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Making your breasts 1-2 cup sizes large naturally

Large Breast
So I am posting this blog because, like over 70-80% of women out there, I have small, uneven breasts that I am neither happy nor proud about. I am well past puberty, so I used to assume that they were done growing until I got pregnant and got nursing breasts. But then I stumbled upon some websites about women who were able to enlarge their breasts without surgery, the natural way, and I was instantly intrigued. 

Massage was mentioned a lot, so was using certain herbs and creams and pills. So I thought, "well, if these people claim that they grew 1-2 cup sizes by just doing these things, what about me? And are they telling the truth?" So, I unashamedly got obsessed with a little experiment. I wanted to see if these claims could be true. If indeed, you massage your breasts for 15 minutes, twice a day, for 1-2 months, while taking herbs known for natural breasts enlargement, and using progesterone cream on your breasts, that you can achieve this feat. So that is what I am doing. It's so far been one week. I started last Friday with massaging (starting with vigin olive oil because I didn't have any creams or herbs yet). On day three (Sunday) I noticed that my right breast was at least a cup smaller than my left, and that disconcerted me. I had always known they weren't the same size, but I didn't know it was that much of a difference. 

I learnt that aparently my breasts were "asemmetrical", because I was right handed, my right side would be more toned than the left, resulting in a smaller right breast. So I thought, what if I just start massaging the right breast by itself until it catches up with the left one. And I stopped massaging the left and kept on massaging the right with just virgin olive oil for 15 minutes twice a day (in the morning and before I went to bed). On Monday I ordered four types of herb extracts, and progesterone cream online. The herbs I ordered were Fenugreek (a well know breast enlarging herb used for centuries), Saw Palmetto (which is actually used for prostate enlarging and urine flow functions, but was used widely 100 yrs. ago for breast enlargement), Fennel seed (which promotes digestion as well as breast enlargement), and wild yam (which sustains healthy phytoestrogen levels, which in turn is what the breasts need in order to grow). 

All of these herbs were claimed to aid in breast enlargement, and they weren't very expensive either. I ordered from Nature's Answer. They all taste horrible. But I'm persistent, so I hold my breath and plunge! I also ordered Source Naturals Natural Progesterone Cream. It aids in hormonal inbalances, as well as symptoms of menopause. If applied to breasts, it's claimed to help enlarge them. It also has a nice rosemary scent. I'm supposed to apply it 2 Tim's a day for 2 weeks, stop it for 7 days, then start again for another 2 weeks, and repeat. It's different for everyone though, so be sure to read the instructions. I have a hormone inbalance, and am also taking birth control, so these instructions are for me.

For menopausal women, it's different. On Thursday, I started taking the herbs (28-30 drops in a little bit of water, 3 times a day for each one) and also rubbing the progesterone cream on my right breast only, twice a day. That was yesterday. Today, I've done the same thing. This experiment is to test to see if, in 1-2 months time, if any of this will work to even out or even enlarge my breasts more than half a cup size. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for 2 cup sizes in 2 months at least. This blog is to record my progress, and also to prove if any of these claims are true. If they aren't, then oh we'll. If they are, then I gain some breasts. So I see it as a win/ok-whatever situation. For something like this, you require a lot of patience. My best advice is to try and incorporate these procedures into your daily routine, which is what I'm trying to do. But patience is NOT a human virtue. Self-control is though. I will report back in two weeks with my progress. Fingers crossed!!! :)

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