to cook but I enjoy buying and collecting them. Not alot though, because most Africans I know don't use receipe books to cook, including myself.But that is all changing now. Some books I collect because of the amazing pictures of the food and how it is presented. Remember, we see food through our eyes, then we smell the aroma and eventually eat by tasting.  Hence, I share a picture of this lovely lunch we made..  Let me know if you try it out sometime. Enjoy.


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