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Pray For Paris: How you can support the people of Paris

The world has come together to #prayforparis, including celebrities. Additionally, famous landmarks across the world have been lit in the colors of the French national flag to pay respect to the victims of the Paris tragedy.

The Brandenburg Gate stands illuminated in the colors of the French flag as people arrive to lay candles and flowers at the gate of the nearby French Embassy following the terror attacks in Paris.

A couple stands in the rain as the blue, white and red colors of France's national flag are projected onto the sails of Sydney's Opera House in Australia.

San Francisco City Hall is lit up with blue, white and red, the colors of the French flag, following the Paris terror attacks.

The One World Trade Center in New York, USA, was lit in blue, white and red colors of the French flag in honor of the victims of the attacks in Paris, in the Manhattan borough.

Now the world is waking up to the terror attacks because it has happened in one of the European's National capital called Paris. There are more than 150 dead and 300 and above have been wounded. We Indians are facing the terror attacks for the last 40 decades and we lost more than a lakh of innocent people and that time non of these so called countries have stood by us nor they bothered to express their consensuses expecting a few. We repeatedly show the international committees the proof of these elements but still these people have never bothered to accept our proofs, but they indirectly funded these very elements who are producing the terrorists day in and day out.

Middle East is sitting on time bomb. Not defending extremist and fundamentalist M people in Middle East. Russians were about to expose USA link with ISIS which got USA panicked. USA countered argument that Russians intervention helped ISIS and Russian targeted only against al bashar group and rebels and strengthened ISIS. With this incident USA will say Russia intervention strengthened ISIS and push them back. There is no support to M extremist group in middle east. But Middle east is different ball game together. Very high level dirty politics is played there.

Where are the people tolerant people now. Not a word since morning. Where are the human rights and other international bodies who talked on intolerance now. may be they were busy supporting them.
The world will now understand the pain through which India went at the time of Mumbai attacks and will atleast stop preaching India on intolerance.

Feel sorry for the poor people in Paris attack they suffered for others crime.


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